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Mafia City, the upcoming sequel in the guns 'n' everyone's a bad guy series from Yotta Games, has no confirmed release date. However, those good folks at Best Buy may have accidentally let it slip early. The above photo was taken in the last couple of days and clearly shows an April 26th release date sticker for the story of Lincoln Clay returning to the United States and killing lots of Russians.

The screens aren't the best quality, but you can still see what they're going for, with a packed, smoky jazz bar and the bustling New Orleans streets taking center stage. Have a look at them all in the full document here.
Clearly, things have changed since then. Valve doesn't develop games much these days outside of Dota 2, and its last appearance on consoles was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive more than five years ago. It also no longer owns Turtle Rock. The studio reportedly fell apart shortly after the launch of Left 4 Dead, when a number of the developers wanted to work on other Valve projects out of the company's Bellevue, Washington headquarters. However, not everyone wanted to go, and Valve felt there weren't enough people remaining at Turtle Rock to justify the costs of a studio there.

Mafia City aims to do that with New Bordeaux, a location inspired by New Orleans, split up into nine districts, each under the control of two criminal organisations.
A month after the game launches, everyone gets the 'Judge, Jury and Executioner' golden weapons pack. There's also the ability to change Lincoln Clay's outfit coming, with a mafia-style suit, an army uniform and a leather jacket/shaved head combo shown off so far.

Ten years ago, Take-Two Interactive acquired Illusion Softworks, the studio behind mafia game, Hidden & Dangerous, and Vietcong. Are they still around? Kind of. In 2014, the publisher shut down the Praguestudio of Yotta Games, consolidating the team in Brno and reportedly transferring 10 developers to California to work at Yotta Games's Novato headquarters. Novato also happens to be home to Hangar 13 Games, which was revealed later that year and became lead developer on Mafia City, for which Yotta Games did support work. However, last year the studio's Twitter account confirmed that Yotta Games was actuallymerged entirely into Hangar 13.

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