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Kawasaki may not have yet a single electric motorcycle in its lineup but, hey, it did announce last month that it’ll go all-electric for traditional Western markets and Japan by 2035. To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit official website.

And things seems to be going in the right direction already, as the company’s CEO Hiroshi Ito confirmed the launch of three electric motorbikes as early as 2022. And while we held our breath, waiting for him to take the cover off one of the two concealed motorcycles standing behind him — what a glorious unveiling that’d have been — we were faced with disappointment.
So we’re stuck with the few details we know from 2019, when Kawasaki showcased an electric prototype through a video release.

The video features an interview with Yoshimoto Matsuda, Kawasaki R&D’s senior manager of the Innovation Department, and here’s a (very) small list of the specs we could gather:

Perhaps we can expect the same design language for the upcoming electric motorcycles as well — maybe from the Ninja range? At least 2022 is arriving soon enough, and I hope we won’t be left guessing for too long.
The electric motorbikes were well-received by rangers in Karura Forest, though some admitted it took them a few “run outs” to adjust to the machines, which have different gear, clutch and braking systems.

“I was a little tense and nervous at first, but then became comfortable,” said ranger Eli Kosegi, 31. “They move swiftly and make much less noise. Rangers will now be able to patrol a much wider part of the forest … and because they are silent, it is easier to surprise any culprits.”

He cautioned rangers to learn to manage battery drain or they face the prospect of pushing their bikes to the nearest charging station.

Karura Forest provides a vital carbon sink for industrial activity in the city of 5 million and serves as an important water catchment area, with the Karura, Gitathuru and Ruaka rivers supporting groves of native bamboo and small wetlands.

Environmentalists stress the rapidly growing, and increasingly polluted, city needs ‘lungs’ to provide clean air, filter water and house the insects that pollinate urban farms and green spaces.

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As you may not know, 2021 was a big year for electric the meantime Asia has traditionally been in charge of many electric motorcycles As we saw before, 2021 was welcomed Some new US entries In the market.To get more news about DC100, you can visit official website.

This year’s coverage of electric motorcycles has been viewed millions of times. These are the top five stories that readers voted for.SONDORS is well known for that, Successful electric bike (And a little lesser known about that Three-wheeled electric vehicle that is not very successful now), The company’s biggest launch this year was arguably the first motorcycle.

Metacycle was announced with impressive commuter-level specifications, including a top speed of 80 mph (130 km / h) and a range of 80 miles (130 km).The stylish design has won as much praise as the surprisingly cheap $ 5,000 price tag.

The bike was originally destined to be delivered by the end of this year, But some delay We pushed up new delivery quotes in the middle of next year.I’ve also seen Metacycle receive Some design changes, Many were expected because some of the more sophisticated design features found in concept models are not street legal.
Known as Vison AMBY, it wasn’t a particularly fast model. Instead, it seems to be designed for urban commuters who want something a little more powerful than an electric bike.

The top speed of 60 km / h (37 mph) is considerably slower than other entries. Light electric motorcycle class. Vision AMBY’s lightweight design competes more closely with smaller electric trail bikes such as: Sur Ron Light BeeThat said, BMW’s perhaps street-legal design offers significant advantages over other off-road-only alternatives.The news Started delivery of the company’s fat tire Volcon Grunt electric motorcycle Brought a large view from all over the world.Probably that is Volcon Open a line of domestic and international dealers.

The Volcon Grunt Is an off-road electric bike designed for adventure and utility riding. Think about it: hunters, peasants, and explorers off the road.Its electric motor enables quiet operation and the ability to slip through nature without disturbing the environment.

For those who don’t care too much about the green surface, the bike requires little maintenance, does not leak oil throughout the garage or barn, is easy to operate and provides powerful low-end torque that only electric bikes can achieve. To do.

The company has opened a local production facility in Texas and is also working on development. Multiple four-wheel UTV Small electric bike Known as Rand.The company was insisting Almost 3 years ago The bike is based on the legendary BMW R71, similar to what you see in the classic Steve McQueen movie. Great escape.

The only problem was that the bikes they deployed didn’t completely imitate the inspiration. They even hyped hell out of great exposure. Prior to the event, we obtained 5 different press releases independently.

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One of the most important recent breakthroughs has been electric transportation. Today, the number of electric cars is increasing as we see a steady decline in the production and purchase of gasoline-fueled vehicles. In addition to running quieter and having lower maintenance costs, electric transportation is one way we can reduce our carbon footprint.To get more news about emobility, you can visit official website.

