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The iJoy PikGo Starter Kit is a strangely named new pod kit.The styling is more like a traditional box mod and tank set-up but with the ease of use of a pod kit.To get more news about ijoy pikgo pod kit, you can visit urvapin official website.

So as this is classed as a starter kit it needs to be particularly user friendly.There are 2 main components to the kit – the mod which provides the power and the pod where the e-liquid lives.

The mod component has a 1300mAh internal battery which is charged via the USB Type C port at a 1A charge rate.The power level selected is displayed by the corresponding LED indicator on the side of the mod.Like the recent Aria kit this has the UNIV.MINI chipset as the brains of the device.

Included in the kit are 2 pods – these are refillable but the coil is fixed – meaning no messy coil changes – simply discard the pod.

There is a 0.6ohm mesh coil pod and a 1ohm mesh coil pod to choose from. The pods are designed to cater to MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (Direct to lung) vapers. We explain these terms in our Guide To Vaping Styles.You can adjust the airflow via the slide switch on the rear of the mod.

Refilling is taken care of by removing the top cap to expose the fill ports.Decent starter kits always have a place in the vape market and this has plenty of functions whilst still being simple to use.

What do you think of the iJoy PikGo Starter Kit? Let me know in the comments below!
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Gov. Ron DeSantis has vetoed a bill that, among other things, would’ve banned the selling of flavored vaping cartridges.To get more news about Cheap Vape Deals, you can visit urvapin official website.

That’s good news for Vape Road in St. Petersburg.

“If this hadn’t gotten vetoed, I would’ve been extremely worried about where profits are gonna come from,“ said Vape Road spokesman Tasso Nikolov.

“I’d say maybe 90-95% of our sales are flavors like fruits or desserts.”

Nikolov says it’s not just business. Its a helpful service offering flavored vapes to people trying to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes.

“It ends up being hugely more effective by having that variety, and having something for people to try out – especially if their first experience with vape – ends ups being something completely unenjoyable,” Nikolov said.

In his veto, the governor sided with these businesses.

“This legislation would almost surely lead more people to resume smoking cigarettes and would drive others to the hazardous black market,“ Gov. DeSantis said.

But some legislators say they’re determined to find a way to regulate vape shops.

“Right now, they’re unregulated,” said District 60 State Repesentative Jackie Toledo. “They act as just a retail shop, so we don’t really have an idea of how many vape shops there are. We don’t know what they’re selling, and we have no way to enforce this.”

Federal law makes it illegal to sell vape products to anyone under 21. Toledo says she plans to introduce another bill next year in hopes of regulating vape shops in Florida.
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The latest chapter in the watch-show saga awaited us in our inboxes this morning. The organizers of Baselworld aim to be back in 2021 with a Basel-based show that will be presented under the banner HourUniverse. But that's not all: Watches & Wonders, whose planned move to Geneva this year was forestalled by the COVID-19 pandemic and was instead held digitally, will go forward as a physical show at Shanghai's West Bund Art Center September 9-13 of this year. It will also have a digital component. To get more shanghai breaking news, you can visit shine news official website.

So just what are these two shows? According to the press release from the MCH Group – organizers of the erstwhile Baselworld Fair and the new HourUniverse – the new "platform will be digitally active throughout the year and will host an annual live show." Moreover, the new show will also have a distinct focus on the consumer. "The new concept is a B2B2C meeting point that places the customer at the heart of its focus, reversing the order of the past," the statement said. "The entire platform is thought out and designed around the customer. This applies to all players of the distribution chain, traditional and online retailers, including those of the CPO (certified pre-owned)."

The first live incarnation of HourUniverse will take place in April 2021, and the exact dates, which have not yet been disclosed, will be aligned with those of Watches & Wonders Geneva.Regarding Watches & Wonders, the new China-based show marks a homecoming of sorts. It had its start in Hong Kong before moving to the Miami Design District.

Watches & Wonders Shanghai will include exhibitions from A. Lange & Söhne, Baume & Mercier, Cartier, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, Parmigiani Fleurier, Piaget, Purnell, Roger Dubuis, and Vacheron Constantin. All but two of these brands, Parmigiani Fleurier and Purnell, are owned by the Richemont Group. The physical show is by invitation only. However, all of the watches shown in Shanghai will be able to be seen on the digital platform.

And, of course, there is another watch show on the calendar. The upcoming Geneva Watch Days, which will see a number of brands show new releases August 26-29.

Amid today's MCH news, it's worth mentioning that it was reported late last month that the MCH Group, whose trade-show business has been badly affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, is in negotiations for a potential investment from the Murdoch family.
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Venezuela’s propaganda videos are showing off warships armed with new Chinese-made anti-ship missiles. The C-802A missile, supplied by Beijing to the Venezuelan Navy, is designed to take out surface ships at ranges of over 100 nautical miles. The sea-skimming missile is generally analogous to the Harpoon. This arms deal should greatly increase the reach and potency of President Nicolás Maduro’s navy.To get more China breaking news, you can visit shine news official website.

