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The Evolving Electronic Lock

Hotel technology is often divided into three categories; technology for the guest, technology used internally, and technology that bolsters hotel relationships with the high tech world. Perhaps more than any other hotel industry supplier, electronic door lock manufacturers have demonstrated a commitment to each of these areas of product development. To get more news about best smart locks wifi, you can visit official website.

The evolution of the electronic door locking industry began with guest security, and expanded to increase operational efficiencies available to property management through access control and system integration. The industry now stands poised to enter the new millenium as a major technology provider, positioning hotels as key players in an era of increased electronic commerce.

Few inventions have had such widespread and practical appeal to the hospitality industry. Since the introduction of the recodable electronic door lock in the late 1970's, hotel security has been virtually transformed. The focus at the time of inception was increased guest security, but the benefit to the property was quickly realized. Hotel security experts, along with media pundits, the courts, and the insurance industry all agree - keycard locks, which can be easily changed so that every guest gets a new key, are the best way to boost security. In fact, there is speculation that by the end of this decade, hotels that do not feature electronic locking mechanisms in guestrooms will be unable to obtain insurance. Even the simplest of key card locks have been found to reduce break ins by up to 80%, reminding us that effective guestroom security is an essential part of the hospitality package.

Employee access control was one of the first system enhancements to increase the level of internal technology. In order for a property to be maintained efficiently, hotel personnel require their own means of entry to rooms in which they must perform daily routines or tasks. In the past, distribution of conventional keys to housekeepers, room service attendants, and maintenance personnel compromised guest belongings and increased the liability of the hotel. In some instances of theft, the victim was often the hotel (where even the negligent customer is king), and claims went unchallenged. The "burden of proof" is welcome by a hotel equipped with modern electronic locks, for the actual lock serves as a log, monitoring and recording up to 1,000 entries (about 100 days worth). Many reputations have been restored and many a thankful employee has been cleared of suspicion due to the success of these products. Employee key cards can be coded to allow access only to their assigned units of responsibility and only during the hours of their shift. Knowledge of these system capabilities may also serve as a deterrent to those less ethical.

At ILCO UNICAN, true on-line security systems are giving hotel operators even greater peace of mind. Tom Caudill, VP of Sales and Marketing Worldwide for Lodging Products, describes the additional safety features of a monitoring system providing the status of every lock in the hotel. Information conveyed by this system can be used to determine the occupancy of a room, which can be communicated with energy management systems. Doors left ajar transmit an alarm, and a courtesy call ensues. Master keys can be disengaged instantly from the main console, without having to delete the sequence from each lock, (a tedious task deplored by the Director of Security).
Smart card" is a generic term for a card the size and thickness of a credit or debit card embedded with a microprocessor chip. The chip itself has intelligence and computational power similar to that of early personal computers. These powerful processing capabilities make smart cards much more secure than other types of cards presently in use. They can handle encryption techniques that protect the information stored on the cards.

Think of a smart card as a very small personal computer belonging only to you. Because it's small enough to fit in your wallet, it's portable. And like a personal computer, it can be programmed to serve many different purposes and do many different things. Smart cards are currently being used to secure financial transactions, as stored value cards, for insurance identification, to store medical information and to personalize cellular phone communication from anywhere in the world. The beauty of the smart card is that it can offer all of these applications with considerable information storage capacity and security.

Phil Wilder, Director of Marketing for San Diego-based Computerized Security Systems, believes that the value added by smart card technology offers the hotel operator "a revolutionary new way of marketing and merchandising to the guest". In a world moving towards one-to-one marketing, smart cards hold the capability to customize and better serve individual needs. The smart card can carry information that is only yours, such as travel preferences and loyalty program account information. Programs and incentives are easily tailored to guests based on their own usage patterns of hotel services. Smart cards can also provide more privacy and security in accessing payments and information services, because the microprocessor chip that holds the information cannot be easily duplicated.

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Pros and Cons of Electronic or Mechanical Safe Locks

If you want to get the pros and cons of electronic safe lock over a mechanical safe lock, then you should ask any locksmith or someone who regularly uses safes. You will get various opinions and answers. Some people have practical and valid reasons why they prefer one safe lock over the other. At times, it’s because of familiarity with one safe lock and practicality is not put into so much thought. In this blog, I will consider in on the argument, if at all there is one.To get more news about wifi smart door lock, you can visit official website.

The above factors are some of the things to consider and that affect electronic or mechanical safe lock’s choice. Other considerations are time delays, attack resistance, dual-factor authentication, UL listings, among many others.

