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We firmly believed the only source of knowledge is experience and with the empirical consciousness we commenced operations of  Executive search firms in Bangalore Secretary Services, we were unsure whether the business community would be willing to pay our consultation and service charges But two years down the line our constant focus on Customer experience and persistence of our core team has proved us wrong (and we are happy about it  ! !

We crossed 500 happy clients recently and to our surprise even have Start ups from Hyderabad, Chennai,Mumbai Pune and Delhi are in our list of clients

Come and get acquainted with  the best hiring experience with Bangalore Secretary Services and get started immediately with your hiring efforts.

It is only with great people that you may build, grow and scale your placement Consultancy and we are not talking about ourselves  ( Bangalore Secretary Services ) here ! !

Let us set an appointment to discuss how you can benefit from our expert team at Bangalore Secretary Services.

Our research shows that 86% of hiring delays are caused by Candidates not turning up for face-to-face interviews.

If this problem is addressed, then the average conversion time can be reduced to 15 days flat for standard hiring and we are firm and accurate with our efforts. However, we listen and alter our plans in case we don't live up to our promise ! !

Since the last 2 years, we observed that it just takes a phone call and a well articulated website to explain a product and do the deal. Gone are the days of setting up meetings and doing PowerPoint presentations.

Today having a field sales person doing deals by meeting prospects is costing thrice as much as it did a few years ago. The result is transfer of this additional cost to the Customers !, a great company, has over 900 field sales people! and  Naukri has increased its price by five times in the last few years and is by far the most expensive job board in India ! !

Bangalore Secretary Services has been lucky to do all it's sales on the phone and achieve a portfolio of over 300 happy customers in less than 2 years. The result is the benefit of cost saved getting directly transferred to our Customers.

So come and talk to us and understand how we can help you in quick hiring of great talent at an affordable price. Repetitive doing a task  over and over and with the years any recruiters will find recruiting to be frustrating  in keep on doing the same work repeatedly and the process of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results will result in the recruiter opting over to the staffing model of recruiting or climbing the ladder ( Promotions ) in a  Placement company as a senior head hunting professional or in related fields in a placement company.


In this apace and brisk world ephemeral and momentary tasks offer quick and peerless,unparalleled results in the effort of an recruiter and In an ever-changing marketplace adding staffing / head hunting / back ground verification / Pay roll Management as an additional service option in a placement concern makes more sense than ever.

A company with a potential vacancy will certainly see the cost behind in hiring the same in assistance of a placement concern and  If they to go forward in recruiting a  specific position  immediately contracting with a staffing firm is a fantastic stepping-stone to a full placement. Your universe of potential clients gets much bigger when you add a contract employee option as a menu in your list of services.

Benefits of adding staffing as an additional services in a placement concern.

1. Cash flow in a placement concern  is steady and constant in a temporary staffing business.

2. Temporary  employees allow clients to experience the quality and standard of candidates your concern can provide

and this will certainly lead to more business or a satisfied client will give more business so referrals.

3. Now times are changing and many companies end up hiring the temporary candidate as a permanent full-time employee.

Temporary staffing options provide the same fee only employers have the benefit of paying for the candidate over years together adding staffing / head hunting / back ground verification / Pay roll Management as an additional service option in a placement concern expands your ability and power to make more business. It also serves to take some pressure off full fee placements where there is a longer (two to nine months) sales cycle.

Headhunters in Bangalore Secretary Services can adapt to changing times readily because the basic principles of Headhunting / recruiting remain the same but when they switch industries the industry rules changes but Headhunting strategies and methods continue to work the same in Bangalore Secretary Services. If a recruiter /Headhunters in Bangalore Secretary Services get tired of one industry they can experiment with several others at low cost and there biggest expense is time invested to investigate the pros and cons of the new industry segment. and  adding staffing / head hunting / back ground verification / Pay roll Management as an additional service to your list of services will help you stay active in your current industry of choice and a little effort in modification

procedures is a small price to pay for less stress and a more even cash flow in any placement concern.

The Fascination in head hunting in India is the countless ways successful firms can utilize our services and possess the ability to be nimble and adjust to changing circumstances makes head hunting in India viable in good and bad economic times.

Explore adding a staffing / head hunting / back ground verification / Pay roll Management as an additional service to your list of services your recruiting business and combination of staffing / head hunting / back ground verification / Pay roll Management offer unique business advantages and convenience. Amalgamating tall  may provide the magical combination to any placement concern and  a simple alteration can double or triple your earnings next year !

