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World of Warcraft players are not uncommon for "Metaverse"

At the end of October, after Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced its full commitment to the Metaverse concept, an internal company report was disclosed. In the report, they gave an overview of the "Metaverse": there are virtual cities, virtual images, virtual currencies and consumption, and of course there are also "virtual" social interactions.To get more news about buy wow gold classic, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

The report predicts: "The user's final stay in the Metaverse will last as long as she works, eats, socializes, and sleeps in the real world." This sentence also bluntly explains the true value of the Internet company to the "Metaverse" Expectation-People who are keen to hype the "Metaverse" call this effect "immersion."Those "elves" and "taurens" who once wandered on the road of Azeroth dismissed this: we made friends, made money, self-realized in the game, upgraded monsters and wear equipment, and immersed ourselves in not eating, drinking and holding shit. Holding back urine, there was no such word as "Metaverse" at that time.

No matter how the "Metaverse" is touted, the feelings of these "old players" represent another more certain reality: the concept of "Metaverse" has nothing new, and is essentially our Internet life in the past 30 years Repackaged and sold again .MMORPG is a combination of "role-playing" and "multiplayer online" two game modes. It creates an online graphical "world" for the first time. In this world, every player has a virtual " stand-in " , They control this "stand-in" and interact with each other.

Earlier and more "simplistic" online interactive games are called MUD (Multiplayer Real-time Virtual Games). Players interact with plain text, advance tasks, experience plots, and upgrade monsters-until today, MUD games still have them. Very niche fans.

As its name implies, "Network Genesis" is "recognized" by many people today as the beginning of the Metaverse experience. In today's mainstream imagination, the first step to enter the Metaverse is still to create a character and design an image for yourself in the overhead world.

The developer designed an economic system for "Network Genesis". This system is very similar to the real world: players need to learn a life skill, such as forging, sewing, logging, and healing. The loot produced by these skills happens to be needed by other players, which facilitates transactions and interactions between players.Production and trading ensure the sustainability of human-to-human interaction. Today's Metaverse missionaries believe that if blockchain technology can be used to provide reliable protection for online ownership, virtual transactions will become the norm and even expand into an industry larger than the real economy.

"Network Genesis" defines MMORPG and also provides the cornerstone for today's Metaverse design. But it was the 90s after all, and the popularity of the Internet and computers was still very low. The production investment of the game is relatively limited, the created "world" is relatively rough, and its success has not exceeded the scope of Internet technology enthusiasts.

What really pushes the MMORPG form to the extreme is a company called "Blizzard". In 2004, "World of Warcraft" was launched. Compared with "Network Genesis", it provides players with a more refined and realistic "universe", and quickly breaks through the circle, becoming a topic of national concern.

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