Enter the electric motorcycle. Motorcycles are typically faster and a more entertaining ride than a car. There is a certain level of risk and thrill associated with riding a bike, especially when compared to a car. For this reason, the electric motorcycle industry has stepped up its game, so here are the 10 best electric motorcycles you can buy today.
Harley-Davidson LiveWire
For 116 years, Harley-Davidson has been a pioneer, and probably the best-known name in the motorcycle industry. In August 2019, we will see their first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire was first unveiled in 2014, and over the past 5 years has undergone a significant improvement in its structure and design.

Vespa Elettrica
If you’re not quite a motorcycle person, then presenting to you the Vespa Elettrica. Thought not quite a motorcycle, this scooter has a max speed of 30 mph, a range of 62 miles and was built for urban commuting. While you may not believe a Vespa is as appealing as a motorcycle, it gained popularity years ago through its cameos in classics such as La Dolce Vita and Roman Holiday.

Zero SR
The Zero SR is a part of the new generation of electric motorcycles that bring to the market a whole new level of torque and acceleration capabilities. This model weighs in at 414 pounds and has a durable and sturdy frame. The SR’s max speed is 102 mph, and it has a range of 140 miles.

Energica Ego
This little gem is famously claimed by Energica to be “the world’s first street-legal electric Italian sports motorcycle.” From the birthplace of the Vespa, Italy, we present the Energica Ego. In addition to its sleek and sexy figure, the Ego can reach maximum speeds of up to 150 mph, weighs anywhere from 250-280 kg, has a range of 80-120 miles, and has a torque of 210 Nm.

Brutus V9
If you’re looking for an all American classic electric motorcycle, look no further than the V9. While the bike cannot match the SR or Ego's top speeds, the V9 makes up for it with endurance.

Gogoro Smartscooter 2 Deluxe Edition
While it is yet another scooter, we feel it is important to list the Gogoro Smartscooter 2 Deluxe Edition. The Gogoro not only serves as a cheaper alternative to the Vespa, but this Taiwanese invention comes with some tricks up its sleeve. To start off, the Gogoro has a max speed of 56 mph and a range of 68 miles.

Johammer J1
The J1 exemplifies the uniqueness of Austrian engineering. The J1 200’s unusual shape is an excellent conversation starter. The maker of these bikes attributes the Johammer J1’s unconventional shape to a simple saying, “The shortest route between two points is a straight line.”

Victory Empulse TT
Next on the list comes the Victory Empulse TT. This American motorcycle maker is often compared with the greats such as Harley-Davidson and Indian. The first Victory bike was produced in 1998 to serve as a direct competitor to Harley-Davidson. The company was eventually purchased by parent company Polaris; however, in 2016, the Victory Empulse TT was released in an effort to compete with the LiveWire.

Lito Sora
Like the Johammer J1, the Lito Sora’s unconventional design makes it the perfect conversation starter. The Lito Sora came out in 2014 and has a max speed of 120 mph and a range of 120 miles. The Lito Sora also produces 66 ft-lb of torque and weighs in at 573 pounds.

Lightning LS-218
Last but not least, we have the Lightning LS-218. This electric bike has broken numerous records and is currently the world’s fastest electric motorcycle. The company was actually established after founder Richard Hatfield found the desire to make electric bikes after participating in an electric Porsche race team.

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Electric vehicles slowly weaved their way through the auto industry. What may have started as a borderline gimmick to satisfy Green Peace has blossomed into a new frontier, encouraging automakers to stretch their own boundaries into creating new and exciting technology.To get more news about ebike, you can visit official website.

At first, electric vehicles weren't very easy on the eyes, which wasn't a problem because a normal person could outrun them fairly easily. However, now, there are electric vehicles that challenge supercar levels of speed. They are getting cheaper and more practical, and thankfully that trend has reached the world of motorcycles as well. These are some highly regarded electric motorcycles that can be bought as of this year.
There aren't too many electric motorcycles that are worth looking at, but whatever type of bike is desired, Zero is sure to make a version of it. Zero builds a sportbike called the SR/S, a naked upright position street bike called the SR/F and leaner, more modest street tributes called Zero S and Zero SR, which use single disc front brakes.