Normally, however, even when electronic locks fail, mechanical locks remain functional. In the same way, electronic safe locks are not well-engineered to endure lock installers or end-users. Broken power connections, spoiled keypads, and pinched data cables are very mutual. The failure of electronic locks is more today than the past shortcomings of mechanical safe locks. Though the electronic safe appears to be everywhere, they are not ready for the majority.

Generally, I recommend mechanical safe lock in most cases over the electronic safe lock. I find electronic locks not to have long-term reliability.

The mechanical lock holds up well under abuse by the end-user and does not depend much on environmental and external factors. It also does not depend on fixed batteries supply. It will work even many years after installation and operates quietly. The general security of the safe lock counterweights the problems associated with ease of access.

I install Amsec Electronic safe locks weekly and use them in place of electronic locks from other brands. These Amsec models are more comfortable to program and use, and robust compared to other similar models. They have a high demand from my customers as well as corporate management policies.

Electronic locks fit well in cases that do not require maximum operational interruption. Also, setting the combination requires just a few minutes. The safe lock has an inbuilt time delay options that are essential in theft or robbery defence, though under pressure this is not beneficial. Electronic safe locks are very useful with cash control.

In cases where many persons will require to access the safe regularly, electronic locks for controlled constituent security are excellent. I do not highly recommend them for personal locations unless the key supply is stored using a mechanism with a high-security key lock. In such a case, you can move the materials needed for a static period to electronic storage. Then you can resupply them through authorized personnel.

For short-term requirements that need to be accessed daily, electronic safe locks are the best. On the other hand, mechanical safe locks are great when it comes to long-term operation due to its reliability and capacity to function even when everything else fails.

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Over 12 million US Internet households own a smart door lock

Today Parks Associates released the whitepaper Simplifying the IoT Edge: Smart Spaces Best Practices, which addresses the demand, growth, and new business opportunities in IoT edge solutions in apartments and MDUs, retail and warehousing, and hospitality and building management. The research, developed in partnership with PassiveBolt, highlights the rise in demand for secured smart spaces, the growing ecosystem of competitors, and the need for manufacturers to develop partnerships with suppliers who can help them adapt quickly to new opportunities.To get more news about best smart locks wifi, you can visit official website.

The whitepaper reveals that smart door locks and associated whole-building access control systems have fueled the recent acceleration in smart apartment adoption—15% of multi-dwelling unit (MDU) owners/operators report having a secure access system in common areas that include IoT devices they can access and control remotely. A similar percentage have connected access solutions for individual units. One-third of MDU property managers report that their residents are demanding the ability to enable remote access to apartment units.

Whether established market leaders or start-ups, smart access control product and system manufacturers are under constant pressure to keep innovating. Product lifecycles for smart products – which demand software updates, new connectivity standards, sensor integration, and cybersecurity patches – are dramatically shorter than traditional, unconnected or locally networked solutions. Manufacturers must be more agile, respond faster to changing market conditions, and get new features to consumers faster than the organization may be able to move.

Smart access companies are constantly looking for incremental innovation, progress, and technology development that make products better year over year. Suppliers have an opportunity to better serve manufacturers by operating on a Tier-1 structure, which could provide a more systematic and cost-efficient approach for the development and release of the next generation of products.

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Only a few decades ago, the idea that you could unlock a door using no keys at all may have seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie, but now it’s becoming a part of our everyday lives. Advances in biometric scanning technology have brought tons of cool security products to the market, including locks that use your fingerprint for authentication. Since no two human beings have the exact same fingerprints, it’s one of the safest and most effective ways to ensure that you–and only you–can gain access to your home. Besides making you look and feel like a boss, fingerprint locks can also save you quite a bit of time and money; read on to find out how.To get more news about wifi smart door lock, you can visit official website.
1. Fingerprint locks are super-quick to use.
Using traditional keys can be a slow process, because first you have to find them, and then you have to locate the actual key to the door among the many different items on your key ring. And let’s not forget that if your hands are full, you’re going to have to perform a balancing act just to get the key in the lock. With a fingerprint lock, all you have to do is walk up to the door, place your finger on the scanning pad, and the door will unlock in a split second. From start to finish, you might spend about two seconds opening the door, making fingerprint locks a huge time-saver.

2. Fingerprint locks are safer than traditional locks.
As mentioned earlier, you’re the only one who has your specific fingerprints, which means that unless your finger is the one being placed on the keypad, no access will be granted. This is worlds apart from the lackluster security that traditional keys provide. Think about it: If your key gets stolen, the lock is not going to care that someone else is using that same key to get into your home; it’s going to open anyway, because the only thing required for entry is having the right key. With a fingerprint lock, you’re the only one who can ever have the “key” to your door, because nobody else has your fingerprints but you! This can prevent costly break-ins, saving you untold amounts of money and stress.

