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Hosted by China-European Association for Technological and Economic Cooperation, co-organized by Worldway Fortune Club, undertaken by Worldway Immigration Group and Chanceway Capital, and sponsored by Chanceway Property, 2018 China-Europe Trade and Investment Forum was successfully held in Beijing on September 8. Focusing on the theme of "Promoting Trade and Investment Facilitation and Deepening China-Europe Economic and Trade Cooperation", forum integrated multiple remarks and created a wonderful and valued event with multiple perspectives and dimensions. A number of well-known media fully participated in the report, and there was not a single vacancy on the spot. All the guests showed active and interactive, and the atmosphere was very hot!



There was not a single vacancy on the spot, and all the guests showed active and interactive



Officials from 18 European Countries Were Invited to Attend the Forum Together with Thousands of People on This Grand Occasion

Officials from 18 European countries including France, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, Montenegro, Latvia, Moldova, Lithuania, Italy and Hungary were invited to attend the forum, which was fully supported by both of China and relevant agencies of EU. And more than 1,000 guests including political leaders, business celebrities and academic experts from all over the world attended the event, and the forum was featured by diversity and the global.



Numbers of Topics Caused a Stir

Gathered by thousands of people on the spot, many guests discussed topics about policies, markets, investment and other aspects actively, which lighted an important flame of thought in 2018.

Feng lun, chairman of Worldway Fortune Club and the famous Chinese entrepreneur, delivered the keynote speech "Going out • the Survival and Development of Chinese Enterprises", and shared the growth history of Chinese enterprises' integration with other countries in the past 30 years, which would be the reference for entrepreneurs in the new era.

Dr. Xing Xinli, chairman of Worldway Immigration Group, delivered the keynote speech "The dawn of Europe and the Way of Chinese Capital to Europe”, which focused on the hot spot of European investment under the global economic integration, and the core idea of “The Coming Golden Decade of Europe " had deeply resonated with the political and commercial leaders.



Feng lun, chairman of Worldway Fortune Club (The Left) and Dr. Xing Xinli, chairman of Worldway Immigration Group (The Right) delivered the keynote speeches.


Guan Chengyuan, former Director of West Europe Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & former Ambassador to in the EU, Mats Harborn, President of European Chamber, Ulrich Weigl, Minister-Counselor, Head of Trade Section , EU Delegation to the People’s Republic of China , Gudrun Gallhoff, Minister Counsellor, EU Delegation to the People's Republic of China, John Aquilina, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Malta, Emmanuel Stantzos, Minister, Embassy of Greece and other officials attended the forum and delivered keynote speeches and investment opportunities from own perspectives.



High-end VIP Reception Party and Face–To-Face Celebrities Powered European Investments

A grand VIP reception party was held by Worldway Immigration Group and Worldway Fortune Cub after the forum, and the guests were given the face-to-face opportunity to communicate with celebrities, which has a great significance for new information on European investment. All of the guests highly recognized and praised the international platform established by Worldway Immigration Group.

This forum was an important strategic meeting for the upgrading Worldway’s brand, as well a concrete manifestation of closer relationship between Worldway and Europe. It further improved the cooperation between Worldway and other European countries in the field of investment, and had a profound significance for the business development for Worldway in Europe. With the successful launch of 2018 China-Europe Trade and Investment Forum, Worldway would definitely become an important force to push Chinese enterprises and individual investors to "go out"!

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It’s kind of our life goal (and every traveler’s life goal) to hack our way to the cheapest trip possible. We already know the cheapest day to book a ticket (hint: 54 is your lucky number), and we’ve got our bucket list of cheap destinations.機票

And now, we know where you’re really going to get the most flight mileage for your buck.

Ticket website GoEuro recently released its Transportation Price Index, which compares the cost of travel in 51 countries on five continents. After weighing the cost of flights in each nation, the report concluded the 10 cheapest countries to fly in, based on how much it costs to travel 100km (or about 62 miles) by plane.

