VTUVIA is one of the popular bicycle brands in Europe and America. MC20 is their cargo bike + multifunctional bike, and most importantly, it is an electric bike with amazing features. Here, we will introduce the most powerful electric bicycles on the market. And display functions to distinguish it from other freight electric bicycles and practical bicycles.To get more news about ebike accessories, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

You can bring some groceries and pick up your children from school when you leave work. To get more news about rad rover 5, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

The rear shelf is very long, and you can keep a large basket for your goods, trunk and baby seat at the same time. You can still carry a lot of things in the front basket.To get more news about waterproof bag for bike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

You can also install two child seats on this electric bicycle, which becomes an electric bicycle for two children.
VTUVIA bicycle frame

I can call it an electric folding cargo bike. In fact, it is not a cargo bicycle or a folding bicycle, but it has the functions of both. The length of the bicycle is 71 inches (173 cm), which is shorter than a regular cargo bicycle, but the wheelbase of the bicycle is similar to that of a 124 cm long cargo bicycle. MC20 provides good loading capacity, but because of its small tires, it saves length. In this way, unless you live in a super small place, it becomes more practical to store it in your apartment.

This is a high-strength aluminum alloy electric bicycle frame designed and manufactured with high-end technology.The MC20 also has a big advantage. The frame has space for two batteries at the same time, because you may need to ride an electric bike for a longer distance, and when you carry a lot of things, you may need additional charging. In this way, you don't have to worry, because 2 batteries will provide you with enough cruising range.

MC20 electric bicycle uses BAFANG performance series cruise center-mounted motor, and its rated output power is 250 watts. This is a fairly powerful motor, it can generate 80 Nm of torque, even with a load, you can climb almost any hillside. For steep hills, you will definitely need pedal assistance, but in most hills, this motor can provide enough power to provide a very smooth riding experience.

It has a unique battery layout, you can use two battery packs on the frame, and the two batteries can work at the same time or separately.
S00 has a default 500Wh battery pack, if you need to increase it to 1000wh battery pack, you need to pay extra. In this way, you can extend the range of the electric bike by 125%.

You can charge two batteries at the same time, and your electric bicycle consumes the power of both batteries at the same time. This is an important feature, and in this way, they can extend the life of the battery. The MC20 can also work with a battery and has a range of 30 miles.

If you use two batteries at the same time, your cruising range will be around 60 miles. For 99% of electric bike riders, this is more than enough.For safety reasons, MC20 uses mechanical disc brakes. When you carry a lot of loads and children on an electric bike, you want to make sure that your bike can stop smoothly and safely.

It has a folding handlebar, and you can put it on the back of a minivan or SUV. It is not as easy as loading a compact electric bicycle, but it can still be stored in a van with a folding pole.
You can install a baby seat and turn your MC20 into a family electric bicycle. You can also turn the MC20 into a grocery bicycle using an adapter frame or a short bed tray. With a variety of accessories, you can turn Tern into an electric bicycle that suits your purpose. MC20 gives you unlimited possibilities in the same frame, and I have to admit that this is one of the most awesome bikes.

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