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SEO services in Bangalore

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In Jan 1984 Apple shipped crappy product. It had only 128 K of RAM, no hard disk, no modem, no slots, no color display, no letter quality printer, no documentation, no installed customer base and no development tools.

Apple could have waited until Macintosh was 'perfect'. However, waiting would have added a year of delay and probably would have killed Macintosh because the team was already burned out, the software developers who were creating applications would have lost confidence that Macintosh would ever ship and who knew how the computer market would have changes in a year's time.

But you've got to ship that imperfect product  - not because you want to  (or think you can) get away with it, but because it is the right thing to do.

Revolutionary products don't fail because they are shipped too early. They fail because they aren't revised fast enough.

This holds true for hiring as well. Build your processes and culture so strong that either even the worst hire becomes useful quickly or the worst hire leave on his own. Of course the message here is not that you should hire just anybody, the message is don't wait for the perfect fit. At Bangalore Secretary Service we have seen so many start-ups loosing a lot of time trying to get the rock-star they hope for that they end delaying their milestones indefinitely, which poses a greater risk to their survival.

I sincerely wish this was true! Currently it is just a dream !!! Sorry to disappoint you guys...

But honestly, it is beyond anybody's sane thinking about how on earth most people these days just don't land up for interviews; after confirming at least twice? It is getting beyond reasoning and plain human tolerance!

Why don't these candidates, who almost beg for jobs when they need one, apply randomly to any apply button they get their hands on (almost as if, if they don't get a call for job interview, they and their entire family will go food-less for the next 24 months)!

How shameless can these people get when they happily say yes when asked about their interest and how smoothly they confirm their presence for the interview, only to be disappointed yet again when they suddenly decide to meet their beaus instead or attend to ailing (till now hail & hearty) grandmother? Little do these candidates care about the state of humiliation, ridicule and pain the recruiters go through in front of their Hiring Managers, who by the way in spite of knowing the situation, come down like a pile of rocks on these (us) recruiters.

I think, all the companies in India (it happens only in India), need to lobby with our Legal System to make No-show to interviews (without a reason) to be punishable under a certain IPC code (421; a notch higher than 420 (for fraud))!

From our study (without any prejudice to the matter), highest No-Shows have been seen in the regions of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida followed by Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. Candidates from Mumbai and Bangalore seem to have basic courtesy to call much in advance and notify of their non-availability (last minute nonetheless)!

I hope as our population demographic becomes more and more younger in the next few years, it will suddenly become an Employers market and maybe then, black-listing candidates who do not show-up for interviews  will become practical.

Till then lets keep getting punished for somebody else' crime! :)

These are purely our views.

From our experience, these are really the reasons of not turning up for interviews, causing such a productivity waste of the Employers!

1. "Not in the Mood" - Don't want to dress-up and travel. We would give over 70% score to this reason.

Potential Solution: Offer pick-up and drop-off cab service. It may cost you Rs.800 average, but it is worth it. Beware however, your accounting dept. needs to be convinced of the ROI. Unfortunately they are only mandated to save expenses.

2. "Not Really looking for a Job Change" - Wants to explore if by chance there is a 100 or 200% compensation increase possibility

Potential Solution: Spend a lot of time asking why the candidate wants to change the current job. Probe a lot around it. Many candidates break-down here and unintentionally reveal their true motive.

3. "Cannot say "No" - General upbringing and systemic problem

Potential Solution: None found yet!

Came across this great article by a UX Designer on how to hire Designers for your Start up. It was awesome and fully resonated with Bangalore Secretary Services  Thoughts and thinking.

There are two key scenarios when a start-up Founder makes this huge hiring mistake and trust me we know it because we only do start up hiring:

The Founder gives us a salary budget, which is typically half of what the market is demanding (thinking the 'right' candidate will join him for love of the experience and dream of becoming an overnight Instagram or Whats App phenomenon)

The Founder expects to hire a multi-talented, multi-skilled, mulch-tasker just in case the start up had to 'pivot' its business model some day or save on additional headcount, should there be a need to survive

20% of the Founders end up not hiring from us; because they never find the perfect one for the budget they have in mind, about 50% do end up hiring because of paucity of time and return back to us after about 2 months stating that it didn't work out. The 30% that remain is what makes us writes such articles and run our  business Bangalore Secretary Services successfully.

