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Their heads soaked in sweat, a class of little boys practises Lionel Messi-esque stepovers at a kindergarten tucked between residential tower blocks in Shanghai.Children football in Shanghai

They do not know it, but they are a tiny part of President Xi Jinping's aggressive drive to make China a footballing superpower by 2050.Xi's ruling Communist Party is ploughing money into grassroots football but it went a step further in March when it announced a pilot scheme of football-focused kindergartens.

At Kangcheng Kindergarten in Shanghai, 23 of the best boys aged six and seven play football twice a week in what is their final year before primary school.At some other kindergartens in Shanghai they play from as young as four.

Zhu Guanghu, president of the Shanghai Football Association, says that when it comes to coaching, it is a case of the earlier, the better.

"I personally think three-year-old children can play football as long as they can walk steadily and keep the ball at their feet," said Zhu, as a coach armed with a whistle goes through ball drills at Kangcheng Kindergarten."It's really important to lay the foundation for them at an early age."

There are nearly 200 kindergartens offering football in Shanghai, both boys and girls, he said, calling the sport "a particularly critical education".The boys, wearing matching yellow T-shirts, spend most of the time with a ball each.

Exercises focus on control and dribbling, and they are told to use both feet.Towards the end of the hour-long practice, they do one drill where they place the ball in front of them and, without touching it, alternate between left- and right-foot stepovers.

It is the sort of manoeuvre that Messi does at pace to tie opposing defenders in knots.Rather than the Camp Nou and a fanatical Barcelona crowd of 100,000, the boys of Kangcheng Kindergarten are in the playground and have statues of cartoon rabbits watching.

Wang Zhilin's father does not play football, but he has hopes for his seven-year-old son."He wants me to be play for (Shanghai) SIPG," said Wang, referring to the Chinese Super League champions.

Perhaps one day little Wang will lift the World Cup for China.But it would take a major improvement -- the men's side is ranked 74th by FIFA and has reached the World Cup only once, in 2002.
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Over the past three years, there has been a significant rise in the number of Chinese families selecting an international style of education in China for their schools in china

With the development of the country’s international Chinese-owned Private Schools (iCPS) sector, options for Chinese parents to keep their children close to home prior to university and yet receive an education that prepares them well for university studies abroad, have expanded. For many of China’s parents, this is proving to be the preferred option, in preference to foreign boarding or foundation years overseas, at an age when their child may not be sufficiently mature to face independent living in a vastly different cultural context.

Sector growth

Private education in China is developing thanks to favourable government regulations, and it is growing in popularity amongst Chinese nationals, despite free public schools. This is partly due to a shortage of education resources in the public education sector, but also due to increased wealth of many Chinese families who are seeking private options as a route to academic success. For the most aspirational of families, the international Chinese Private Schools offer the best of all worlds: an international style of bilingual education where children can learn in the language of English, follow a more Western-style of pedagogy, and study towards globally recognised examinations that effectively pave their way for subsequent admission to the world’s top universities and, ultimately, global careers.

There is also a growing recognition amongst informed Chinese parents (many who have experienced, or are aware of the demands of foreign higher education) that university success is about completing the entire degree course and graduating; not simply about getting the grades to enter university. Such success requires independent learning skills, the ability to think creatively, and to debate and communicate effectively – for most of the best universities in the world, this means in the language of English. These are the skills that iCPSs are promoting, and many successfully offering, particularly when foreign collaborations are involved.

Opportunities for foreign partnerships

Some of the most successful developments within the iCPS sector have included partnerships between Chinese investors and foreign independent schools, in particular, British schools. They have not only provided the essential Western skills and pedagogy, but bring an important brand identity which responds to the demand, by aspirational Chinese families for education that delivers academic heritage, reputation, brand prestige as well as a reliable route to higher education.

