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Police Body Cameras

The Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office will have to watch more than 14,000 hours of footage a year when city police arm 450 of their officers with body cameras.
The office calculated it would need seven additional pairs of eyes to review the tape for prosecutorial vehicle camera recorder
Most prosecutors’ salaries are covered by the state, with localities able to give supplemental pay at their discretion. But the state only pays for so many positions, and the General Assembly hasn’t funded the number of employees recommended by a state board.
So the city of Virginia Beach will pay for seven new assistant commonwealth’s attorneys out of its own pocket.Fullerton Police also released the 911 call placed by Benson Williams, Hannah's father, who, not knowing about the shooting, phoned to report her as missing about 90 minutes after the incident occurred. The girl's father told the dispatcher that she had driven off with the rental car and was on antidepressants.

Asked if he was concerned she may want to harm herself, he replied, "I am."Asked if Hannah had ever mentioned hurting herself, Williams answered, "No ma'am...But like I said, she is on medication right now" and said "it's just you know out of the blue.. she's never done this."

Asked if she was "white, black, Asian or Hispanic," Williams responded, "white."

Before Fullerton Police released the video publicly Police Chief Robert Dunn and Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer met with the Williams' family to offer them the chance to view the video before it was released publicly, the police statement said.

As a press conference on Friday, S. Lee Merritt, a civil rights attorney who’s been assisting Williams’ family, told reporters he viewed the video on behalf of the Williams' family, who did not want to watch it.

The Williams' family spoke with the district attorney and wants a full and through investigation into Hannah's shooting, Merritt said. He added that the family hoped that law enforcement would come up with better procedures in Hannah's name and memory.

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Cantek DR-200 Black Box Dual Camera Mobile DVR

Advanced Car Camera - Vehicle Black Box Car Camera simultaneously captures both front and interior views (dual view car camera) as well as audio, GPS data and G-Force monitoring. Simply power the car cam with the cigarette lighter adaptor and the unit will automatically begin recording. The interior view camera offers infrared lighting for low light conditions. Firmware supports up to 16 GB SD cards which will allow for a considerable record time. Overall, a complete vehicle monitoring solution in a compact user friendly device.hdd mobile dvr
With a 16 GB SD card the Vehicle Black Box Camera can record continuously for approximately 16 hours in low quality mode and approximately 13 hours in high quality mode. This vehicle black box camera has two cameras that record in 640 x 480 resolution at 15 frames per second. The vehicle black box camera will overwrite the oldest data, so you only review the information if you choose to do so. Exterior field of view is 140 degrees and the interior field of view is 130 degrees, which provides excellent coverage for both views.
This device offers ease of use while still offering various advanced settings to allow for use in the most efficient and effective manner for any situation. It is easily installed, simply mount the unit by exposing the adhesive and attaching it to the windshield. Connect the device to power with the provided cigarette lighter adaptor. After setting up the device and recording data, remove the SD card to playback video on your PC with the included software.
Black Box records unexpected situations and accidents
Wide viewing angle: 140 deg. (inside) & 130 deg. (outside)
WDR reduces sunlight glare and other lighting disturbances
Built-in GPS antenna with Google(tm) Maps integration
Continuous and/or motion (event) recording
Motion (event) triggered accurately by built-in 3G shock sensor
Dedicated control software for easy access to videos and images

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4CH Mobile DVR,G-Sensor,GPS,3G, WiFi, SD