Here's what they do:

Whats your Budget Founder? we ask..


First we would like to explain to you what we intend to achieve from a business stand-point. We will then tell you what skills are generally needed to achieve the vision we have in mind. Then I will let you guys recommend the right candidates. Let us thus do a true salary discovery in the process. Because we certainly want to ensure that person joining us is happy about the work we would give and happy for the money he/she will get that compensates fairly for the impact he/she would bring.

What skills, what experience? we ask.


Honestly, we are looking for intrinsic skills, skills that are inherent in the form of aptitude and keen interest. For example, if we were to hire a PhP programmer, we would prefer someone who would have participated or would have wanted to participate in a hack-a-thon rather than having years of core PHP experience. Someone who may not have done what we want, but knows of open source libraries of PhP that can be readily used in the code, not because they are free, but because they are optimized piece of code written by geniuses. You get my drift?

So to conclude, don't settle for less and certainly don't let salary budget or experience stall you from hiring the right candidate!

And don't ever forget 'Hire Nice or Hire Twice'

To know how we can become your long-term Hiring Partner, please feel free to Call us at +917795547089   or Mail us at   for a detailed discussion.

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SEO services in Bangalore

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Bangalore Secretarial Services launched its operations in 2010 with a focus on C-level executives and aspiring C-level managers and within a short span of time today Bangalore Secretarial Services is a leading player in Executive search consultants in India.

Bangalore Secretarial Services offers a very broad range of high-quality search and HR consulting services in India and around the world.

Bangalore Secretarial Services uniquely delivers the best in connecting outstanding individuals aspiring for growth and are willing to face new challenges and do take up negotiation terms on behalf of the client and in the process of connecting the best talents we have gained enough knowledge and experience in the field of International executive search.

“The dynamism of the Power combined together of a core focused high-spirited,aggressive and enthusiastic team at Bangalore Secretarial Services with an bulls-eye view of the envisioned target  is success Mantra in Bangalore Secretarial Services and the vitality of the Power combined together of focused high-spirited individuals showcases the buoyancy and ebullience in our set goals and is the success Mantra in Bangalore Secretarial Services"

How we succeeded in our way to becoming the leader in head hunting services in India

1. Decide to succeed

We decided to succeed and success comes to people who dream and live and work on the dream with selected Individuals who do have the same envisioned bulls-eye view of the targeted vision and with a flawless unlimited compassion towards each others growth.

2. Boldness

Success may not be attained so easy and the way to success  is not an easy path and there are pitfalls and Hardships on the way and sustainability of an individual ability to overcome all hurdles on the way is sure way to reach the envisioned target and  hurdles on the way can never be an end as there is always light at the end of every tunnel.

3. Plan and execute your Day

Tomorrow is in your hands and the very next minutes is in your ability to get the best utility out of the effort you may be able to put in and get the best results and with a  positive attitude and a constant thirst in giving your best effort and eventually any person will overcome his or her immediate problems and find themselves to be ready for greater challenges.

A supervising authority at the best can guide a person to perfectionist but it is a personal interest in achieving goals ascertained to any individual which may be an ultimate success to any person.

4. The Push-Pull theory or the Banyan tree Formula

One of the theory we apply in our concern Bangalore Secretarial Services is pulling and push and in simple words our supervising authority always strive in pushing or pull their subordinates or colleagues towards greater heights and set goals and so the called politics / friction or competitiveness is ghostly factor in Bangalore Secretarial Services and we understand better by letting our team grow we grow together and we thus we end recruiting new employees again and again  and replacing the existing gems in Bangalore Secretarial Services and we grow and we

grow together like a Strong Banyan tree with roots firm in the ground.

5. Complain up and motivate down

The team In charge of operations  get ideas from all in the team in Bangalore Secretarial Services as we listen to enough criticism or talk inside the lowest ranks in the team so we end up fulfilling all negative factors that may mushroom within the organization and Nothing can surpass the effects of a bad idea / ideology within the team.

The team In charge of operations give enough freedom for expression of thoughts and ideas in Improving the quality of services being offered and thus make a full stop to the frustration or negative energy trying the penetrate the concern.

The team In charge of operations is totally responsible for any major changes or decision making and do let the employee down in any mishaps on any matter of concern regarding any major decision-making policy which may affect the revenues or the company.