There are several options for dual-sport bikes, and a brand new dirt bike called the FX. The FX has a top speed of 85 mph from 78 lb-ft of torque and weighs an infant's 247 pounds. Zero's motorcycles are relatively affordable and charge quickly.

One of the most terrifying things about electric vehicles is instant acceleration. From the moment the accelerator is advanced even a little bit, the rider or driver is thrown back and spiraled into a frenetic blur that can result in either defeated whimpering or maniacal cackling.
Lightning achieves all this and more with its LS-218, and with a top speed of 218 mph, it holds the record as the fastest street-legal production motorcycle. It only costs $38,000 and that includes the Brembo brakes and RaceTech suspension (Ohlins are optional).

The Arc Vector may be too exclusive to rap on the door of "Production Motorcycle", but one can be reserved for the modest price of $117,000. Arc Vehicle Ltd ran into some financial trouble thanks to skittish investors pulling the plug and had to file for bankruptcy in 2019.

Last year, the founders resurrected the company, and are ready to release the Arc Vector to the world. It's advertised as an "Advanced" motorcycle, boasts an electronically limited top speed of 124 mph, and hits 62 mph in 3.2 seconds. Charge time takes 40 minutes, and it comes with traction control, ABS, and Arc's own proprietary front suspension.

Until Ducati decides to hop off the fence and create its own electric motorcycle, prospective E-riders will have to settle for the Energica Eva Ribelle to satisfy their Italian-bred e-motorcycle needs, which is by no means a bad thing.

The Ribelle is powered by 145 horsepower, gets to 60mph in 2.6 seconds, and can go about 250 miles between charges, depending on its usage. It's moderately priced at $22,160 but that tag includes a lot of bike. Energica prides itself on its strides into the world of competitive electric motorcycle racing.

While not yet released, the Damon Hypersport in theory should provide ample competition to the Lightning LS-218. According to Damon, the Hypersport lights up the number "200" everywhere it can: 200 horsepower, torque, mile range, and top speed.

The rest of the specs are peppered with ambiguity, citing "Standard" suspension and brakes. Its charging times are respectable, allowing 80% charge in 45 minutes and depending on voltage, 2.5 hours to reach 90%. Damon is expected to release the bike for reserve test rides sometime this year.

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The Motor Company.” It’s motorcycle slang for Harley-Davidson, and the Milwaukee-based concern is lucky that “The Engine Company” didn’t wind up in the parlance, because it’d throw an identity wrench into their latest venture — an electric motorcycle.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.
Wisconsin, land of thowmping pushrod V-Twins, is about the last place you’d expect a mainline production e-bike to emerge from. And one hasn’t emerged yet, but H-D is seriously taking a look in that direction and they’re using Project LiveWire to do it.Project LiveWire isn’t a for-sale sort of thing. Instead, it’s a research-gathering roadshow wherein Harley brings the bike to various cities and lets folks take it for a spin, all in an effort gather impressions with an eye toward future production electric cycles.
We have to say, we like the look of the LiveWire. It’s a melding of Yankee face-punch and Italian-streetfighter sophistication. In fact, it recalls the work the company’s Buell division was doing before Harley shuttered it.

The tour starts on June 24th in New York and moves to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee from the 26th to the 29th. There’s an event in Boston from the 27th to the 29th, and then one in Philly July 17–19. Future dates will undoubtedly be added, but for right now, it looks like Left Coast e-bike enthusiasts will have to wait for future dates to be announced.

Oh, and on the LiveWire FAQ, HD does refer to the bike’s powerplant as “an electric engine,” which suggests there’s plenty of traditional thinking left in Milwaukee. So like, fear not, backpatch aficionados: your loud pipes will undoubtedly continue to preserve your lives for quite some time.

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Harley-Davidson's new middleweight electric motorcycle platform could finally drop prices

Harley-Davidson's LiveWire engineers have been hard at work for years developing multiple platforms of electric motorcycles. The original Harley-Davidson LiveWire bike that morphed into the LiveWire One under H-D's new sub-brand gave us our first look at a high-powered electric Harley, but the manufacturer's Arrow platform for a second electric motorcycle pushes that technology further with a new middleweight design that is likely to be easier on riders' wallets.To get more news about ev, you can visit official website.

The major difference in the Arrow platform is that the battery pack is no longer housed inside of a frame but rather becomes the frame.

