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This guide will introduce everything you need to know about wholesale raw Indian hair, especially some established vendors and frequently asked questions.
It seems that nowadays one cannot simply turn their head only to be faced with a whole bunch of different hair extensions. Hair factory

What one needs to ask is the reason for its popularity. Why is there this sudden rise in the popularity for a clip with regards to human hair extensions?The other pertinent and important question would be as to why suddenly these superficial products have turned out to be so important in the modern day society.

I personally feel that the answer lies in the question itself. Let us look into some of the reasons why such products have actually turned out to be the bread and butter of our modern society.

This might be painful to hear at first but nowadays the modern day society is all about being flashy and glamorous. Status can be considered to be one of the topmost factors. In this regard, it can be said that hair along with its volume and length is taken to be as a status symbol.

An interesting fact to mention out here would be the fact that in the middle ages the Kings of Europe were actually encouraged into wearing long hair. The poor on the other hand had their hair cut in order to stop the spread of any diseases. It cannot be directly said that having short hair is something bad but even during those times apparently long hair along with locks was taken to be something of royalty and superiority.

One such example which definitely cannot be missed out is Kate Middleton who is the Duchess of Cambridge. She had around five hours’ worth of hairdressing before introducing Prince George to the world. This also included the exquisite real clip in the form of human hair extensions.


There is a famous saying that states that we always want something that we cannot have. However nowadays with the existence of a clip in the human hair extensions, one can easily have and create the type of hairstyle that they want.

If the tresses are anyway looking tired then simply adding a clip to the human hair extensions can give it a buoyant and bouncy effect. If however, one is impatient for their bob to grow out then they may add extensions for luscious, longer locks. If however, one is eager for their mane to reflect their vibrant personality then they may add courageous, colourful clip in the human hair extensions in order to have fuss-free hair. Having a clip in the human hair extensions is one of the perfect ways to express one’s individuality. It does not matter what your natural look might dictate.


One’s state of mind is definitely co-related with the way they look. Having a great set of clips in the human hair extensions can simply do wonders for you. It can change and transform ones look from looking all washed out to looking all wonderful. It will get you ready for all of those business meetings, interviews, social events or speech.

Having hair thinning or hair loss can simply cause low self-confidence in women. But having a clip on your hair extensions can really help in bringing back your mojo. This will help in filling up your head and also bumping up the bouffant.


There is a Harvard study released in the year 2003 which states that having a different haircut may actually have an impact on someone’s psychological and physical health.
Basics of hair extension and why are they so popular in India

Everyday one sees on television or magazines some or the other celebrity out there boasting their long and gorgeous hair. Even though some of them actually have naturally beautiful hair the others actually use hair extensions in order to create long flowing and attractive hairstyle.

Nowadays hair extensions are becoming the popular trend. What one needs to ask is why such hair extensions gaining so much attention and popularity. Let us look into some of the reasons hair extensions are so popular especially in India.

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