The acquisition was revealed on Sept. 25 by the Venezuelan Navy (formally known as the Armada Bolivariana de Venezuela). Footage of one test firing is now being used in propaganda videos posted online, including by Maduro’s official Twitter account (in Spanish).

The video footage is not actually of a Venezuelan Navy ship. It is taken from a Royal Thai Navy test launch of the C-802A missile. That launch, from the Thai Navy’s frigate HTMS Kraburi, can be viewed on YouTube.

But this does not mean that China has not supplied the system. Misleading images are part and parcel of Venezuelan Navy propaganda. For example, the same video shows a Venezuelan Type-209 submarine, when in fact their boats have not been to sea in years. But the lack of images of it aboard a Venezuelan Navy ship does suggest that they have not yet equipped their own ships with the missile.According to open sources, the missiles are likely to equip Venezuela’s Guaiquerí-class patrol boats. These are Spanish built Avante 2200 combatants and were delivered without anti-ship missiles. This makes sense because in June 2017 the Venezuelan Navy was taking steps to equip two unspecified offshore patrol vessels with the missile at the sum of $2.9 million. The Venezuelan Navy has three Guaiquerí class ships, so it is possible that one will be left without missiles.

Meanwhile, Venezuela’s two remaining Italian built Lupo-class frigates are fitted for Otomat Mk 2 missiles, as are some missile boats. The Lupos are the most capable warships in the Venezuelan lineup, but are increasingly dated. The other modern warship, the Guaicamacuto-class patrol boats, are optimized for littoral operations and do not have a missile armament. It was one of these ships, Naiguatá (GC-23), which was lost on March 23, 2020. She was attempting to stop the ice-hardened cruise liner RCGS Resolute when the two ships collided. The warship lost the encounter and sank. RCGS Resolute suffered some scratches.
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While their daughter imperils her Elsa outfit with her quickly disintegrating Mickey Mouse ice cream cone, Chen Sijia and Chen Hao are taking a breather.To get more news about shanghai coronavirus cases, you can visit shine news official website.

They’re among the many young families and groups of friends that are once more filling up Shanghai Disneyland, which reopened May 11 after being closed for more than three months due to measures aimed at mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequent visitors with annual passes, the couple was concerned about whether it would be safe to mingle with thousands of strangers. But with the park limiting guest numbers to 20% of its max capacity and employing a variety of social distancing measures, they felt it was safe to visit. “They do things really well,” says Chen Hao, 37. “Staff are constantly cleaning and telling people to keep apart.”

For its initial opening phase, the park also suspended indoor theater performances, installed hand sanitizer dispensers and canceled nighttime fireworks. Visitors must wear face masks, have their temperature scanned and be able to show a green QR code on a government-affiliated health-tracking app.

All park visitors who spoke with Variety say that Disney’s hygiene measures helped convince them to purchase tickets, a sign that the company, which estimates its total losses across all divisions due to COVID-19 at $1.4 billion, has found a workable formula with which it could reopen its theme parks in the U.S., France, Japan and Hong Kong.

But building enough trust to reopen parks might rely more on the efforts of local governments than on the company itself. Guests in Shanghai stressed that the coronavirus outbreak dwindling in the region was ultimately the most important factor in their decisions whether or not to visit the theme park.

Shanghai, a city of 24 million people, has kept its number of COVID-19 cases below 700, with about half of those being overseas returnees. It last registered a local infection in late March. Hong Kong has similarly low levels of infection and last recorded a coronavirus death back in mid-March, which could point to Hong Kong Disneyland being the next Disney park to reopen.

“If Shanghai wasn’t safe, then I definitely wouldn’t have dared come here,” says Joe Tang, 29. Waiting for her friends outside Pirates of the Caribbean, she says she wouldn’t mind if visitor numbers were allowed back to their usual 80,000 as long as the other measures stayed in place.

While the COVID-19 pandemic rages abroad and still sometimes flares up elsewhere in China, Shanghai’s own days of coronavirus angst are fast becoming a distant memory. The city’s increasingly relaxed rules create a contrast with those of the park. Rush-hour subway rides again mean jostling with the crowds, while in Disneyland, ride seats are pointedly left empty to spread out passengers.

Such abundance of caution and caps on visitor numbers have slashed queues — by far the park’s most popular pandemic policy. “It’s so nice not to have to wait in line,” says Yang Qi, a 24-year-old on her first visit to the park, whose accompanying friend had informed her their speedy passages were an anomaly.
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It's a simple enough message, scrawled on an old athletic shoe that wound up in an abandoned storage room as Capitol Court Mall was being demolished on West Capitol Drive and North 60th Street in Milwaukee. It's faded along with the signature that accompanies it: NBA superstar Michael Jordan.To get more news about cheap air jordan shoes free shipping, you can visit nkspaces official website. nkspaces2010 !