6. Growth is always organizational

We grow with the people in Bangalore Secretarial Services and the team grows with the company and are aware the companies growth depends upon the profits the firm makes and the team ensures the profitability and realize hard work is essential in the process and the team firmly believe the price of success is hard work, dedication to the task at hand, and the determination to close the given task to the satisfaction of the client and the company and have applied the best of themselves to the task in hand and It is thus important that each individual must work for in the best interest of the company.

7. Hard work and hardcore fun

The road to success in Bangalore Secretary Services not easy to navigate, but with hard work and a passion in Executive search consultancy it was possible to achieve our goal.

To be the Best Head Hunting Firms in India we had to  think to see the big and It's not about winning and losing on any clients given task  but it's about every day hard work and about thriving on a challenge. It's all about the pain that we team at Bangalore Secretary Services experience at the end of the day and not being afraid of the task ahead.

We give enough place to our family and our self at the end of the day and ensure our family life never gets compromised in spite of our hard work.

8. Execution of a work order

 The core team at Bangalore Secretary Services do understand the Job better and execute the work order as per Priority and are work conscious people and are aware of the clients deadlines and briefings and execution of a work order are channelized in a proper flow of authority and it is always the single point of contact who is responsible for any escalation in the work order or the client relationship.

9. Knowing the company.

Knowing your company Bangalore Secretary Services is important for any employee and climbing the ladder in the concern is crucial and an organic growth to all who had contributed  to the success of the concern is imperative and mandatory.

10. Competitor analysis

Knowing the Competitor and gaining an advantage over the Competitors clients is vital to any team member in Bangalore Secretary Services and in short we pride with our list of clients and our achievements in connecting the best of talents available in the Market to our clients and happy clients always refer us more business. 

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Congratulations! You are an entrepreneur and the founder of your young start-up. It’s no small deal. So, as yet another weekend dawns, we at Bangalore Secretary Service would like to help you stay motivated for the approaching week.

When successful start-up owners talk, we listen. They come with the experience of a start-up and the wisdom of an enterprise. We at Bangalore Secretary Service personally love what Guy Kawasaki says. Here are some more from one start-up founder to another.

· “If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large.” -Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO

·“Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.” -Jeffrey Zeldman, A List Apart Publisher

·“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” -Thomas Edison, General Electric Co-founder

· “The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement. The antidote is, every evening think what can be done better tomorrow.” -Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA founder

· “It’s not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas.” -Edwin Land, Polaroid co-founder Edwin Land, Polaroid co-founder.

The bottom line is, when an entrepreneur is crystal clear about the most important priorities of the organization and team he is willing to work with and prioritized his work around those top priorities, not only are he may commit a mistake in hiring the wrong candidate but also time involved in analyzing a person is wasted in the process.

So to conclude, don't settle for less and certainly, don't let salary budget or experience stall you from hiring the right candidate !

And don't ever forget 'Hire Nice or Hire Twice'

To know how we can become your long-term Hiring Partner, please feel free to Call us at +917795547089   or Mail us at   for a detailed discussion.

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Once you have adjudicated or desired to hire a Consultancy for your business and its time to choose the best consultancy to move ahead.Handicaps or stumbling blocks in hiring a consultancy are listed below and so are the highlights and advantages in hiring a consultancy for your business.

The ascendancy or Advantages in hiring a consultancy or a blessing in disguise in partnering with a consultancy for your business.and have a brief talk with at least a few consultants before short listing the consultancy that may be suitable to funnel your business growth and it is vital to choose the best option as it is critical factor which may skeptically / adversely affect the growth in your business.

The more of consultants you may meet in the process of shortlisting the one who may be going to partner with your business in the long run and more of consultants you are meeting in the process will help in focusing on the issues on hand to be resolved.

1.Most consultants focus on cutting costs and raising revenues and most of the consultants in India are expertized.

and focused on fundraising or crisis management.

2.Cost cutting in a company will be addressed and resolved by the common way of minimizing the labor costs and

maximizing the productivity in an employee.

3.Your Business need's a consultant who may understand the value of timings and since the time he is hired he is being paid for his services and mostly any consultant have the habit of prolonging the relationship with any business in the view of maximizing his or his consultancies revenues.and have a clear understanding the area of expertise a consultant needs to focus on and that may be


Head hunting.

Executive Search.

Cost Management.


Cost analysis.

Management related matters of concerns.

Critical Improvements in the software or Production related matters.

Marketing or Improving strategical or critical markets.