The international Chinese Private Schools are one of the few routes by which foreign brands can get involved in the education of Chinese children in China. There are now 31 independent school brands which have established agreements with Chinese schools and investors in order to deliver teaching expertise and an international style of education. Several such schools opened their doors for the first time in September 2018, including Adcote School and Lucton School in Shanghai; Nanwai King’s College in Wuxi; RDFZ King’s College in Hangzhou; Rong Qiao Sedbergh School in Fuzhou; Huili Schools in Shanghai and Hangzhou which have service agreements with Wellington College; and Wycombe Abbey International in Hangzhou. More are in development and the trend looks set to continue.
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Interstellar is possibly one of the most gorgeous space epics of all time. The cinematic genius of Christopher Nolan produced an intriguing psychological and engineering journey, giving us a glimpse of a cinematic representation of a black hole — the dying star, Gargantua. Pleasantly, a report published by Gizmodo has revealed a piece of detail from the movie — its portrayal of the black hole was actually strikingly close to the reality. Coming on the back of the first ever black hole image shared by the Event Horizon Telescope’s team of scientists, it is quite a feat of scientific accuracy, and the scientific facts mentioned in it are equally amazing.To get more black hole interstellar, you can visit shine news official website.
According to the report, Gargantua in Interstellar is an incredibly close representation of an actual black hole, and while it does seem quite different from the reconstructed image of the M87 black hole that we saw yesterday, the two are quite similar in multiple ways. To understand this, it is first important to understand a major point of difference — the black hole from Interstellar had a thin strip of light matter around its middle, in appearance similar to how rings around a planet looks like. Furthermore, Gargantua in Interstellar had a more prominent, definite photon circle, while the light in the image stitched together by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) has a fainter print. Interstellar also portrayed a more uniform light circle around the black hole, while the real black hole’s image shows irregularity in the photon circle around it.
For the first point of difference, the main reason is that while we got a frontal view of the black hole in Interstellar, the M87 black hole was viewed by us from close to its poles. As a result, the strip of matter across the centre of the black hole that we observed in a galaxy that is not too far, far away appeared in the extended light circle surrounding the centre of the black hole. The tilted angle at its poles where we observed the black hole also explain the irregularity in the photon circle that can be seen around the dying star. As a result, the strip of light matter streaking through the centre of Gargantua is quite close to factual accuracy, absolute confirmation of which we shall find in the coming months, with continued observation of it and the Sagittarius-A black hole, by the EHT.
Furthermore, the real image of the black hole shows different intensities of light around its top-left edge, with a brighter crescent towards the bottom-right. The explanation for this is that while this supermassive black hole is collapsing, it is also spinning. As a result, the light around it would be spinning, with spacetime warping around it. As a result, there are two parts of the spin — one, where light is speeding towards us, and the other, where light is being thrown in a direction opposite to us. This explains the optical difference in the real image, since the spin creates a significant difference in the amount of time that the two light sources take to travel to Earth.
In Interstellar, this one detail was not included, because cinematically speaking, we were looking at the black hole at a much closer distance, in comparison to what we saw from Earth. Because of this, light will have taken much lesser distance to travel from source to point of incidence. Furthermore, the intensity of light would be much, much higher at closer quarters. Because of this, the appearance of the photon ring around the black hole would look fairly uniform if you were to, hypothetically take a straight-up look at it from up close. This, of course, is taking into account if you manage to resist forces that lead to light bending in with such immense gravitational pull.
As a result, while the black hole image of the M87’s dying star is the absolute reality, it appears that the cinematic representation of one, roughly four years before we caught our first glimpse of an actual dying star, was rather close to reality. Of course, there were certain discrepancies such as incidental light properties and the way it behaves in space, in comparison to what was shown on screen, but for the large part, Nolan’s bit of scientific research work around black holes was very, very close to reality.
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Pro-democracy forces swept Hong Kong district council elections over the weekend, boosting pressure on the city's Beijing-backed government to listen to protesters' demands for greater freedoms.To get more chinanews, you can visit shine news official website.

China responded sternly to the landslide in the vote widely seen as a referendum on public support for the anti-government movement. Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that no matter how the situation in Hong Kong changes, the semiautonomous region is part of China.