Larry Awe, then head of maintenance for the disintegrating mall, knew to whom the white Nike initially belonged immediately. He'd been through the mall enough times and passed by sports apparel store Playmakers, where game-worn shoes from NBA players were routinely on display.

"We'd walk through the mall quite a bit," said Awe, 67, who now lives in Wauwatosa and worked in maintenance at the mall for three decades. "I was a big basketball fan, and the biggest crowd I ever saw (in the mall) was when new shoes were displayed. 'Look at the size of those!' (onlookers would say)."

The shoe Awe remembers most from the display belonged to Bob Lanier, a size-22 monster.

But despite the comparative normalcy of the Jordan shoe — size 13, faded on the bottom, black trim starting to crack near the top — the artifact from the fledgling days of a basketball dynasty turned out to be quite the keepsake."Larry's had it in his basement for 17 years and it happens to be what I consider and what Heritage considers the most significant Air Jordan shoe in existence, and I don't think we're overexaggerating," Nerat said.
the Bulls rookie scored 26 points in a 125-105 loss to the Bucks at the MECCA. On his feet were a pair of Air Jordan Ones, among the first of their kind. The white shoe with black "swoosh" and toe, red laces and red across the top at the ankle, wasn't available in stores.

At the time, it wasn't a secret that Jordan was a budding star; he just wasn't yet a sports-apparel empire. But this particular shoe was a key part of that transition. It's identical to the shoes on Jordan's feet in the famous "Jumpman" advertisement that turned into an internationally recognizable Nike logo (the image with the Chicago skyline in the background, not the original photograph that has been the subject of a recent lawsuit).

The shoe, whose red-and-black twin was "banned" from the NBA for failing to adhere to dress code standards that dictated shoes needed to be mostly white, wasn't worn by Jordan for long. He switched to white shoes with a red toe later in his rookie season. Heritage estimates that he may have worn these shoes in a game fewer than five times.

"The signature was pretty faded, but it was legible enough that you can make out that it's a vintage signature," Nerat said. "He only did that (writing 'my very best') very early on, maybe just his rookie year. The most important thing, as far as authenticating, is the serial number that's stamped into the interior of the shoe that dates it."

The shoe's stamp indicates it was created Nov. 8, 1984. Jordan shoes were made available to the public in 1985, and the black toe was only worn his rookie season and not put into circulation.
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A pair of Nikes worn by Michael Jordan has broken the record for the most expensive sneakers ever sold at auction fetching $615,000.To get more news about cheap air jordan shoes china, you can visit nkspaces official website. nkspaces2010 !

The Nike Air Jordan 1 High shoes which had an estimated sale price of between $650,000 and $850,000 were used by the basketball star in 1985 during an exhibition game played in Trieste Italy in the summer of 1985 according to Christie’s.

“It is the top price achieved for sneakers at auction” a spokesperson at Christie’s told CNN.They were sold as part of a wider online auction of Jordan’s footwear from his days playing for the Chicago Bulls.

Of the Jordan memorabilia up for sale at Christie’s nine lots went for a combined total of $931,875 including buyers’ fees on Thursday at the end of a two-week period of bidding.

The bulk of the total sales came from the signed 1985 shoes which the auction catalog describe as “a one-of-a-kind Michael Jordan artifact.”

They are unusual because the sole of the left shoe contains a shard of glass which became lodged there when Jordan shattered the glass of the backboard while landing a forceful slam dunk.Another pair of shoes which the Chicago Bulls player wore in a match in 1992 went for $112,500 in the same auction which was run in conjunction with sneaker consignment store Stadium Goods.

Thursday’s sale shatters the previous record set just three months earlier when Sotheby’s sold some of the player’s Nike Air Jordans for $560,000.

“Just three months ago a pair of Nike Air Jordans broke the world record for the most expensive shoes ever sold at auction — fetching just over half a million dollars” Christie’s said on its website ahead of its own auction.

