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the production process of Polyester Plywood

Polyester Plywood has played an irreplaceable role in construction. Plywood is produced with wood as the main raw material. Because of its rational structure and fine processing in the production process, it can generally overcome the defects of wood and greatly improve and improve the quality of wood. Physical and mechanical properties, plywood production is an important way to make full and rational use of wood and improve the performance of wood. The production of plywood is also a very important process, and some problems that often occur in the production process need our attention.To get more news about Medium density fibreboard, you can visit official website.

The most common veneer problems of Polyester Plywood include "bubbling of the dough", "penetration of the dough", "exposed dough", "cracked dough" and "wrinkled dough". "Skin", for construction plywood, the pasted skin is this skin, which shows its importance. Even if there is a slight inadequacy, we may eliminate it.

Heat press issues with Polyester Plywood. The hot pressing of plywood is very important in production. First of all, it is necessary to master the heat of hot pressing: if the heat is insufficient, it will cause "edge and corner opening", and the light will cause low bonding strength. It is brittle and wastes fuel, and the best opportunity to judge is just after the furnace; secondly, it is the best to adopt the appropriate hot pressing technology curve: for example, there are often "bubbles" inside the plate during hot pressing, and many manufacturers The method of reducing the hot-pressing temperature and extending the hot-pressing time will be adopted, but the best method is to adopt a suitable hot-pressing technical curve. Of course, there are many other reasons for forming, and we need to analyze the specific questions in detail.

The slab of Polyester Plywood, and the pre-pressing of the dough. Because of the poor quality of some urea-formaldehyde resin glues, especially environmentally friendly urea-formaldehyde glues, although other aspects of the glue are of good quality, the initial viscosity of the glue itself is poor, the raw materials used by the plywood factory are wet, and the production process of the plywood factory is not appropriate, and many other reasons, coupled with the autumn and winter seasons Low temperature will result in poor pre-pressing of plywood slab and dough. If this problem cannot be solved, the quality of Polyester Plywood will be very poor.

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