"Any attempt to disrupt Hong Kong and damage [its] stability and prosperity will not succeed," he told reporters in Japan, where he was attending a G-20 foreign ministers meeting.

Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang added Monday that Hong Kong's most urgent task is to restore order as protesters continue to clash with police.Geng also stressed that tensions in Hong Kong are purely China's internal affairs.

“The determination of the Chinese government to safeguard the interests of national sovereign security and development is unshakable,” he was quoted as saying by Global Times, a hawkish newspaper owned by the Chinese Communist Party.

China has blamed Western governments for fomenting the unrest in the former British colony.For months, Hong Kong protesters have been demanding that China loosen its grip.

Beijing has steered clear of interfering directly, saying that it trusts Hong Kong’s embattled leader Carrie Lam to handle the situation. However, the protests have presented Chinese leader Xi Jinping with one of the biggest popular challenges since he came to power in 2012.

Although district councils have little power and the election is normally a low-key race, over 2.9 million cast their votes in Hong Kong on Sunday in a 71 percent turnout, exceeding the 2015 participation levels by almost 25 percent.

The pro-democracy camp had won a commanding majority of the 452 district council seats at stake, taking control of at least 17 of the city’s 18 district councils in a rebuke to Beijing-backed Lam and her handling of the protests.

Hong Kong's so-called "pan-democrats" are a group of pro-democratic political parties who have been calling for preservation and expansion of existing freedoms enshrined in law after the former British colony was handed over to China in 1997.

“The electoral results are a huge embarrassment to the entire pro-Beijing camp,” associate professor Kenneth Chan with the department of government and international studies at Hong Kong Baptist University told NBC News.

“I have talked to a few of them and they’re struggling to come up with an answer. The verdict has been passed and the government cannot ignore the public opinion," he said, adding that Lam is waiting for Beijing’s order for her next move.

“She doesn’t know what to do. The whole country has no idea about the scale and importance of this election."
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Komedo merupakan masalah wajah yang tergolong bandel, sudah dipencet berapa kali pun tetap saja muncul. Ya, komedo ini lebih betah berada di wajah, terutama pada bagian hidung. Apa sih komedo itu? Komedo adalah pori-pori yang tersumbat.cara membuat kulit bersih
Tahukah kamu, komedo merupakan salah satu jenis jerawat yang disebabkan oleh sekresi minyak berlebih pada kulit dan sel-sel kulit mati.
Walaupun kamu melakukan berbagai perawatan untuk komedo, tapi akan muncul kembali kalau tidak tahu penyebab munculnya. Nah, ini dia penyebab komedo muncul:

Sering mengonsumsi junk food, gorengan, dan makanan berlemak tinggi.
Sebelum masuk ke pembahasan cara menghilangkan komedo secara alami, alangkah baiknya kita mengetahui perbedaan antara komedo hitam dan komedo putih.
Komedo Hitam: Jika dilihat secara fisik, komedo hitam atau blackhead terlihat memiliki pori-pori yang besar dan menghitam. Blackhead bersifat terbuka dengan ditandai besarnya folikel rambut yang tertutup oleh minyak wajah dan kotoran kulit.
Komedo Putih: Secara fisik, komedo putih atau whitehead terlihat seperti tonjolan putih namun tidak begitu tampak di wajah. Komedo putih hanya akan terlihat jika kita menekan pori-pori di area hidung.
Di antara kedua jenis komedo tersebut, komedo hitam lah yang dirasa paling mengganggu, terutama dari segi penampilan yang membuat wajah terlihat kusam dan kotor. Lantas bagaimana cara menghilangkan komedo hitam?
Ada berbagai macam cara menghilangkan komedo hitam yang membandel di wajah. Mulai dari menggunakan bahan-bahan herbal hingga menggunakan alat penyedot komedo. Bahkan tak sedikit juga perawatan yang bisa menghabiskan banyak uang hanya untuk menghilangkan komedo agar tidak balik lagi.
Nah, di sini Keepo akan membagikan tips bagaimana cara membersihkan komedo hitam dan putih secara alami maupun menggunakan alat khusus penyedot komedo.
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Selain jerawat, masalah pada wajah yang sering membuat kita jengkel adalah komedo. Komedo merupakan benjolan (papula) kecil yang ada di permukaan kulit. Komedo juga termasuk dalam salah satu jenis jerawat yang ringan.cara membuang komedo

