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Traditional Chinese culture enjoys phenomenal success thanks to modern integration

Preservation and development of traditional Chinese culture has helped Guochao become increasingly popular, according to deputies to National People's Congress (NPC) and cultural experts.To get more china art news, you can visit shine news official website.

Over the past few years, especially after the latest Spring Festival Gala and the opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, China has seen a surge in interest in its domestic brands and products that incorporate Chinese traditional style and culture, a trend known as Guochao.

Programs designed by Xu Na, executive designer of Henan Television, and her team are based on the combination of traditional culture and modern audiovisual technologies. Instead of being the "carriers" of traditional culture, she and her team serve as "processors" to present fabulous shows including Banquet at Tang Palace and Dunhuang Apsaras in Dunhuang.
Talent plays a key role in protecting, inheriting and spreading traditional Chinese culture," said Yang Jun, a deputy to NPC.

Opera is a live art, which requires performers to produce excellent works to attract the audience, Yang said, adding that many professionals are leaving this industry, however.

She suggests encouraging traditional culture workers to make unremitting efforts to inherit, develop, and innovate Chinese historical and cultural heritage.

In addition, more investment in program creation for troupes is needed, suggested Wang Binmei, another deputy to NPC who has made great contributions to preserve endangered opera genres.

With new challenges, suggestions about the preservation and development of traditional Chinese culture have been raised and discussed during the current Two Sessions.
This talk offers a comparative close reading of Disney's animated film Mulan (1998) and its 2020 eponymous live-action remake. Departing from the common perception that the live-action Mulan is simply an “Orientalist distortion” of the Chinese legend, the talk closely examines where the remake breaks free from and where it still embraces the animation’s cultural appropriation of China. In doing so, the talk demonstrates how the remake makes a commendable yet compromised feminist intervention into both the millennium-long legend and Disney’s cultural imagination.
Jesse Appell is an intercultural comedian whosebilingual Chinese/English comedy focuses on usinghumor to bridge cultures. He started doing Chinesecomedy as a Fulbright Scholar in 2012 byapprenticing to Master comedian Ding Guangquanto learn traditional Xiangsheng “Crosstalk” comedy.He is now a leading comedian in the Chinese standup comedy scene, appearing on major Chineseshows such as the Chinese version of Last ComicStanding (欢乐喜剧⼈), as well as Rock and Roast(吐槽⼤会) and Post-80s Talk Show (80后脱⼝秀). Jesse’s performances, writing, and commentaryon Chinese comedy, media, and culture have wonnumerous awards, and he has been profiled on CBSNews, PBS Newshour, BBC World News, and NPR’sHere and Now, as well as Chinese media such asShanghai TV, Beijing TV, CGTN, and CRI. He waslisted as one of the “People of the Year” in 2012and 2019 by the Global Times.

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Shanghai Travel Guide

Shanghai, home to almost 12-million people, is China's largest city and is situated in the centre of the coastline where the Yangtze River flows through its delta into the East China Sea. The name of the city means 'on the sea', and most of the city (including Chongming Island) is only a few metres above sea level, criss-crossed by a maze of natural waterways of the Taihu drainage basin.To get more news about Shanghai travel advice, you can visit shine news official website.

Shanghai is China's industrial and commercial capital. It is a busy seaport, and a science and technology centre, and has a vibrant business community. Visitors come to Shanghai not for its scenic beauty or history (the city is too young to have cultivated a classical heritage), but those who arrive on business can find plenty of off-duty entertainment and relaxation. Just walking the busy streets and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere is worthwhile, and there are some temples and gardens to visit along with an excellent museum.

This great cosmopolitan metropolis has a colourful colonial background which had the edge rubbed off of it during half a century of Communist rule. It was the first Chinese coastal port to be opened to Western trade in 1843, resulting in an influx of British, French and American diplomats and business interests, each of which established their own independent enclaves. In the 1920s and 30s Shanghai was regarded as a glamorous, decadent and fashionable place to visit. It all ended with World War II and the coming to power of the Communist party, but since the early 1990s a dramatic re-building programme has been underway which is aimed at putting Shanghai back on the map as a major international finance and trade centre. The World Financial Centre, completed in 2008, is one of the tallest buildings of them all and the world's tallest hotel.

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