This mobile digital video recorder has 4-channels and records 720 x 480 (D1) resolution at 30 frames per second — on all four video channels. This compact 4-channel DVR is only about an inch thick. This versatile unit can be installed under vehicle seats, below the radio compartment or in the dvr 4ch
Features H.264 video compression to maximize recording and consume less space on the SD card. The unit also records in AVI files, which makes video offloading and playback easy as well. This device features 4 alarm inputs, and two alarm outputs for event-triggered recording, such as bus doors opening or closing, activation of signal lights, increased speed, sirens and more.
The DVR is equipped with an easy-to-use on screen display (OSD). This compact mobile DVR also features a tamper enclosure that locks over the top of it to prevent unwanted access to the device — for added security.
* SD card is not included.
H.264 Compression Mode, stream recording, 4 CH real-time Standard Definition camera input 2CH AHD High Definition + 2CH Standard Definition mixed input. / 4CH Analog Standard Definition Camera input.
Real-time HD Video Recording, 720P/D1/HD1/CIF for Optional, Adjustable Frame Rate Quality.
Professional Power Design for all kinds of Vehicles, 8-36V DC; Wide Voltage, Over-load, Over-voltage, Short Circuit, Reverse Protection, Suitable for all kinds of vehicles.
Support DC 12V output, it can offer power for cameras, mini monitor and some peripheral devices.
SD card Data record storage (2 SD Cards, Each maximum support 128GB SD card.)
Vibration and dust resistant
Watchdog “Abnormal” will trigger a restart protection function. Helps protect device and video.
Exclusive DVR special file system technology, helps ensure the integrity of the data.
Power-off protection function. Unique technology ensures the integrity of recording when a power failure occurs.
Time-lapse Video Recording Function (Highest support long delay time 24 hours.)

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Linux 3g 4g Mobile Dvr With Gps Monitoring System

1. The MDVR has a G sensor?

Answer: yes, SDM605 supports G-sensor

2. The MDVR can send data and or events over 3G?

Answer:Yes, the DVR with 3G function will send the live data and video over 3G

3.The MDVR can be set to send all video on storage card to a web server if the MDVR is connected to WIFI?mobile dvr 3g gps

Answer: Yes, there are 3 ways for you to get the videos on the storage card. 1st, you just download the video directly from the SD card or harddisk. 2nd you could remotely download the videos or GPS tracking through our Clients software. 3rd way, you could download the videos by a certain schedule through wifi network.

If you're interested in the Linux 3g 4g Mobile Dvr with Gps Monitoring System, welcome to contact our factory. As one of the professional China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, our company has passed the CE certification. Please be free to get the high-quality solutions and system with us.
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Isle Casino Pompano looks to revive fast-paced game

Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park is the latest gambling mecca looking to install the centuries-old court game, and spectators bet on the outcomes of head-to-head matches.
But the plan would mean phasing out the casino’s long-time harness racetrack in favor of a jai alai fronton that seats up to 300 people, suggests the casino’s parent, ElDorado Resorts, in a proposal filed with the City of Pompano deposit bonus casinos
The planned move comes after decades as a horse racing venue in the winter months. On its website, Isle Casino says it has been “Home to World-Class Standardbred Racing since 1964.”
It is unclear why Eldorado, of Reno, NV., and its joint venture partner, Cordish Companies of Baltimore, has elected to install jai alai, a sport that has been on the wane in South Florida for decades. ElDorado representatives did not respond to a request for comment. But in an email late Friday to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Cordish CEO David Cordish suggested that both sports could co-exist at Pompano Park.
Whatever emerges, there is a strong notion among jai alai promoters that their sport is undergoing somewhat of a revival in South Florida. The sport, executives say, which suffered a dramatic decline in popularity since a strike in the early 1990s, is showing signs of a comeback.
Magic City Casino in Miami just started its second jai alai season after closing its greyhound dog racing operation in the wake of a statewide constitutional amendment halting the sport. Gulfstream West, formerly known as Calder Race Course, which dropped horse racing, is starting its second season Aug. 1. Casino Miami starts a new season in December. And Dania Beach Jai Alai, the stalwart of the sport in South Florida for decades, was part of a recently completed multimillion dollar renovation of The Casino at Dania Beach.
“Our ownership group and management firmly believe that jai alai can be re-energized within the South Florida community,” said Arnaldo Suarez, general manager of The Casino at Dania Beach. “It’s an icon of the city. It has brought thousands of people to our fronton."
A much faster version of racquetball, jai-alai originated in the Basque region of northern Spain centuries ago. To succeed on the court, players need extraordinary hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes. The ball, called a pelota, travels up to 150 mph. Players may not hold the ball, and use a curved basket called a cesta for catching and throwing, which is continuous.