Penyebab komedo adalah sel kulit mati dan minyak yang terkumpul pada ujung luar folikel rambut. Komedo hitam muncul akibat terbukanya kulit di atas komedo yang kemudian terkena paparan udara. Komedo hitam biasanya terlihat seperti pori-pori yang membesar dan menghitam.

Keberadaan komedo hitam dapat megganggu tampilan wajah kita. Komedo hitam seringkali muncul di bagian hidung yang dapat dengan jelas terlihat oleh orang lain. Hal itu akan membuat kita menjadi kurang percaya diri.

Untuk itu Dream akan merekomendasikan cara menghilangkan komedo hitam membandel di hidung secara alami dengan cepat.Komedo hitam menjadi salah satu masalah pada wajah yang dialami oleh banyak orang. Tentunya untuk menyempurnakan penampilan wajahmu, kamu ingin menghilangkan masalah komedo hitam dengan cepat. Untuk itu Dream akan memberikan cara menghilangkan komedo hitam di hidung dengan cepat.

Tidak hanya digunakan untuk membersihkan gigi, pasta gigi juga dapat menjadi salah satu cara menghilangkan komedo hitam dengan cepat. Kandungan fluoride dan mineral yang ada pada pasta gigi dapat bermanfaat untuk membuat wajah yang kasar akibat komedo menjadi lebih halus. Kamu bisa mengoleskan pasta gigi berbahan herbal pada wajah untuk menghilangkan komedo hitam di wajah.

Cara menghilangkan komedo hitam dengan air hangat adalah dengan menghadapkan wajah pada wadah berisi air hangat. Air hangat dapat membantu membuka pori-pori kulit wajah kamu. Hal ini dilakukan agar kotoran yang ada pada kulit akan keluar dengan sendirinya.

Garam banyak digunakan sebagai penambah rasa pada makanan. Namun ternyata tidak hanya itu saja, garam juga dapat digunakan untuk menghilangkan komedo hitam membandel. Cara menghilangkan komedo hitam dengan garam adalah dengan melarutkan air garam pada air panas dan memaparkan wajah pada uap yang dihasilkan.

Membersihkan wajah dengan sabun wajah tidak cukup untuk menghilangkan komedo hitam membandel. Kamu membutuhkan tambahan perawatan dengan bahan khusus untuk melwan komedo hitam membandel. Untuk itu kami berikan rekomendasi cara menghilangkan komedo hitam membandel yang bisa kamu lakukan!

Tepung gandum banyak dikenal sebagai bahan dasar pembuatan kue, roti, dan jenis makanan lainnya. Namun ternyata tepung gandum dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai salah satu cara menghilangkan komedo hitam. Dengan membuat pasta dari tepung gandum, kamu dapat menjadikan tepung gandum sebagai masker wajah yang ampuh menghilangkan komedo hitam.