Placement Consultancy.

Subject matter expertise.

Market research.

And so on.And once you decided to hire a consultant to Improve your business time will be a crucial factor and a consultant is a temporary paid employee who had been hired for a specific task and only for a time frame.

The best possible method of streamlining the tasks of a consultant is to have a memorandum of understanding of the specific tasks and the time and task specified being mentioned in clarity between both the parties involved.The more specific matter in the memorandum of understanding to be mentioned is the confidentiality matters of concerns and a consultancy can gather enough information about your company in the small time frame he is associated with your business.

There may be the rarest incident of matters of confidence being leaked out to your competitors on the completion of a consultancy tasks and that may affect the business in the long run.

All confederacy and alliance of the consultancy with your employees should be a matter of concern to any businessman who may be associating his self with a consultant and a code of conduct with the employee had to be inscribed beforehand and most of the consultants work in small markets and confidential matters regarding your company can be passed on to your competitors and a consultant will think twice if he had signed a confidentiality


The two types in a consultant are the One man show and the team or consultancy firm and usually, the solo Consultants may be a Subject matter expertise and can be working with various other business for a living and a consultancy firm is a team effort of expert individuals.

Request for past records of a consultant and-and references of the past clients' list and do not be carried away by the big names list a consultant may give and just because he had worked for big names like Wipro or Reliance it does not mean the consultant will know Mr.Azim Premji or Mr.Mukesh Ambani Personally.

Apprehend the thought and let the consultant understand working for small and concerns like yourself and do not work with a consultant who cannot fathom the idea that the universe does revolve around Wipro and Reliance only or for that matter Google.

Understanding the client list of a consultant and the time he may spare for your business is vital in the partnership of any concern with a consultancy and the level of expertise and team strength is to be gauged in a consultancy and the time the consultancy firm can or may be able to spare for your consultation and the quickness in responding to your quires will be crucial questions that are to be asked before signing an agreement with a consulting firm and a bit of caveat from experienced business man who have hired overly invasive consultants do not hire a consultant who has just yourself as a client.

If the work of a consultant is technology based and have a clear understand to be taught to yourself and your team try and be self-sufficient with the little time you may have in your association with the client.

By engaging your staff in the training process you are self-sufficing in your concern and curtailing expenses incurred with your associations with a consultancy in the future.

Other matters of concern in clarity before signing a contract with a consultancy are

Expenses injured in the process of consultation.

Detailed report on regular intervals to be submitted to the authority of supervision.

Propriety authority in all levels of consultation to the business who had hired the consultant.

Bangalore Secretary Services are in the business of consultancy in Bangaloreprioritizing their level of expertise in head hunting,Placement consultancy in Bangalore and Senior level executive search in Bangalore.

Refer us at

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Maggi, Haldiram's...what's next ?

I am a big fan of Maggi noodles. There was a time when I survived only on Maggi; morning, day and night. I have hosted Maggi parties for my friends. And I am not kidding! The 2-minute spicy noodles can give even gourmet food a run for its money. Haha, I only hope my kids do not read this, or else I would have some serious implications returning back to my parenting authority.

And Haldiram's, well who can NOT like and savor the taste of spicy Bikaneri Bhujiya and Aloo Bhujiya?  No cricket match or Sunday night movie is complete without munching on either of these two. I can go through an entire pack if not timely intervened by my better half.

Haldirams Banned

Maggi  Banned

Alas, but all good things come to an end. Or things may leave your side half way or when you need the most. But there are some things or some people who stand by you always. Bangalore Secretary Services is one of them. Bank on us anytime. We are here to provide you with the best-skilled force in the industry.

Bangalore Secretary Services are in the business of consultancy in Bangalore prioritizing their level of expertise in head hunting, Placement consultancy in Bangalore and Senior level executive search in Bangalore.

Refer us at

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Placement Consultancy

Trying to reach the employer or a company of your choice and your dream of seeking to get a high paid job is a venture and for doing it the right way it may need all your endurance without a fatigue in your efforts. The job seeker or candidate needs to be in a state of tranquility so he can get on to the tight track of his dream job.

There are many Placement Consultancy that may advocacy the job seeker in finding the right job. The correct road to reach your goal is approaching any of the best Placement Consultancy as many top ranking companies totally rely upon this Placement Consultancy for their recruitment. And many Placement Consultancy provides necessary training before they send their candidates for interview. This will certainly assist you in staying ahead of the others They also assist in professional resume writing. Professionally written resumes will give a lead ahead of others and more of your key skills will be well highlighted.

