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best vibrators for women who want ultimate pleasure

The best vibrators are a guaranteed way to elevate your self-care game. Orgasms are seriously good for you, after all: a mood-booster, natural painkiller and sleep enhancer. And even if you're masturbating / having penetrative sex (or both), there's always room for improvement.To get more news about 免费毛片a, you can visit our official website.

Investing in one of the best vibrators is essentially volunteering yourself for heightened orgasms on tap, and therefore heightened orgasm benefits. So, whether your vibrator draw is "population: one", or you're looking to expand on your existing collection of dildos, wand massagers and whisper-quiet clit vibrators, it's time to take matters into your own hands. No pun intended.
Rabbit vibrators are the veterans of the sex toy world: those OG vibrators that sexually-empowered women have been obsessed with since female sexual wellness became a priority. After making their first mainstream appearance on Sex and the City circa 1998, the best rabbit vibrators - or combination sex toys/rampant rabbits/rabbit vibes - have been mainstays in our bedside tables.

You'll remember the rabbit vibrator's debut well. Cast your mind back to the nineties, when that Sex and the City episode saw Miranda introduce an ever-reserved Charlotte to the iconic Vibratex Rabbit Habbit. Despite initial scepticism, Charlotte quickly became obsessed with her new rabbit vibrator (no surprises there), stating that it made her come for "like, five minutes". Cancelling all her plans to stay at home and masturbate, she declared - mid-yoga class - "I mean, no man ever did that." Tempted? You bet.
What makes rabbit vibrators special?
It's no surprise Charlotte adored rabbit vibrator so much. Unlike clitoral stimulators, finger vibrators, wand vibrators, bullet vibrators and G-spot vibrators, the best rampant rabbit vibrators double up on pleasure, stimulating both the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. (The larger, insertable arm vibrates agains the upper wall of the vaginal canal - where you'll find your G-spot - and the smaller arm is for external stimulation, massaging and 'flicking' the clitoris). This combination is crucial for many women if they want to achieve a blended orgasm (that is: an orgasm which comes from stimulating multiple erogenous zones at once.

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