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The Best Sex Toys for Women, from Vibrators to (Sex) Pillows

SHOPPING FOR SEX toys — especially if you’ve never done it before — can feel overwhelming instead of fun at times. Nowadays there are dozens of sex toy brands, all claiming they’ve designed the best sex toys for women. Add to it the neverending variety of clitoral stimulators, dildos and flavored lubes and it’s easy to see why so many of us are confused about what’s worth trying out — and what’s worth our money.To get more news about 免费视频黄a站, you can visit our official website.

To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up the best sex toys for women, with options for vibrators, lube and even sex pillows for added comfort during the most adventurous positions. Try one of these toys below, and kick off the month with a bang.
What Are the Best Sex Toys for Women?
We’ve included a wide variety of sex toys for women below, including options for beginners. Here’s what they all mean and how to use them.

Clitoral Vibrators: Like their namesake, clitoral vibrators (or clitoral stimulators) are designed to massage the clit and usually feature various vibration settings and speeds. Some are even waterproof, allowing you to use them in the shower or bath. Since they’re designed to massage just the clit and the surrounding area, they’re usually nonpenetrative unless you’re using a dual-head rabbit-style vibrator that both massages the clit and hits the G-spot. Clitoral vibrators are also the best option for beginners.

Dildos/Vaginal Vibrators: Dildos are one of the most common sex toys for women and these massagers can be inserted straight into a woman’s vagina. These too, have multiple speed settings and controls, and many are waterproof. Just remember, if you choose a dildo or an insertable vibrator, make sure to also purchase some lube from our list for maximum comfort — and pleasure.

Lelo’s SILA Cruise is our favorite beginner’s clitoral vibrator and features the brand’s flagship cruise control technology which increases the speed of your new sex toy the harder you press it against your skin.

It’s got a wide mouth that fits over your clit and there are eight intensities to choose from, depending on your tastes. The brand says the SILA Cruise is designed to build climax slowly, meaning you’ll receive a gentle yet intense clitoral massage — great for newbies.

It’s totally waterproof, boasts a two-hour run time and is whisper quiet, meaning you’ll never hear it working.
Eva is a couples vibrator that tucks snugly under your partner’s labia to enhance pleasure during sex. Due to its ergonomic shape, you can use this sex toy completely hands-free once you’ve fitted it on.

Hot Octopuss is famous for its couple’s vibrators but they also build sex toys designed for women, like the Kurve. This G-spot stimulator features a dual motor for ample stimulation and even features multiple customizable options.

No sex toy purchase is fully complete without adding lube to your order. We recommend this one from Überlube which is silicone-based, meaning it can be used underwater as well. It’s not sticky, can be paired with latex condoms and is designed to not irritate your skin or private parts, even with prolonged use.

This comfy yet firm sex pillow will help anchor you or your partner during your favorite sex positions. It’s got a water-resistant lining and is machine-washable, so you never have to worry about it getting unsanitary over time. The ergonomic build also features grabbable handles to easily adjust this sex pillow whenever you need to.

Let’s bring sexy back with this bath kit, packed with a microfiber hair towel wrap, an arousal balm, a massage candle, a door hanger, and a WaterSlyde — designed to use the steady pressure of water to turn you on. Every one of these items can be used by themselves or paired together. For example, a small amount of arousal balm can make you feel warm, tingly and sensitive *down there,* making it easier to use the WaterSlyde for water masturbation. You can even use these products solo or have your partner join you.

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