Interest in Jordan and his sports memorabilia has increased this year since the release of ESPN’s docuseries “The Last Dance” which follows the legendary player during the Bulls’ 1997-1998 season.
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Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest NBA player of all time. He's also the richest former professional athlete in the world.To get more news about cheap jordans free shipping, you can visit nkspaces official website. nkspaces2010 !
Jordan made less than $100 million while a player in the NBA, but has been a member of three-comma club since 2014. Forbes estimates his net worth to be $1.6 billion. Since he retired in 2003, he has built a lucrative career, predominantly through deals with NIke.
He just took an equity interest in DraftKings and will advise the company's board of directors. Shares surged 12% following the Wednesday announcement.
In June, Jordan and Nike's Jordan brand pledged a donation of $100 million to 'drive real impact for the Black Community' amid nationwide Black Lives Matter protests.
He's faced his fair share of legal battles and in addition to using his wealth for philanthropic purposes, he also indulges in personal enjoyment: He owns sprawling estates, his own golf course, an NBA team, and multiple restaurants.
DraftKings announced on Wednesday that Michael Jordan took an equity stake in the sports betting company, along with a special adviser role. The company's shares surged 12% immediately following the announcement.
Earlier this summer, Jordan and Nike's Jordan Brand pledged to donate $100 million over 10 years to organizations fighting for 'racial quality, social justice, and greater access to education.' The June 5 announcement came amid nationwide Black Lives Matter protests over the killing of George Floyd.
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For 25 years, they sat in a closet in the Lavi family home in the Tel Aviv area alongside blankets, old books and a suitcase – two valuable collector’s items: an original Air Jordan 1 sneaker and a baseball mitt, both belonging to basketball legend Michael Jordan. On Monday, they were finally sold at a public auction in the U.S., with the help of the Netflix documentary 'The Last Dance.'To get more news about cheap jordans, you can visit nkspaces official website. nkspaces2010 !
The Lavi family told Haaretz sports writer Elad Zeevi about the items for the first time in May, recounting how they had originally acquired them, back in late 1994. Juanita Jordan, who had wanted to surprise her megastar husband for his 32nd birthday, got in touch with the Lavis – whose business was known for producing silver-plated, 3-D reproductions of items – about reproducing the sneaker and baseball glove as a gift. Ten silver-plated copies were eventually produced and sold at auction but the originals remained in the hands of the Israelis.“My father was a partner in a factory that made things using electroform silver in the 1980s and 1990s,” explained Dan Lavi, current owner of the Rashbel company, which sells equipment and materials for making jewelry. At the time Rashbel’s technology to reproduce three-dimensional objects in silver was unique. “One day we received an order by fax to make a shoe and baseball mitt in silver. They didn’t say who it was for. My father asked them to send a sample, saying he would see what could be done. If it were possible, we’d quote a price, he told the sender.”
So how much did the items sell for? The sneaker was sold as part of Dallas-based Heritage Auctions’ June 14th sports catalog for $31,000 and the mitt for $21,000.
Jonathan Scheier, senior consignment and cataloger of sports memorabilia at Heritage Auctions, told Haaretz last month that thanks to the popularity of the Netflix show, the market for Jordan’s memorabilia had skyrocketed. Scheier added that several factors determine the value of such items – for example, whether Jordan actually wore them in a game. It was clear that the glove and sneaker the Lavis had had belonged to the star, and the fact that they were used for making rare silver reproductions, Scheier predicted, would definitely interest serious collectors.
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Among the plenty options available on the market at present, PhenQ can be among the main choices users choose. This is reason often enough for anybody in search of a successful dieting help to pass over past downfalls and give this program an opportunity. This review will handle all aspects of the phenq weight loss pills. You should be enlightened of all the identified side effects and price of the pills too. You should leave behind this analysis webpage with a far more constructive perspective of whether you have to give it a shot. This medicine can be the best bet for people eager to reduce weight. It is not suited to each individual who just wants to shed extra pounds. Because of the fact that PhenQ is designed at optimum potency, you should think about adopting it into the common routine only if you have had multiple failed ventures to shed extra pounds with other supplements and exercise before. People who have indeed made an effort to better their health and fitness with other treatments, without good results, are going to consider this brand new therapy like a miracle. The capsule may also be useful to users who would like to get their specific body weight swiftly by working like a quick fat burner. Then again, individuals who will make use of this solution to do so may now learn the factors involved in using this cure. It is suggest that if you are not already extremely aware of this kind of use, that you wait and educate on your own entirely in the beginning. The useful fat loss ingredients in the supplement are going to increase your fat burning capacity, that should furthermore help your system to concentrate on surplus fat for energy.  Any effective fat burner should be versatile in its concepts. That of the PhenQ not just forces your fat buildup inside your body, but will additionally boost how quick you use extra calories even when you are static. The combination of both of these fat burning premises might guarantee fat burning effects while you are not directly working out. We see that that the PhenQ bears the most beneficial fat reduction benefits of any fat burning supplement we have discovered. Take into account, of course, that you would get such benefits only when you maintain a balanced and healthy diet. The pill is thermogenic, and thus it results in temperature to speed up your calorie burn. For this reason, your system is able to get the smaller meals and more adequately metabolise all the nutrients. This in turn quickens fat reduction at a better intensity. This is how PhenQ will work theoretically, but does it keep real?
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