You can reach for your dream career with the right Placement Consultancy and a good command of English is mandatory. All leading multinational companies give great importance to communication and English language skills is an essential part of their selection process and you will stand a better chance to excel in the face to face interview if you are updated with the latest happenings and may be able to use names of references for yourself from your previous employer or known personalities in relevant fields and an insight info on the latest technologies in your area of expertise that was introduced in the market is essential. And ensure all your certificates and relevant documents are attested and properly filed and kept handy. And clear and professionally written resume is a must and passport in possession is always handy and if you are a new and just out of graduation, the best possible tactic is to target small companies that may have a good track record and if lady luck smiles your way a good new company can be always the best choice but does check the background of the entrepreneur,rather than big companies. As most of the experienced candidates shift their career to reputed companies, A job in the smaller companies is an easy way to get a job faster and use this first job to progress in your career.

Lastly, marketing yourself and making an employer seek you and to know that you are available for an opportunity is the hardest lesson of all. The first job in your career will boost your profile in the long run and Don't leave a chance to let an employer understand that you are a flexible and target oriented person.

Bangalore Secretary Services is founded by Mr.Murali Reddy and is a recruitment consultancy based in the Bangalore we are a multi-disciplined agency in Virtual Office, Virtual Secretary Services Head Hunting

Refer us at

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We head hunters in Bangalore Secretary Services Inspect lots into candidates LinkedIn or Naukri profiles on whether the candidate is a contingency for work or just open to new Challenges while taking  some time processing the profile and will connect only if the Profile is complete and clear.

Resume Rules Apply

Working Professionals treat LinkedIn as an online resume more than a Facebook Profile and it is just fortuitous that these same people have loathsome LinkedIn profiles. On an assumption if your profile page in LinkedIn is fragmentary, inadequate or have insufficient work experiences and a complete curtailment of job descriptions and abridgment of  details in  a profile  or even absence of a picture and If they fail to present themselves in a well-presented codification manner and LinkedIn is the only hippodrome or a coliseum every modern employer is almost warranted to check and well that could mean unscholarliness or amateurish for any Incomplete profile on a site like LinkedIn.

If a Position is been searched by the recruiter or a headhunter the recruiter clearly sees the following in your resume.





Portray and characterize yourself in LinkedIn as specifically and as accurately as possible

Think of your LinkedIn profile not as just an online resume like in Portals like Naukri and Monter India but as an announcement ,endorsement or a propaganda about yourself.

There are lots of differences in applying tags in your LinkedIn profile and for example, SEO specialist is different from on a social media Marketing guy or an HR Recruiter is different from an IT Specialist Recruiter.

Request Recommendations

A recommendation is a good way to establish that everything on your profile isn't a complete concoction,figment fiction or hogwash If you work directly with vendors then you may take it upon themselves to recommend the work you've done but in any other situation you may have to request your senior colleagues or former boss to write a recommendation on your wall to prove the genuineness and sometimes it can be a weird question to ask a boss.

If for what so ever reason you are not on LinkedIn  or fail to update the necessary Information or feel LinkedIn can be sourced by any person or can Invade your Privacy and  other alternative ways to keep in touch with the Headhunters or Recruiters is  Mail and Phone contacts.

Remember points to be noted on Mails sent to a recruiter or a head hunting concern.

Never send Mass Mails to all ( BCC Marked Mails )

Address the recruiter by Name.

Subject matter to be clear on the expectations

For Example

27+ years experience in Manufacturing, Service Industries & Project Management  in  Auto Mobile Sector.

An application for the post of export/logistic/office Management

Monster - Front Office Receptionist (Refcode: 26102013)

A covering letter to the Recruiter or the headhunter stating clearly the below points.

Current CTC

Expected CTC

Notice Period

Willingness to Relocate

Position Applying for.

For most of the Profiles we see in LinkedIn we see Just a routine Profile or Resume attached version of Naukri and Monster India type Profiles and If any Candidate is Social media Savvy and understand the Effect of LinkedIn in his career growth will ensure the above-listed methods are applied to his profile on LinkedIn and can surely be connected to the best in his line of activity.

