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Augustus Urschel Page | 20 simply bored of grinding, or find that the system of achievement in the game is dull. RMT is therefore not the failure of the virtual game economy, but the failure of game developers to make enjoyable ingame content. Conclusion: Combat RMT by Improving Game Content While it may seem obvious to the point of idiocy, games are supposed to be fun. While MMORPG’s are an FIFA 18 coins incredible evolutionary leap in video game design and technology, video game developers must still follow the same basic rules as jigsaw designers. The prevalence of RMT in today’s major MMORPG titles reveals that players are dedicated to remaining within virtual worlds, but they are not satisfied with the means of earning a virtual living. This causes players to outsource grinding and instead use real world money to progress in the game. Some players will continue to play a MMORPG out of addiction, habit, or social reasons alone, regardless of how entertaining gameplay mechanics are, but most players finding themselves struggling to enjoy the basic mechanics of acquiring virtual wealth will be inclined to consider other options. MMORPG developers seem to be focusing on preventing RMTs by force, rather than solving the root cause of the problem. Threatening players with sanctions or bans may deter some players from preforming a RMT, but it will not fix the underlying problems of the MMORPG. Players seek RMTs when they are unhappy or unsatisfied with ingame ways to generate wealth. The simplest solution to the problem of RMTs is to make virtual wealth generation more fun. If wealth generation is a secondary thought to enjoying playing the game, RMTs will simply cease being an issue.   The root of why RMTs occur is that MMORPG developers too often rely on grinding mechanics to progress through the game. Grinding mechanics are almost copouts in terms of game design; they are often used as buffer zones between actual content to lengthen the playable time a developer can squeeze out of its designed content. They are essentially timesinks, utilized because the most Understanding RMT Trading in MMORPGs    Augustus Urschel Page | 21 MMORPGs operate on timebased subscription models. While grinding towards how to buy fifa 18 coins a particular goal (new content, better items, etc.) will lengthen the amount of time a player invests in a game (and therefore developer profits), it will not necessarily contribute to a player’s overall enjoyment of the game. If game content is stretched too thin and the player constantly feels like he needs to “work” in the game to progress anywhere, RMTs will inevitably arise. Eliminating RMTs entirely might be an impossible FIFA 18 coins task, but curtailing their iron grip on popular MMORPGs is not. While some players will inevitably sell virtual items from time to time for reasons unrelated to wealth generation mechanics, (quitting altogether, virtual good surplus, etc.) this is a small portion of the RMT market and would have little or no impact on the macroeconomic ingame economy or games immersion.

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