Or rather, it becomes a structural component of the bike to which the steering head tube, motor, control electronics, swingarm, and other major components simply bolt onto.

The battery pack will be comprised of 21700-sized lithium-ion cells and it will be produced in a number of voltages and capacities.

That creates a much more modular platform that can be used to create a number of different models. And that appears to be what Harley-Davidson's LiveWire engineers are doing.The first new model, which bears the model designation "S2" and the name "Del Mar," bears a striking resemblance to the flat tracker electric motorcycle that Harley-Davidson revealed as a concept several years ago.

We've previously discussed how such a middleweight electric motorcycle could be exactly what H-D needed to revive interest among younger riders. And that's exactly the bike that is slated to follow the LiveWire One. The S2 Del Mar will become the first production bike using the new Arrow platform.

A teaser for the new bike was included in a presentation to investors following Harley's announcement that LiveWire would go public using a SPAC with KYMCO.While the LiveWire One is priced at $21,999 and dips even lower when federal and state tax incentives are included, the S2 Del Mar could prove to be much more affordable.

The middleweight bike likely won't need the LiveWire One's impressive performance, such as the 100+ hp motor or the 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds.

By dialing back the performance and range, as well as working with a more modular platform that may offer reduced production costs, H-D could present a highly competitive electric motorcycle.

The news comes at a time when established manufacturers such as Zero and Energica are expanding their offerings and physical reaches across the US and international markets. Not missing a beat, several smaller companies are aiming for their own piece of the e-moto pie. LiveWire's new platform and upcoming middleweight electric motorcycles could be just what riders are looking for, breathing fresh new models and increased competition into the market.

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Ovaobike Present New Models At EICMA 2021

Ovaobike, an e-motorcycle brand of the Taiwanese vehicle manufacturer, Ottobike Group, makes its international debut at EICMA 2021 with 3 different models. This EICMA 2021, Ovaobike releases three concept models: MXR (redefined), CT-X and CR-21.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.

These three additional model will make the line up by ovaobike much more robust, offering the new off road light electric motorcycle, a city urban scooter, as well as the CR-21 which bring great style and performance, and potentially an affordable price.

The company previously offered the MCR series (MCR represents Mini City Racers), and offered bikes with either a Hub or mid-mounted motor. From a 9.1kW hub motor, to the MCR-M and MCR-S which both have the mid-mounted 17kW (and up to 21kW peak for the MCR-S) and 11kW nominal power motor. A top speed of 105km/h and up to 148km/h (62 mph to 98 mph), combined with a battery pack of 4.8kWh for the Hub motor, and 134 Ah / 9.6 kWh pack for the larger mid-mounted motor models.
The redefined MXR is an off-road contender that comes with a unique character and style, not looking like anything else, while keeping traditional lines. This light 110-kg bike, packs great performance and acceleration with 32Nm peak torque and 100 km/h (62 mph) top speed.

For more urban riders, ovaobike presented their concept e-scooter, CT-X. This city machine has great esthetics and colors, and features a dual led headlights, a stylish TFT display, storage space for one helmet, and great performance for city speeds.

The motor peak power of 15kW gets strong acceleration, and the CT-X definitely has a catching design. Sportive and sharp, it highlights the motor and suspension position as well as parts of the colored chassis.This electric naked motorcycle runs a mid-mounted 11kW motor with 300cc like performance, so we can expect the CR-21 to carry performance similar to that of the preceding MCR-S with peak power of 21kW. Although the company did provide full specifications, we estimate a top speed of around 150km/h (92 mph) and a battery pack north of 9kWh to be fitted to performance.

The design and style takes to the most traditional lines, the design style brings out the chassis and exposes the rear suspension, giving it a great racer look. The large front LED lights leather seat and seat bags and faux tank all form a completely new perspective of future-old.

The CR-21 completes the product lineup for Years 22/23 as ovaobike attempts to further explore the e-tenets of off-road, urban and vintage, and delivers fun rides worldwide.

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Harley's electric motorcycle division to go public via $1.7 billion SPAC deal

Harley-Davidson's electric-motorcycle division will go public through a merger with a blank-check firm in a deal valued at $1.77 billion, the company said on Monday, as the 118-year old brand bets on younger customers to boost volumes.To get more news about ev, you can visit official website.

The company launched LiveWire earlier this year, hoping to claw back lost market share as its core baby boomer customer base grows older and interest in motorcycling as a recreational activity fades.