These are the countries where you’ll travel the most miles for every dollar you spend, therefore getting the most bang for your hard-earned buck. Buckle your seat belts — the cheapest countries to fly in are:
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UPDATE Mar. 20: We hope you didn’t get too excited about those $10 transatlantic flights Ryanair promised, because it turns out they’re not going to happen anytime soon.Cheap Flights from Yangzhou to Phuket

Despite confirming the approved existence and prices of the flights to the Huffington Post via email, the airline company’s board released a statement on Thursday saying:

“In the light of recent press coverage, the Board of Ryanair Holdings Plc wishes to clarify that it has not considered or approved any transatlantic project and does not intend to do so.”

“We screwed up,” said Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, to The New York Times. Yup.

Huffington Post has reached out to Ryanair for a comment and will update accordingly.


Ryanair, the Irish airliner famous for its ridiculously cheap ticket prices and lack of luggage space, announced Monday that the company’s board has approved transatlantic flights.

The airline “would like to offer low cost flights between 12-14 European cities and 12-14 US cities. The business plan is there but it’s dependent on attaining viable long haul aircraft and we estimate that’s 4 to 5 years away,” a Ryanair spokesperson told HuffPost via email. Ryanair confirmed that the flights to and from Europe would start at $10.

Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, has said for years that the airline would offer cheap transatlantic flights as soon as they acquired long-haul aircrafts. Ryanair confirmed via email that they are currently “talking to manufacturers” but provided no further details.
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The host state for the 2018 WNBA All-Star Game is front and center for the event’s footwear collection from Nike, featuring special Minnesota-inspired colorways of LeBron 16 basketball shoes.

LeBron Shoes Included in the Nike 2018 WNBA All-Star Game PE Collection includes the Nike LeBron 15, LeBron Soldier 12, KD 11, Kyrie 4, PG 2 and the Kobe AD.

Purple — the color of royalty, of the state’s football team, and of its musical hero — is consistent throughout the PE collection. The two-block divide reflects a play between the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and Saint Paul.LeBron 16 Shoes The ripple pattern refers to the state’s vast number of lakes, as well as the waves being created in the modern women’s game.

The 2018 WNBA All-Star Game is set to tip off on July 28th in Minnesota,LeBron 15 Shoes and Nike’s strapped and ready with a series of Player Exclusive footwear close to the heart of the city. The Nike LeBron 15, Kobe AD, Kyrie 4, LeBron Soldier 12, PG 2, and KD 11 are decorated in details that reference the Minnesota Vikings and the late great Prince, with added energy from the wavy graphic that represent all the lakes that dot the state of Minnesota. Additionally, the split color-blocking is a nod to the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Be sure to see all six Player Exclusives in action at the WNBA All-Star Game tomorrow LeBron James Jerseys Lakers.

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There’s nothing worse for the budding traveler than when the wanderlust takes hold and the bank balance doesn’t agree. Well, don’t worry, because all is not lost! At least, not with Hopper at hand to set would--be travelers straight with a selection of the 10 cheapest flights currently on offer in the United States.Cheap Flights from Macau to Hangzhou

Granted, they may not take you to the most distant continents, but they do offer wonders of a different kind, from Chicago’s blues bars, to Philly’s food scene, to the sights of the National Mall. Best of all, these flights all cost, on average, $78 or less. Yes, that’s round trip. How much do you love us?

10. New Orleans to Chicago from $78

If you’re in Louisiana pining for a release from the usual yearly rigmarole of Mardi Gras madness (or you just want to escape the summertime hurricane season for somewhere a little less blustery), then be sure to check out the offering from Spirit Airlines on routes connecting New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International Airport with Chicago O’Hare. Seats should cost in the region of just $78 round trip, tying for the fourth cheapest currently in the skies of the United States overall!