3. Fingerprint locks provide stricter access control for other people as well.
Let’s say that you’ve made a couple of copies of the house key for your loved ones, but one of those keys happens to get lost or stolen. This can create a security hole big enough to drive a truck through. With a fingerprint lock such as the Anviz Biometric L100-II, you can program the lock to scan and recognize the fingerprints of others whom you have authorized to have access, so that only the people who are supposed to enter the house will be able to do so. This can really come in handy for business scenarios as well, as it will provide a higher level of workplace security by tightening down on access control. This ultimately means less potential for shady characters to get a foot in the door, which will keep your valuables safe.

4. Fingerprint locks are cost-effective.
Traditional door locks can get stiff, loose or just plain raggedy over time due to regular wear and tear, costing you time and money in repairs. Investing in a fingerprint lock means far less maintenance over the long haul.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to owning fingerprint locks that can save you a significant amount of time and money. So what are you waiting for? Ditch those clunky keys and upgrade to a fingerprint lock!

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Are smart door locks secure enough?

Ever since we understood the value of keeping our possessions to ourselves, the importance of locks became vital in our lives. All of this started with the invention of the wooden pin lock in Mesopotamia some 6000 years ago. In fact, door locks have always been complex from a design perspective, which you would expect from a security device. These days, having technology tell you to let Siri take control of your door lock or having one that responds to your fingerprint can make you hesitant.To get more news about best smart locks wifi, you can visit official website.

It’s not that smart door locks aren’t secure, but they aren’t exactly flawless either. You don’t want to risk making your home vulnerable to attacks just because you have a smart door lock. However, statistics say that homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into. So, whether or not we should be using them in our everyday life is still debatable.
What is a smart door lock?
If we had to summarize smart door locks in a sentence, we’d say that they make your door more clever. They do a lot more than just serve as a simple deadbolt for your door. So, whether they’re attending to a delivery guy or automatically unlocking the door for a guest while you’re away, these locks help you tackle everyday issues in a more convenient way. However, not everything comes without a consequence.

Last year, over 200 AirBnB customers were impacted by a software update glitch on one of Lockstate’s smart door locks. While not being able to enter your home because of a door lock issue might sound trivial at first, a non-functioning lock leaves your home defenseless.
However, with services like Amazon Key coming into play, we can only hope to see more advancement in the home security field of door locks in the coming years. As MIT professor Stuart Madnick says,

Types of smart door locks
1. Smartphone Controllable — You can easily control these locks from your smartphone and give virtual keys to your guests for specific time slots.

2. Biometric — These locks respond to your fingerprint and are considered much more secure compared to others.

3. Key Fob (Proximity Lock) — To operate these locks, you need to carry the key fob in your pocket. Whenever you’re near the lock, it either opens automatically or you need to press the fob button for it to open.

4. Surveillance Systems — Other than serving as locks, these systems also come with a camera that records any activity surrounding the lock.
This system gives your smartphone the power to be a smart key for your door. There’s no more need for physical keys. Totally advanced for your modern world, the Smart Lock Pro comes with the August Connect Bridge.
This door lock comes with a deadbolt-style smart lock as well as a bridge. Connecting via Wi-Fi, you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Using the app for iOS and Android, Bolt is perfect for granting entry for friends and family, service people, and even Airbnb owners.

This lock seamlessly integrates into the rest of your smart home suite, which expands its functionality. The Touchscreen Deadbolt allows you to enter your home with a simple yet secure PIN.
This system takes its design seriously, so it looks as great as it functions. Remarkably small, the Otto Lock installs directly into your door. As you get closer with your smartphone, the Otto Lock recognizes your presence.
You can use your smartphone and a simple tap, a smart card, or even an access code to unlock your home. In addition, you get full security with the built-in camera. When someone approaches, the Latch M Series automatically takes a snap to record it.

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Best smart door locks for home

Home security is an essential part of every modern home. While regular door locks might be enough in some places, being able to remotely control and manage your home security gives you peace of mind. The best smart door locks combine the strength of regular door locks with biometric security and other solutions.To get more news about wifi smart door lock, you can visit official website.
The Lavna Locks smart door lock sports a minimalist and utilitarian design. It works well with wooden as well as metal doors. This smart door lock comes with features like fingerprint unlock, RFID card, PIN or passwords as well as the good old physical key. Apart from this, it also supports OTP-based login which can be useful when you have guests arriving. The Lavna Locks smart door lock is a great option that comes with many features and an elegant design.