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Everett Casino Generates $4.2 Million In Tax Revenue In First Week

In the first eight days that Encore Boston Harbor was open, gamblers wagered more than $93.5 million on the slot machines alone at the Everett casino and the Wynn Resorts operation counted $16.79 million in total revenue, or more than $2 million a deposit bonus

More than half of the eight days worth of revenue, $9.12 million, was generated by the resort casino's 3,158 slot machines. Those machines returned about 90.25 percent of the $93.5 million that players put into them as winnings and held back 9.75 percent for the House, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission reported in its monthly revenue roundup.
The casino's 242 table games brought in another $7.67 million in revenue for Encore between its June 23 grand opening and the end of June.

Last week, Encore Boston Harbor officials touted the Everett facility's smooth opening and said everything was operating well at the $2.6 billion resort gambling palace."So far, so good," Encore Boston Harbor President Robert DeSalvio said last week on WGBH's Greater Boston. "However, I will tell you that it takes a while to ramp up and build these properties up to full potential — you have to build a database — so for us, there's an expectation that it doesn't come automatically but it will come over time."

Though he did not disclose the casino's revenues for its first eight days, DeSalvio said it is "way too early to tell" whether Encore Boston Harbor will meet its expectation of $800 million in annual revenue.

The first week-plus of action at the Greater Boston resort casino generated about $4.2 million in tax revenue for the state, but coincided with the second-worst month on record for the state's first full-scale casino, MGM Springfield. While Encore counted $16.79 million in revenue in eight days, MGM Springfield took in just more than $19.95 million in revenue over the full month of June.Gamblers put $174.75 million into MGM's slot machines last month, generating $14.7 million in revenue for the casino. In June, MGM Springfield's slots paid out at a higher rate than Encore Boston Harbor's machines. In Springfield, the machines returned 91.59 percent of money wagered to players while Encore's slots returned 90.25 percent.

With another $5.26 million in revenue from table games, June represented the worst revenue month for MGM Springfield since January (19.7 million) and only the second full month since opening last August that the casino did not earn at least $21 million from gaming.

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Is someone spying on me through my cell phone camera? It's absolutely possible to look at a person through the camera on your phone. But first, you must ask yourself, “WHY would anyone want to look through my camera?” Are you really that important? If you are, then you likely have advisors that have already answered this question for you. If someone has had access to your phone for 5–7 minutes, they could have downloaded spyware. The spyware could be used to access any of the features on your phone. It could be the camera, the GPS, your text messages, your contact list, etc.

In fact things can be accessed remotely that cannot be accessed with the phone actually in your hand. For example, even your deleted text messages are accessible remotely but you cannot access them with your phone actually in hand. This spyware is purposely made to be hidden. Usually it requires wiping the phone back to the factory settings. Do not back it up first though it you'll simply back up the spyware and it will be reinstalled. This type of spyware requires access to the phone and is actually “touching” the phone to spy on you. It could be a spouse, a parent, a boss, etc. The other possibility, the scarier yet very real method of accessing your phone doesn't need to ever touch your phone at all. All that is needed is a phone number.

This method access the Cameron through a small glitch in the network. The SS7 (Signal System Number 7) is used in this method. Every country is aware of this “glitch.” Can it be fixed? Do we want it fixed? NSA Operation Dropout Jeep has been active longer than most are aware. There's truly NOTHING that is not accessible. If you are important enough, you can assure yourself that there is a person or team of persons who are paid to collect Intel on you through SIGINT, COMINT and many forms of ELINT. This is signal, communications and eiectronic intelligence. Again, if you are important enough to be spied on, you're not getting your answers on this forum. I won't go much deeper here as it’s not necessary. How do you know if your camera is being accessed remotely?

Regardless if it's through a downloaded spyware program or much more intelligent means, the battery on your phone is powering your camera. You might notice your phone is getting hot when just sitting there. Your battery isn't lasting long. You might catch your phone making an unusual sound or a light flicker when it's not even being touched. These are reasonable signs that there is something you're not aware of running in the background. If the camera is accessed, it can be used to look through in real time or more commonly, it will be set to take a picture in set intervals. This will save the battery. It may be set to take a picture every 1 second, every 3 seconds, every 60 seconds any other increment.