9. Kansas City to Chicago from $78

Also clocking up an attractive average price tag of just $78 round trip are seats on routes between Kansas City International and Chicago, which are cheapest when flying on Spirit Airlines and hit yearly lows in April, August and September. Oh, and tickets cost just the same when flying in the other direction, which is great news for Windy City locals eager to escape the metropolis and try Kansas City barbecue at any number of world-famous joints.
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Tempo 76- 7.5 / 10 Das Tempo dieser Karte ist definitiv kein Problem, aber auch nicht besonders gut.fifa 19 coins Es ist in Ordnung für einen CM, aber er ist nicht die schnellste Option auf der Position. Sie k?nnen dies mit einem chemischen Stil steigern, wenn Sie es wünschen.

Schie?en 83-10/10 LANG. Schüsse. Mit dem Maestro Chem-Style erreicht er bis zu 99 Schuss Power und 94 Long Shots, was ihn zu einem Elite-Distanz-Shooter macht. Er ist auch in der Box gut, aber ist besser geeignet für Aufnahmen aus der Entfernung. Fast jedes Tor, das ich mit ihm erzielte, war ein Weitschuss. Ich war sehr beeindruckt.

Passing 81- 9/10 Sehr gut. Mit dem Chem-Style geht er auf 97 Kurzpass mit 90 Sicht und langem Passieren und das kann dir sehr dabei helfen, das Spielfeld zu kontrollieren. Seine P?sse sind immer frisch und die Genauigkeit ist genau. Seine überfahrt ist jedoch schlecht, also lassen Sie Ihre Flügelspieler oder Verteidiger die überfahrt machen. Insgesamt ganz nett.

Dribbling 85-8/10 Seine Ballkontrolle und Dribblings sind wahnsinnig mit dem Maestro Chem-Stil, der die entsprechenden Werte auf 95 und 97 erh?ht. Allerdings fühlt er sich ein wenig klobig mit geringer Beweglichkeit und Balance. Ich pers?nlich hatte kein Problem damit, aber es k?nnte ein Faktor sein, der vom Spielstil Ihrer Jungs abh?ngt. Ich wünschte auch, seine Gelassenheit w?re h?her, aber es scheint auch kein gro?es Problem zu sein.

Verteidigen 81-9/10 Er gewinnt buchst?blich alles in der Luft auf Verteidigung. Torschüsse, Kreuze, Freist??e, Sie nennen es, er gewinnt es. Stand-und Slide Tackles sind solide und seine Interceptions sind gut. Wack einen Schatten auf ihn und du hast ein Elite-CDM auf deinen H?nden.

Physisch 86-10/10 Hier scheint Milinkovic-Savic wirklich zu gl?nzen. Seine St?rke ist fantastisch bei 89 und schikaniert jeden vom Ball. Wie ich in der Defensive erw?hnt habe, gewinnt er die meisten Kopfb?lle und ist im Mittelfeld pr?sent. Ausdauer ist auch sehr gut, er kann die ganze 90 und einige dauern.

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Kaufen Sie Fifa 18-Münzen auf sichere und schnelle Weise. Bitte besuche und kaufe Fifa 18 Münzen, um deine FUT zu bauen!
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The coins fifa demo came out yesterday, and while I'm still getting to grips with it, I'm having a fun time.

It's early days, but my initial impressions of FIFA 19 based on the demo are that it feels zippier, the new timed shooting mechanic has made scoring goals more rewarding, and the ball feels less laser-guided than in previous versions.

What I'd like to do now though is point to a few new features FIFA 19 has that I didn't know about - certainly some I wasn't expecting - as well as highlight some I did know about but reckon may fly under the radar. It turns out FIFA 19 has quite a few cool new features that combine to give the game a better quality of life feel, and they're well worth trying out.

