Recycler bongs are recyclers that provide you more smooth and cool hits. It's because they recycle the water and smoke inside of them continuously while the pipe is being smoked. And that's the reason behind the name recycler. Continuous cycling of the smoke provides cooler and more filtered hits and thereby smoother smoking experience. This recycler bong has different types depending on its shape and design. Let's see different types of recycler bongs.To get more news about rick and morty bongs, you can visit official website.

External Recycler Bong
It is the standard recycler. External recycler bong is simple in design and working. But it has lowest amount of filtration. Though works well and offers same smoking experience from the recycler. Even if it costs similar to a high-end bongs, it is the cheapest recycler on the market. As a result it is easy to break and van be difficult to clean

Internal Recycler Bong
Internal recycler bongs are the opposite of external recyclers. Their intake and draining pipes are within the bong. Internal recycler has much more realistic shape and is more intricate in design. They're very compact so you can bring them with you without more care. Also there is lesser chance to break compared to external recyclers. Due to the above reasons this recycler bong is more expensive than the latter. It is compact and smaller in size so easy to carry when you travel. But carelessness may lead to breaking. As well as it is expensive than external recycler bong.

Klein Recycler Bongs
Klein recycler is so pretty to see! They are designed with what is called a Klein weld. Klein Recyclers are a combination of internal and external recyclers. It has different tubes for intake and drainage. So there is no interfering with processes and provides percolation and filtration at the same time. This bong allows maximum efficiency and smoothness. But due to the complexity Klein recycler is the most expensive recycler bong and also difficult to clean. Anyway it's the smoothest recycler in the market. Super cool in look and performance. And it will be a great gift for your stoner friend.

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