Jeruk nipis memiliki kandungan vitamin C dan anti-oksidan yang dapat menjaga kulit tetap bersih dan terhindar dari jerawat. Selain itu, jeruk nipis juga mampu mengurangi minyak berlebih, mencerahkan wajah, dan mengangkat sel kulit mati. Kemampuan mengangkat sel kulit mati menjadikan jeruk nipis menjadi salah satu bahan yang dapat menghilangkan komedo hitam. Cara menghilangkan komedo hitam menggunakan jeruk nipis adalah dengan mengaplikasikan perasan jeruk nipis pada bagian wajah yang berkomedo.
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Komedo menjadi salah satu masalah wajah yang kerap dikeluhkan perempuan. Bagaimana tidak, selain mengganggu penampilan, komedo juga bisa menjadi cikal bakal timbulnya jerawat. cara membersihkan muka dari jerawat dan komedo
Komedo biasanya muncul di area hidung, dagu, hingga area sekitar mulut karena penumpukan ekstra sebum di dalam pori-pori yang bercampur dengan sel kulit mati. Penumpukan itu akhirnya membuat komedo menjadi mengeras dan mengendap di pori-pori.
Ada banyak cara yang bisa dilakukan untuk menghilangkan komedo. Sayangnya, tak semua cara efektif dalam menghilangkan komedo, apalagi komedo yang membandel.
Lalu, bagaimana cara menghilangkan komedo yang membandel? Melansir Allure, berikut kumparanWOMAN rangkum penjelasannya untuk Anda.
1. Gunakan produk dengan kandungan salicylic acid
Salicylic acid atau asam salisilat merupakan kandungan yang biasanya terdapat dalam produk perawatan kulit. Terutama, produk untuk mengatasi komedo. Alasannya, karena jenis asam ini bekerja menembus lapisan kulit terdalam, sehingga bisa membersihkan pori-pori secara menyeluruh agar sebum dan kotoran tidak terperangkap di dalam pori-pori. Selain itu, asam salisilat juga bisa membantu mengurangi inflamasi (peradangan), sehingga cocok untuk digunakan pada kulit berjerawat dan komedo.“Cobalah kombinasikan scrub dengan asam salisilat, untuk membantu menjaga pori-pori tetap bersih,” kata Joshua Zeichner, Direktur Penelitian Kosmetik dan Klinis di Rumah Sakit Mount Sinai, New York City, saat diwawancarai Allure.
2. Gunakan clarisonic brush
Bisa dibilang, clarisonic merupakan facial brush yang cukup populer di dunia. Alat ini diklaim bisa membersihkan kulit secara optimal, termasuk menghilangkan dan mencegah timbulnya komedo.
Saat memakai alat ini, pastikan untuk tidak memakainya secara berlebihan karena bisa menimbulkan masalah kulit lain. “Maksudnya adalah jangan menggunakannya secara rutin. Cukup gunakan satu atau dua kali dalam seminggu,” kata Jeremy Fenton, dokter kulit asal New York City.
3. Gunakan masker tanah liat
Selanjutnya Anda coba adalah dengan menggunakan masker tanah liat atau clay mask. Masker tanah liat sendiri bekerja untuk membuang kotoran, mengurangi sebum, mengangkat sel-sel kulit mati, serta menghambat pori-pori penyebab timbulnya komedo. Anda bisa menggunakan masker ini dengan frekuense sekali atau dua kali seminggu untuk hasil yang maksimal.
4. Coba produk dengan kandungan retinoid
Retinoid merupakan salah satu nutrisi penting dalam tubuh yang bisa menjaga kecantikan kulit. Misalnya, mengatasi jerawat, kerutan, mencerahkan flek hitam, hingga komedo.
Menurut Shari Marchbein, ahli dermatologi dan asisten profesor dermatologi klinik di New York University saat diwawancarai Allure, retinoid bisa meningkatkan kecepatan pergantian sel kulit, mengurangi produksi minyak, serta meringkas pori-pori.
Namun, untuk menemukan produk dengan kandungan retinoid yang tepat, Marchbein menyarankan Anda untuk melakukan konsultasi dengan dokter terlebih dahulu.
5. Jangan lupa gunakan pelembap kulit
