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Can you find it somewhere? Does it "hit us"? How do we get inspired? Where from? caposud.info has the answer to all of these questions. First of all, writers should have something to say. If they have nothing to say, they should paint or make music.Secondly, they should live their lives intensively and accumulate enough experience to give the message weight and greater attachment to universal truths.

Thirdly, they should take that "muse" they think they have, link to a giant kite, and send it flying on a roof of a building left in a suburb left of a town that is left.If a writer, or any other artist, needs a "muse", he did not choose his field well. You write because you have no chance but to write.You write all the time, any time, even if you're chained to a wall. You write because you were born to do it, not because it's a "muse" that inspires you. Books composed in a few days, but thought for years. Is that how you put together a book?

Although it is not a rule, previous generations, who appreciate classical subjects, close to inspiration from the great novels, considered "classical" and "fundamental," today have a good impact on topics inspired by the immediate reality.

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