The Tinxy smart door lock comes with several security features like voice unlock, door unlock status, secure access and more. It sports a compact design that takes up less space comparatively. It allows you to unlock your door from anywhere using an app that works with Android devices as well as iPhones. It also comes with support for theft alarm. The Tinxy smart door lock comes with many security features, making it a great option in its segment.
The OPEN Door Two smart door lock offers an understated brushed design that should go well with a wide range of door designs. It supports multiple unlocking methods, including password, smart card, mechanical key and fingerprint. It also supports one-time passwords, which come in handy when guests arrive at home and you’re away. The OPEN Door Two smart door lock is a feature-packed smart security solution in the affordable segment.
The amiciSmart smart door lock takes it a notch higher with its combination of sleek design and unique features. It offers five different ways of unlocking the door, including a mobile app, fingerprint, password, touchless smart cards and a mechanical key. Users can also use one-time passwords to make sure the security is not compromised. The amiciSmart smart door lock is a feature-packed product featuring several highly secure ways to unlock your door.
The Yale YDME 50 smart door lock is another option that is worth considering. It is made of zinc alloy and has a glossy silver finish. This deadbolt lock can be unlocked using a pin code, RFID cards and a mechanical key. It can register up to 30 RFID cards and 78 pin codes. The Yale YDME 50 smart door lock is a deadbolt lock made of solid metal that makes it a highly secure product.
The Godrej smart door lock comes in a sleek design and supports locking using four unique passwords with a length of 4 to 12 digits. In case you’re locked out and don’t remember the password, you can use a mechanical key to unlock the door. Apart from this, it also supports up to 100 fingerprints and RFID Smart Key for enhanced security. The Godrej smart door lock combines elegant design with security to offer a great overall security solution.
The OPEN 3 smart door lock is another option worth considering, thanks to its ample feature set and a simple design. This smart door lock supports 5-way unlocking, with options like fingerprint, OTP with time-bound access, passcode, NFC, and emergency key. It lets you register up to 100 fingerprints and 100 NFC card users. It works with wooden doors. The OPEN 3 smart door lock offers a clean and elegant design and a wide range of features, allowing you to securely lock your home or office.

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With the rapid development of the economy and technology, more and more people hope to have a more convenient and efficient lifestyle. And many people can afford and are willing to use various smart products. Among many smart products, a keyless smart lock is becoming more and more popular. The keyless smart lock has become an indispensable smart device for a smart lifestyle.To get more news about best smart door lock wifi, you can visit official website.
What is a smart lock?

The emergence of a keyless smart lock makes even small things like opening the door become a fast and convenient way. Keyless smart lock provides you with a smarter way of unlocking. You can connect the keyless smart lock with Alexa or Google Home to realize voice control of the smart door lock, providing more convenience for your busy life.
Is a smart lock worth it?

When it comes to a smart door lock, many people will question whether it is worth investing in. The answer is yes. Smart door lock provides a fast, convenient and intelligent way to unlock. You can achieve multiple door opening methods through the keyless smart lock. In addition, compared with ordinary locks, smart keyless door locks are undoubtedly safer. The smart door lock is your most worthwhile investment in smart products.

Where to find excellent keyless smart locks?

How can you find your best smart door lock? Smonet door lock will be your best choice. Smonet door locks are on a summer sale, which is a perfect time for you to own Smonet smart lock.
2.Remote Password Sharing

You can share up to 500 timed passcodes with your friends, guests, and housekeepers. When a friend visits, you don't have to keep your friend waiting outside the house for a long time. The wifi door lock realizes convenient password sharing. In addition, you can change your password at any time.

3.Automatic locking

If someone tries to enter the wrong password more than five times, Smonet smart lock will automatically lock. And with its built-in anti-intrusion technology, the wifi door lock will alarm the illegal intruder. Besides, you can set the keyless smart lock to be automatically locked from 5-900 seconds after you unlocked it on the App. So it is no need to worry even if you go out without locking your door.
4.Protect Privacy

This keyless smart lock can keep your personal information safe and private. It will store your fingerprint and IC card data locally rather than on the cloud. You are allowed to delete specific data or IC card information as you need.

5. Resistance to cold weather

Many users say that their smart locks purchased online are prone to problems in severely cold weather. If the area where I live often encounters severe weather, is it impossible to use the wifi door lock? Don't worry. Smonet door lock provides you with a solution. Smonet smart lock can work in the working temperature range of - 20 ~ 70 ℃ without any problems. Even if the weather in the place where you live is bad, it will not affect the regular operation of the smart keyless door lock.

We are committed to providing you with the best smart keyless door locks. Our products are on summer sale right now. You can get cost-effective products from us. And there is another good news. As long as you leave comments on the products you have purchased on our product page, we will provide you with more discounts. You are welcome to contact us for more details about smart keyless door locks.

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