Metode yang dilakukan untuk menghilangkan komedo biasanya membuat kulit wajah menjadi kering. Baik itu dengan cara eksfoliasi maupun dengan pengguna produk (dengan kandungan tertentu).
Oleh karena itu, Anda disarankan untuk tetap menjaga kelembapan kulit agar kulit tetap sehat dan tidak menimbulkan masalah baru. Selain itu, kulit juga akan tetap lembap dan membantu pori-pori tetap terbuka sehingga bisa mencegah munculnya komedo.
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For every YouTuber, VSCO girl, and coworker who raves about the life-changing magic of lash extensions, there's an eye doctor listing off the reasons to lay off the faux hairs. From allergic reactions to bacterial infections, many pros call lash extensions the riskiest enhancement option. Now at the top of the list of less-than-sexy side effects: Lice.
ABC 7 News first reported that optometrists are seeing a rise in patients with "lash lice," otherwise known as Demodex, on their eyelash extensions. Similar to head lice, it's commonly spread through direct contact with hair or lash combs and lives near the follicle to feed off the host's blood.Best wholesale eyelash vendor
Demodex doesn't discriminate based on real or faux hairs, but there are more ways to catch it if you're going in for a lash touch-up every three weeks. Dirty lash combs, towels, and applicators can all contribute to the spread of lash lice, which is why it's critical to do your research before your appointment and ask how your lash studio sanitizes its equipment.
But the risk of infection doesn't stop when you walk out the door. It's also vital to properly and regularly cleanse the area, something avid lash extension fans might have previously avoided. "Generally, the idea when you have eyelash extensions is that people are afraid to touch them or wash them because they're afraid the eyelash will fall out," Dr. Sairah Malik told the news outlet.
Cleansing your extensions won't necessarily prevent lice, but it will make it much harder for bacteria and mites (sorry) to grow and thrive. While you'll want to avoid oil and alcohol to keep your faux lashes in tact, you can use a cotton swab dipped in micellar water to cleanse them. Jennifer Tsai, OD, a Manhattan-based optometrist of Line of Sight Vision & Wellness, recommends a diluted tea tree oil cleanser for your extensions and lids (just be careful not to get it into your eyes).If your eyelashes are starting to itch just from reading this article, here's how to know if you're dealing with an actual issue: "Symptoms of eyelash lice can include lid irritation, scabbing, redness, itching, tearing, and swelling," says Dr. Tsai.
If you are experiencing any of those symptoms, Dr. Tsai urges you to see an eye doctor, who will be able to treat the case with an antibiotic ointment that will help suffocate the lice. If left untreated, it could potentially lead to lash loss, chronic eyelid inflammation, or visual changes.
Bottom line: You don't have to stop getting eyelash extensions for good, but you should stay on top of proper hygiene during the process and throughout the aftercare — and consider taking a break from the service whenever possible. In the words of Dr. Tsai: "Cleaning eyelash extensions and following proper lid hygiene care is really important." We just never knew this much.
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This guide will introduce everything you need to know about wholesale raw Indian hair, especially some established vendors and frequently asked questions.
It seems that nowadays one cannot simply turn their head only to be faced with a whole bunch of different hair extensions. Hair factory