A broader awareness about climate change is also paving the way for automakers to lean towards greener vehicles. Valuations have gained as money managers are also increasingly factoring in ESG policies in their investments.Harley is the latest to cash in on an uptick in valuations of electric-vehicle makers. Last month, Amazon-backed EV maker Rivian shot past $100 billion in valuation in its market debut, surpassing Ford and General Motors.

"If anything this underlines what we've been saying for a long time. Detroit, wake up! The train has left the station! EVs are inevitable," Roth Capital analyst Craig Irwin said.

"Many traditional OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) with emerging EV businesses can obviously do similar spinoff transactions," Irwin added.

Harley's shares rose 11.3% in premarket trading, while those of AEA-Bridges were up 3.4%.

Jochen Zeitz, Harley's chief executive, will be the chairman of LiveWire for up to two years following the completion of the deal. In an investor presentation, LiveWire projected units sales volume of 100,961 electric bikes by 2026.

Harley-Davidson will retain a 74% stake in the company, which is expected to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "LVW." ABIC's shareholders will own about 17%.

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SONDORS CEO Reveals Exact Dates For $6,500 MetaCycle

With the conclusion of the L.A. Auto Show this past Sunday, SONDORS has released the exact times that we can expect the MetaCycle to ship...along with a few other updates. To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit official website.

SONDORS's MetaCycle made a huge splash when it became available to the masses; after all, a $5,000 electric machine capable of an 80 mph (130 km/h) top speed and a range of up to 80 miles (130 km)...for that price, it just can't be had...yet, anyways.

The rush of pre-orders came thick and fast, leaving many twiddling their thumbs in long-winded anticipation of their newfound EV machine as shipments were delayed ‘more than once'. This past weekend, company founder and CEO Storm Sondors let loose to a spectator via the above Youtube video that pilot production was to start February 17 of 2023, with "the first 2,000 units...completed by April 6," articulates Electrek.

The first units will be shipped by end of February, so that's after Chinese New Year, so they're gonna be here (in the US) by late March," says Sondors.

"I tend to tell my team not to share too many details because - remember - the way we run SONDORS, we cater to early adopters first."

"I have a real passion for product and performance....if there's ever delays, it's not because we have a hot's because I woke up in the middle of the night and I decided that ..."I want to change that". Changes made to the MetaCycle include DOT-approved taillights, as well as a thicker, plush seat and a set of footpegs that come a wee bit further out from the body of the machine.

"The first units off the line will already be shipping out of Asia by the end of February, and shipments will continue to flow on a regular basis as the 2,000 motorcycles are produced over the nearly two-month period," continues Electrek.On top of the delays, the initial bang-for-buck price that was $5,000 USD has now purportedly risen by a further 30%, with Sondors explaining the second round of orders priced at $6,500 USD being due to the company's policy of "early adopters first" - a policy that caters to those who invest earliest in the company's project.

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White Motorcycle Concepts WMC300FR

When we last covered what White Motorcyle Concepts (WMC) was up to, they'd just finished putting a hole in the WMC250EV - a bike intended to eventually break the Electric Land Speed Record. To get more news about DC100, you can visit official website.

Now, there's movement coming from the other end of their website - and it's a project that's revealed a bike reminiscent (at least aesthetically) of Yamaha's Tricity scooter line.

"Developed in conjunction with Northamptonshire Police and with help from Chief Constable Nick Adderley, the force's Motorcycle Lead, the WMC300FR intends to offer a 50% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional designs with similar performance," states the report from MCN.

The article goes on to prove that WMC did indeed take from Yamaha's Tricity 300 for this project, including the 292cc single-cylinder engine and bodywork. The fuel tank has also been moved up above the duct, "where it's joined by a pair of 56V, 12Ah batteries that power a 5kW (6.7hp) electric motor that works alongside the Tricity's 28hp single to turn the bike into a hybrid."

Since it's got an electric motor, the hybrid saves fuel at low speeds, and benefits also from White's patented Venturi Duct, showcasing ‘V-Air' technology, which "channels air from between the front wheels, through the centre of the bike and out through the tail."

Best part, Yamaha's Tricity 300 comes with a perk passed to this machine - anybody can ride it, as long as they have a car license. Let us know what you think, comment below - we love hearing from you. In the meantime, check out other motorcycle concepts we've got banked in our archives, and as always - stay safe on the twisties.

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