First up, you can now press one button (circle on PlayStation 4) to have your goalscorer perform a random celebration. This is a fantastic addition for a number of reasons, chief among them it should mix things up when you're playing online. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of seeing the same troll celebration whenever I concede a goal playing FIFA online. Hopefully the draw of being able to trigger a random celebration will be too hard to resist for most.
Speaking of celebrations, another cool new feature is you're able to skip the celebration and go straight to kick off after scoring a goal. To do this you press both bumpers and triggers (L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 on PS4) at the same time. The game goes to kick off instantaneously, which is fantastic if you're in a rush or you just don't fancy doing a celebration. Nice!

Another nice addition for FIFA 19 is the game now has an indicator that tells you which player you'll switch to if you press the switch player button. This appears above the player's head. It's a feature nicked from PES, but a welcome one all the same. (You can turn this off in settings, by the way.)
There are loads of new animations in FIFA 19, and it'll be a while before I see them all. But already I've noticed players reach for balls a lot more - for balls they would not have got to in FIFA 18. The new active touch system lets you flick the ball as you receive it, and there are some nice new animations for that, too.

One video doing the rounds in the FIFA community shows a player getting smacked in the face by a shot before being blasted in the balls by another shot. The unlucky victim has animations for each hit. FIFA 18 had an animation for being hit in the balls by the ball, but I don't remember seeing one this exaggerated. And I don't remember seeing an animation for being blasted in the face before, either.Click Here
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Just as we were saying in the last article, fifa coins made a change to include the latest Cristiano Ronaldo football decision and it happened really fast. Actually, EA took just few days to make this change and it looks like that it was very easy to do so.
After Cristiano Ronaldo closed his signing with Juventus of Italy, EA Sports did not show more the well-known cover with the striker wearing the Real Madrid jersey. Since then very few details of the release have been revealed, but FIFA 19 would already have a preliminary list of equipment for the beta.
The filtration comes thanks to the comments of several media that already had the possibility of playing the simulator in advance. On September 12, it will open the FIFA 19 beta, two weeks before its official launch.
The teams that are known so far are the following:
- Atlético de Madrid
- Borussia Dortmund
- FC Bayern
- Juventus
- Manchester City
- Manchester United
- Paris Saint-Germain
- Real Madrid
- Tottenham Hotspur
Perhaps the meeting that will most reproduce the users will be Real Madrid vs. Juventus These two teams are candidates to be the best team in the entire videogame, they will be seen a lot in eSports.
FIFA 19 will be launched on September 28 to platforms Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. One the same day, FIFA 19 Coins service will be online too. It will also have the licenses of the UEFA Chaampions League, the Europa League and the European Supercup, because PES lost the contracts.Buy Now
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Though it hasn't been officially announced, it seems quite clear Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown is definitely the cover athlete for the typical edition of Madden 19.

We learned over a month ago that Terrell Owens will be the cover athlete for the Hall of Fame Edition, and had been told the common cover guy would be revealed at a later date. I don't consider anyone believed we'd see July 17 roll around devoid of an official announcement.It is unclear why EA hasn't announced Brown because the cover athlete, but probably it has a thing to perform using a couple of unfortunate incidents¨Cunrelated to Brown¨Cleading up to this year's release.

Owens' induction has turn into a supply of controversy. Which has seemingly coincided with much less attention for the former Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles good than final year's HOF Edition cover athlete, Tom Brady received..

Owens has chosen to skip the induction ceremony and to instead deliver a speech at his alma mater Tennessee Chattanooga. The Hall of Fame will counter by refusing to honor Owens individually. The pettiness knows no limits, apparently.

Most recently, Madden senior producer Carlos Guerrero was dismissed after violating the company's code of conduct policy. Possibly EA didn't desire to make a somewhat substantial announcement amidst controversial news. In any case, Brown appears to be the man and he's worthy in the distinction.

He is arguably the top wide receiver in the buy hut 19 coins. He's coming off his fifth straight season with at least 1,200 yards, 100 receptions, and eight touchdown catches. Madden 19 releases for PS4, Xbox One and Pc on August 10.want know more fut coins news Read More
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