If you're working Professional and need help staying connected to your industry, get in touch with us at

Consultancy in Bangalore

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SEO services in Bangalore

Head Hunters in India

Blossoming  or triumphant companies are built by outstanding or extraordinary people and the company needs the most accomplished ambitious and proficient or skilled determined individuals in order to grow. However apprehending  the ideal candidate can be challenging.

Long-established and conventional recruitment mechanism or technique may prove unproductive or inadequate and companies go to great lengths to retain their gifted and competent staff. More often  the skillfully talented people are not actively looking for a career move, so recruiters won't scrutinize or Process their Resumes when filling vacancies.

Over the years in past companies have settled for who they presupposed is "the right candidate or applicant", as they have only constrained reach of the known resources  and today knowledge has power It controls access to opportunity and advancement and by widening our search criteria We Headhunters in India will find phenomenal brilliant professionally accomplished people for your business, leaving you self-assured and sanguine and being convinced that you have reached the right recruitment compromise or resolution.

We Placement Consultants in Bangalore and based in Bangalore and with an in-depth knowledge of Head Hunting services in India  and we Executive Headhunters in India are ideally placed to help you locate and attract the best possible candidates to your business.

We as Executive Headhunters pursue and practice intensive methods in going the extra mile to find exactly the candidate to suit your business. Using referral contacts and numerous well practiced crafted techniques we Headhunters in India know precisely where to look for your desired person and existing clients with us know that we are the only the most convenient and straightforward head hunting firm in India and a user-friendly and time-effective way to fill a role.

We specialize in filling prominent,top-notch and authoritative positions which may require a wealth of professionalism and dedication. The gems we find a place in various companies are a burst of inspiration and a wealth of experience in assisting our clients in consummate or accomplishing their goals.

We are based in Bangalore and our knowledge of local business cannot be surpassed and we are accessible and professional but above all, we are successful in our endeavor in our mission to be best head hunters in India.

If you have an imperative and significant vacancy within your company Headhunters in India can fill this for you. Contact our team and we will ensure your company finds the right candidate and We keep achieving our goals that our clients sets for us and  Looking at our friends in the same line of activity we are a pride and envy to our friends in this same line of business and we do always have a positive energy channelized within our self  in setting goals wishing and working that our clients have the best in the market and  what makes our clients happy made us successful so far.

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Avidity,Eagerness, and Devotion is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

Employee adherence or allegiance begins with employer loyalty and your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency and  the employer will support them and our task as Headhunters is the only method to access these proficient or skilled determined high caliber individuals.

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In a recent discussion with our core team at Bangalore Secretarial Services on a question, why do start up Companies fails and reasons to analysis behind the same we were listed with a couple of related quires on how to make a start up succeed and what are the reasons they fail.

If we were to predict or spell the MANTRA of success and all start-ups would have been a roaring success. Honestly, we do not or do any body possess the knowledge of the Magic spell or wand in making the start ups a success.

People keep asking us thinking we have got some magic wand that can make them  start a roaring successful start- up Venture and I want to tell them that no one can do that.

Molding and guiding a start-up venture needs in-depth experience and knowledge in out sourcing people and people are the pillars of any organization and we have assisted quite a number of successful ventures in identifying the correct person in the right position.

The only way to predict success is to shape and plan you tomorrow and the tomorrow has the power to shape your future and never go backward and attempt in doing it with all your might in redoing the wrong and correcting the mistakes and determination is power will ensure a success.

Mastering and high lightening your employee's skills are strength and focusing on the best in an employee and sharpening their skills will ensure sure success in any organization which is self-less and believes in a steady and organic growth.

We realized we had to pen down the below do and do not  in a start-up business and us at Bangalore Secretarial Services understand  in clarity intelligence is not knowledge but imagination and to all of us here in Bangalore Secretarial Services  understand that we  knew nothing and the meaning of true knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance and we grow to learn every day our ignorance.

1. Proprietor ship Firms VS Group of like minded people joining hand to visualize an envisioned plan.

Being a single proprietor ship has its own advantages and disadvantages and a disputed argument can arise if we keep writing down on the pros and cons in a single owner and a group of like-minded people joining  together in developing a start-up company it can be an end less story.

2. Location Advantage and disadvantages.

In a nut shell, A hotel will survive and flourish only in a populated / Pilgrimage / Tourist  place.

Location advantage is a must for a hotel to do more business.A software company can have its own advantages with its location and more of talents are available only in key metro places like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. and being in the hot spot will sure attract more talents

A cement Manufacturing company will require more raw material and low overheads in transportation and its survival will solely depend on upon the location and location Advantage and disadvantages apply to all Industries.