What one needs to ask is the reason for its popularity. Why is there this sudden rise in the popularity for a clip with regards to human hair extensions?The other pertinent and important question would be as to why suddenly these superficial products have turned out to be so important in the modern day society.

I personally feel that the answer lies in the question itself. Let us look into some of the reasons why such products have actually turned out to be the bread and butter of our modern society.

This might be painful to hear at first but nowadays the modern day society is all about being flashy and glamorous. Status can be considered to be one of the topmost factors. In this regard, it can be said that hair along with its volume and length is taken to be as a status symbol.

An interesting fact to mention out here would be the fact that in the middle ages the Kings of Europe were actually encouraged into wearing long hair. The poor on the other hand had their hair cut in order to stop the spread of any diseases. It cannot be directly said that having short hair is something bad but even during those times apparently long hair along with locks was taken to be something of royalty and superiority.

One such example which definitely cannot be missed out is Kate Middleton who is the Duchess of Cambridge. She had around five hours’ worth of hairdressing before introducing Prince George to the world. This also included the exquisite real clip in the form of human hair extensions.


There is a famous saying that states that we always want something that we cannot have. However nowadays with the existence of a clip in the human hair extensions, one can easily have and create the type of hairstyle that they want.

If the tresses are anyway looking tired then simply adding a clip to the human hair extensions can give it a buoyant and bouncy effect. If however, one is impatient for their bob to grow out then they may add extensions for luscious, longer locks. If however, one is eager for their mane to reflect their vibrant personality then they may add courageous, colourful clip in the human hair extensions in order to have fuss-free hair. Having a clip in the human hair extensions is one of the perfect ways to express one’s individuality. It does not matter what your natural look might dictate.


One’s state of mind is definitely co-related with the way they look. Having a great set of clips in the human hair extensions can simply do wonders for you. It can change and transform ones look from looking all washed out to looking all wonderful. It will get you ready for all of those business meetings, interviews, social events or speech.

Having hair thinning or hair loss can simply cause low self-confidence in women. But having a clip on your hair extensions can really help in bringing back your mojo. This will help in filling up your head and also bumping up the bouffant.


There is a Harvard study released in the year 2003 which states that having a different haircut may actually have an impact on someone’s psychological and physical health.
Basics of hair extension and why are they so popular in India

Everyday one sees on television or magazines some or the other celebrity out there boasting their long and gorgeous hair. Even though some of them actually have naturally beautiful hair the others actually use hair extensions in order to create long flowing and attractive hairstyle.

Nowadays hair extensions are becoming the popular trend. What one needs to ask is why such hair extensions gaining so much attention and popularity. Let us look into some of the reasons hair extensions are so popular especially in India.
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Around 50 people came to Northwestern’s first Black Hair Expo this Sunday. Held in the Louis Room in Norris, vendors set up booths and tables with samples of hair care products made for black hair.Hair vendors
The event ran from 3-5 p.m. and was sponsored by Impact at NU, a black Christian organization. One of its main goals was to support fellow students, said Cameryn Farrow, an organizer of the event.
The Weinberg junior said it can be difficult to find salons that cater specifically to black hair around campus. Even of the “gems” students can find in Evanston, she said, it’s hard to know what to trust, and that prices can generally be expensive. This is one of the reasons Impact wanted to hold the expo.
“We thought one thing that should be consistent within the black community, regardless of your gender identity or anything, is your hair,” Farrow said. “We want to create an opportunity for people to learn about nearby hair salons, barbers, as well as product lines, and also give them an opportunity to learn about Impact.”
Imani Minor, a Weinberg sophomore, came up with the idea after talking with her brother, who attends the University of Notre Dame, where a similar expo was held. In addition, she said she is part of a psychology lab that studied black hair and its importance in young women’s lives.
Minor said she usually goes to Howard Beauty Supply in south Evanston to get products. However, the process of reaching out to local businesses made her realize there were salons across the city catering to black hair. While black students often use group chats or online forums to share advice and recommendations, Minor said sometimes those spaces don’t hold all the answers.
McCormick junior Lawan Aladefa heard about the expo through mutual friends and the Facebook event. He picked up new products to try out and got information from booths like Studio SLK and Curls and Company — places he had never visited because he does his hair by himself.
He said it was hard to name the potential options for black students to go to in Evanston, partially because the businesses are underpublicized, which is why exposure is so crucial. He said in the future, it would also be nice to show examples a little farther out, in nearby places like Rogers Park or Skokie. However, he did learn about new stores and salons to potentially visit in the future.
“Knowing that there’s places that I could go if I wanted, say, if I got a big interview, and I want to make sure that fade’s icy, get those curls right,” Aladefa said. “It would mean I know there are places around I could go to.”
Aladefa also said the lack of publicity and knowledge about products and businesses who specialize in black hair made the event necessary.
“It’s good to have an event like this where you can know there’s some relatively close by,” Aladefa said. “Just to let people know these resources are available because this is a facet of black/POC culture. If other people can have easy access, we should be able to, at the very least, know.”
buzai232 Nov 20, 05:40PM
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