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The Non-Reflective “Lundmark” YEEZY Boost 350 V2 Drops Model: YEEZY Boost 350 V2 “Lundmark” and “Lundmark Reflective” Key Features: Two-tone re-engineered Primeknit upper, post-dyed monofilament side stripe, reflective laces, and Boost midsole.Release Date: “Lundmark Reflective” and “Lundmark” available now.Buy: adidas, YEEZY SUPPLY, and select retailers in North and Latin America Editor’s Notes: While the reflective “Lundmark” adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2 already dropped this week, the non-reflective version will be available today, at 10AM EDT. Both sneakers are part of a geo-locked pack set to drop exclusively in North and Latin America. The non-reflective version will be available in adult, kids, and infant sizes, while the reflective model was only available in adult sizes and much more limited in its distribution, available only at select retailers in the US, Mexico, and Canada (see below). The “Lundmark Reflective” features a two-toned re-engineered Primeknit upper with reflective threading, a post-dyed monofilament side stripe woven into the upper, and reflective threads woven into the laces. The midsole boasts Boost cushioning. The non-reflective pair also features a two-toned re-engineered Primeknit upper with a post-dyed monofilament side stripe on the upper. This colorway comes with reflective laces as well as a Boost midsole.get Yeezy 700 Inertia,more order with big discount
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The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has been going through an identity crisis but now things have finally been straightened out thanks to adidas Originals. Is it Steel Grey? Stealth Grey? Steeple Gray? Beluga? Here’s the answer.

Kanye West’s latest release from The Three Stripes, as expected, has the Internet in a frenzy. The V2 Yeezy Boost 350 is set to release this week but for the past few months it’s been a guessing game as to what the name of the shoe would actually be. It started as Stealth Grey, then became Steel Grey, but now, thanks to the video below from adidas Originals, we know that the official colorway of the first Yeezy V2 (BB1826) release is a combination of Steeple Gray, Beluga and Solar Red Primeknit yarns. The video also shows an internally reinforced toebox. For those of you looking to skateboard in your Yeezys, this should come as good news. Now, how are you going to get your hands on a pair of the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 come September 24th?buy Yeezy 700 Static with best price

If you need more info on Yeezy releases, specifically how they have sold on the secondary market, check out this post to prepare for this week’s release.

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Aveed (testosterone undecanoate) is a testosterone replacement therapy indicated for the treatment of hypogonadism in adult men who are associated with a deficiency or absence of the male hormone testosterone.Testosterone decanoate Uses

The testosterone undecanoate was originally discovered by Bayer Pharma, which sold the licence for the development to Endo Pharmaceuticals in the US.

Endo received approval for Aveed from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of hypogonadism in adult men in March 2014.Hypogonadism is a condition that involves the body’s sex glands producing fewer or no hormones due to the reduced functional activity of the gonads. The disease, depending on the degree of severity, can result in partial or complete infertility.

Aveed contains testosterone undecanoate, which is an ester of testosterone. The drug can be administered using androgen replacement therapy (ART). The testosterone hormone is primarily responsible for the normal growth and development of the male sex organs and for the maintenance of secondary sex characteristics.

The FDA approval for Aveed was based on the results obtained from a Phase III clinical study conducted for 84 weeks. The single-arm, open label, multicentre clinical study enrolled 130 hypogonadal adult patients who had an average age of 54 years with morning serum total testosterone concentrations <300 nanograms per decilitre (ng/dL). The patients were administered with Aveed 750mg injection at the initiation of the therapy, at four weeks, and then every ten weeks thereafter.

The primary endpoint of the study was the percentage of subjects with average serum total testosterone concentration (Cavg) after the third Aveed injection. The secondary endpoint included the percentage of subjects with maximum total testosterone concentration (Cmax) above three pre­determined limits greater than 1,500ng/dL.

The results of the study demonstrated that patients treated with Aveed showed increased mean serum testosterone levels and maintained them up to ten weeks at steady state. The study also found that about 94% of the patients administered with Aveed maintained a Cavg within the normal range between 300ng/dL and 1,000ng/dL. 117 patients out of 130 completed the study procedures through Week 24 after the third Aveed injection and were included in the evaluation of testosterone pharmacokinetics.
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