4. Derivative Idea  or Innovative Ideas only will succeed Instead of copying the successful Ideas.

Innovation = Idea + Execution

Many of the recent start-ups come up with existing success full ideas similar to successful concepts.

Here are a Recent Innovative start-ups Ideas that got hit in the Market or Monopolist ideas that never be cloned.

Face Book


Just Dial

Narayana Health Bangalore

Oye Rooms

The Muthoot Instant Gold Loans

Google Search Engine


Google Maps

Google Glass

Google Driver less Car or Wired car

Whats App Mobile Applications

Apollo Pharmacy


And here again the biggest failures of the Giant Google in the Market

Google Knol ( Tried Cloning Wikipedia Success Formula )

Google Wave

Orkut  ( Tried Cloning Face Book Success )

Google Answers  ( Copied Yahoo Answers )

And the list may go on end less

Structuring your Business plan in the same line of activity of an existing successful player will only make the original player stronger in the market.

Take for example

Just Dial

Connecting people is their Business plan or connecting the consumer to the Business Man and they were able to achieve their vision with clear planned execution.

Just Dial's revenues come from the business partners they are in  partner ship and they are listed and related in almost every industry in the planet.

Here whoso ever tried to copy Just dial formula were just promoting the original player's business idea with their own funds and no one till date have surpassed or have been on par with Just dial.

The same applies to the below or Monopolist ideas that can never be cloned and all cloned attempts were Second in the line of their line of activity.

Face Book

Cloned attempts

( Orkut ,Instagram,)


Just Dial

Cloned attempts

( Sulekha, Just Call )

Narayana Health Bangalore

Oye Rooms

The Muthoot Instant Gold Loans

Google Search Engine

Cloned attempts

(Yahoo,Bing etc )


Cloned attempts

( HotMail , Yahoo Mail etc )

Google Maps

Google Glass

Google Driver less Car or Wired car

Whats App Mobile Applications

Apollo Pharmacy


Cloned attempts

( Monster India, Times Job )

5. Obstinacy or stubbornness with the original idea.

An Original Idea can be altered in the stages of execution and in other words being sentimental towards an original Idea is not advisable and many successful ideas had been altered in the coarse of execution and building a sentimental attachment towards an idea can be The discrepancy between sentiment and being sentimental of an Idea is Sentiment is when a driver deviates a little away from the route to avoid the dog on the road and when the same driver hits a Pedestrian in the pretext of deviating from the dog is sentimental.


To be More clear

On the coarse of any execution of a business plan be prepared to alter the original plan in accordance to the wind and in simple terms any person or an Innovator will face enough  blocks in the beginning and enough people to laugh at your self and the end will be a brilliant climax of years of grim struggle and anxiety and It would have been a long succession of little decisions altered and molded to perfection.

All successful Monopolist ideas trace success to a long waiting process  and sometimes intentional, sometimes accidental of speculative experimentation that superficial brings a winning approach.

A thorough study on the Execution history of almost any successful Monopolist ideas you find a starting point that bears little resemblance to the finishing point and with interesting twists and turns in the coarse of execution and It takes lots of patience,diligence, and discipline to document a successful Monopolist business idea.

6. Hire Nice or Hire twice

How to Hire a gem of a Great Employee (Not Great Applicants)

A.Hire Awesome Personalities

Hire gems who possess not only stunning ,impressive and magnificent talents but glittering and sparkling Personalities to be around as well! ! !

B.Positive People are a valuable treasure to any company

When an employer shows deep and true empathy toward employee and their inherited defensive energy melts away, and positive energy substitutes it. That's when you can get more creative and productivity from an employee.

Positive minded employees positive energy connects himself  back to basic human values which  all in the company share and no matter the size of the gesture, a smile that brightens someone else's day can do an active part in making a difference.

Positive People are a valuable treasure to any company

Be a Good pay Master

Be a leader

Avoid Stagnation and nurture growth

Wrong Hire

Slowness in Launching and Launching Too Early

Raising Too Little Money or Raising more Money than the need.

Poor Cash Management

The above are valuable  points to be discussed in clarity before starting any start-up business venture.

Bangalore Placement Services is a mufti disciplined agency in Virtual Office, Virtual Secretary Services Head Hunting, Business support services, Search Engine optimization and placement Services and refer us at

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