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New World has been officially out for a month now, and Amazon has had plenty of feedback from the community to work with, considering all the issues and glitches that players discovered thus far. Among them, there is a funny one that made a New World player slide across the map at insane speed, but there are also game-breaking glitches like the Gold duplication issue that even got a few players banned for abusing it. New World might not be in its best state at the moment, but Amazon is trying to keep track of every bug and gameplay issue reported to see what can be done to make the game more enjoyable in the coming weeks.To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit official website.

While not a massive patch per se, New World got updated to the 1.0.4 version yesterday, and a few recurring problems have been seemingly dealt with. For starters, Outpost Rush is now reenabled everywhere except for Central Europe, with the region getting the update tomorrow. Alongside it, Amazon also reimplemented server transfers after they had been disabled due to the Gold duplication glitch not too long ago. The general changes are where things get more interesting, though.
Because New World players would be spread out across four different locations when first starting a new character in any server, Amazon removed Everfall as a starting beach in order to reduce clutter and allow players to more easily join friends. More importantly, the company acknowledged that there was a bug with the UI descriptions regarding house sales and taxes, thus fixing the glitch and reimbursing all players affected with 2,000 Gold. This is especially useful to anyone who had to pay full price instead of what was indicated on the UI at the time of purchase because Gold is not so easy to come by in huge quantities in New World.

Some players argue that it's too little of compensation because of how massive taxes can be depending on each server's economy and territorial ownership. Still, the update also makes small changes to Life Staff passives and increases the Faction token cap by 50% for each tier, which arguably improves the experience by a great margin for those saving up for better gear.

New World's economy is still quite hard to rebalance at the moment, but hopefully those 2,000 Gold per affected player help. The situation can be so bad that some New World players turned their server into a casino to bet huge amounts of Gold in order to become either richer or poorer, depending on their luck.

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