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World of Warcraft has taken heroes of the Horde and the Alliance across the cosmos to multiple different planets and, most recently, an entirely new plane of existence in the form of the Shadowlands. But there is only one place players of Blizzard's wildly popular MMO truly call home - Azeroth.To get more news about buy wow items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Filled with magic, monsters, and the occasional inter-dimensional demon, Azeroth is a diverse world filled with numerous civilizations dotted across its surface. From the noble Tauren of Thunder Bluff to the resolute Dwarves, to the ever-resourceful humans of Stormwind to the tribal Trolls, there are dozens of races that call World of Warcraft's planet of Azeroth home. It's a world of numerous different biomes too, ranging from massive forests to frigid mountains and vast deserts to underwater kingdoms.
After three RTS games and one MMORPG set on the world, nearly every nook and cranny of Azeroth has been explored, though there are still a few uncharted lands players are still curious about. But though little of World of Warcraft's planet remains a mystery and the game has more recently set off to explore entirely new worlds, there is an actual lore reason why Azeroth is, and always will be, the center of the WoW universe.

For a long time in World of Warcraft's lore, it seemed Azeroth was just an incredibly unlucky place to live. Demons from another dimension routinely arrive in an attempt to destroy the planet. Zombie invasions led by a Lich King have almost wiped out civilization on multiple occasions. A nearly world-ending natural disaster caused untold damage, and ancient dark gods sleep beneath the surface, slowly corrupting those who would venture too close. A whole lot of near-miss world-ending events have happened on World of Warcraft's timeline. This is, of course, because World of Warcraft is a video game, and as such players constantly need new threats and challenges to overcome. However, Blizzard recently came up with a creative lore solution for why Azeroth seems to be the center of attention in the Warcraft universe.

Azeroth, it turns out, is more than just World of Warcraft's planet. It's also a world-soul, i.e. a dormant Titan waiting to awaken. The Titans are the World of Warcraft universe's cosmic gods and some of the most powerful characters in Warcraft, responsible for bringing order to the universe and allowing the intelligent races of the cosmos to prosper. Eons ago, when Azeroth was still young, one of the Titans, Sargeras, learned a horrible truth which caused him to form a cosmic army hell-bent on wiping out life across the galaxy.
Sargeras learned of the power known as the Void, a dark, corrupting energy that wanted nothing more than to simply consume the entire universe in darkness. He also learned one of the primary ways the Void looked to accomplish this goal was to corrupt dormant Titan souls, transforming them into corrupt Dark Titans that would threaten all of existence. After destroying a soul close to becoming corrupted, Sargeras came to the grim conclusion that all life in the universe needed to be stamped out so that the Void would have nothing left to corrupt. Thus he formed the demon armies of the Burning Legion and went to war against his fellow titans.

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