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Major changes are coming to the Career Mode of fifa 20 coins. EA announced the details of these changes in their pitch notes, and expressed that they originated from the desire to give players more 'diversity and choice'. EA's post emphasises that player feedback about what they'd like in future games has been heard and taken on board. These changes include manager customisation, detailed morale management, and the fact that player potential will be based on previous performance.
Press Conferences and Player Conversations are additions which will particularly affect Manger Career. Pre-match press conferences will directly impact player performance in the match, as whichever answers the manager chooses will influence the team's morale. This is especially important given that each player will react individually to different treatments. EA's screenshots show that praise, motivate, criticise, sympathise, and calm are all options to choose from, and that it will be important to understand each player's personality to ensure the correct answer is chosen.
The data from matches, such as the outcome and amount of goals scored, will be translated into Press Conferences via journalists, and into Player Conversations. Player Conversations will work through a 'messaging app-like interface' from which the manager can choose a variety of answers, much like dialogue choice in RPGs. This allows the manager to choose how to deal with players, and these choices will affect both player morale and manager rating. EA's example of this interface displays the player's attribute values and current morale. They do say that these are subject to change, but it is interesting to imagine that the consequences of dialogue choices could be reflected immediately. This messaging system also infers more immediate and intimate conversations. 'Happy or disgruntled players'can now get 'their thoughts across' instantly, and the manager will have to negotiate each one. Manager Career will also be affected by the inclusion of two new locations in which to have player negotiations: Rooftop Lounge and Restaurant.
Morale will be tricky to manage. It'll be affected by answers in Press Conferences and Player Conversations, but also by factors 'ranging from play time and wage expectations to a player's performance on the pitch' and the overall performance of the team. The higher the morale the better, as player attributes are influenced by the level of their morale. It will be important for managers to fully understand each team member's personality to ensure they're all kept happy.
Since the manager's behaviour looks to be so important, it's only fair that the manager themselves will be getting more attention. Firstly, players can now choose between male and female avatars, which is a new feature for Career Mode. The screenshots for the character customisation looks far more detailed— players can choose between multiple options for each individual facial feature, along with a wide range of clothing and more mut 19 coins Click Here
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EA has announced changes to career mode for fut 20 coins, including the ability to create female managers.

In a first for the long-running football video game series, Career Mode will let players create both male and female avatars. You can change the body type, skin tone, clothing and hairstyle of your manager, as well as equip accessories.FIFA 16 introduced female national teams, although the series is yet to add female club teams or women players to FIFA Ultimate Team - something that came up during a recent press conference attended and reported on by Eurogamer.

FIFA 20 does let you have mixed teams though, via the new Volta mode (a sort of FIFA Street-style mode).Meanwhile, FIFA 20's Career Mode now involves managing morale. You do this by rotating your starting 11, managing wage expectations and shortlisting transfer targets. EA said every choice you make affects your squad's morale, form and even their overall ratings.

Elsewhere, there are new interactive press conferences before and after key moments in your season, which you can use to inspire your team. You can have one-to-one chats with players to discuss their concerns and solve their problems, which helps keep your team spirit and manager rating high.

All in all, it looks like EA has made significant changes and welcome improvements to Career Mode, a mode most fans believe has needed some work for some time now. There's more detail on EA's website.Want to buy FIFA Coins from
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EA Sports has shared more details about the Career Mode game option in the upcoming fifa 20 ultimate team coins title.

In the new release, some tweaks to Career Mode have been revealed that will give players greater control over how they shape their respective clubs and the players who make up their squad.It's confirmed on the game's website that the development of footballers within the game will now be determined by Dynamic Player Potential. "The better they play on the pitch, the higher their potential will grow," EA noted.

There will also be a news feed in the Career Mode browser that features highlights of in-game footage from matches played.EA noted that when selecting a manager template, there will be more body types—including the option to work as a female manager for the first time—skin tones, hairstyles and clothing options to choose from. Press conferences, and what is said in them, will also have more of an influence on the morale of players ahead of their respective matches.

The latest information will only heighten excitement ahead of the release of FIFA 20.

It's already been confirmed that former Real Madrid and France midfielder Zinedine Zidane will be the Ultimate Edition cover star, with Eden Hazard and Virgil van Dijk on the front of the standard edition and champions edition, respectively:Career Mode sees the gamer take control of an already existing team, and they play matches in a standard season format against the computer. The player can make transfers, control finances and tailor pre-season matches in different ways.

Already it has been confirmed that one of the major new additions to FIFA 20 will be Volta Football, which is based on a similar premise to the popular FIFA Street game.

In the United Kingdom and the United States, the game will be available to buy on September more fut coins Click Here
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WeChat is China’s most popular messaging app with a monthly user base of more than 1 billion people.But it’s unlikely that you would have used it if you live outside China. It is owned by Tencent, one of Asia’s largest companies by market cap. While it started out as a messaging service, it has transformed into an app where you can do everything from payments to hailing a ride, or even booking flights.To get more wechat news, you can visit shine news official website.

It’s a very different prospect to the likes of Facebook’s Messenger or WhatsApp.One of the primary uses of WeChat is messaging. Just like WhatsApp, you have a list of conversations that you’re engaged in.

When people exchange contact details in China, you often see one person scanning the other person’s phone. Each WeChat user has a unique barcode known as a QR code. One person can scan the other user’s QR code to add them to WeChat. You can also use a phone number or ID to add a person and search for people nearby.

WeChat is one of the main ways people communicate in China. Even when doing business, people prefer WeChat to email. It’s even more prevalent because services like Facebook are blocked here.

There is also a social feature called “Moments.” Users can upload a number of images or videos and their friends can comment or like the post.From major supermarkets to the smallest of street vendors and taxis, you can pay for things with WeChat almost anywhere in China.As long as you have a Chinese bank account, you can link that to WeChat.

There are two ways to pay for something via the app. Firstly, the store can scan your unique WeChat barcode, which looks like the image below.If you’re buying something online in China, there will be an option to purchase with WeChat Pay. You will need to put in a passcode or use a biometric authentication tool to authorize the transaction.

Instant money transfers to your WeChat contacts can also be made via the messaging function, which makes it easy to split bills or just move money around China. It is possible to be nearly cashless in China and actually go out for the day without a wallet.WeChat and Alipay have often been described as “super apps” because everything is integrated within one service. Instead of having one app for banking and another for ride-hailing, a lot of these are built directly into WeChat so that the app becomes a one-stop shop for its users.

Companies may choose to launch mini-programs — or apps within WeChat — instead of a standalone app. The program allows businesses to send promotional messages directly to the user via WeChat, as well as tap into the app’s user base of more than one billion.Mini-programs have become more prominent in the app, as WeChat makes a bigger push toward becoming a one-stop shop. Tencent recently updated the app so that the mini-programs feature now has its own page.

In the above image, you can see Dianping, a Chinese app that lets you see ratings for local restaurants and services, ride-hailing firm DiDi, and food-delivery service Meituan. You can use all of these services within WeChat and make payments without ever leaving the app. In this way, WeChat becomes like an app store as it tries to keep users connected to its ecosystem.
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In a tense month-long stalemate, Vietnamese ships have been keeping a close watch on a Chinese vessel lurking in the waters of the most disputed shipping lane. The Chinese survey ship appeared to be conducting a survey of Vietnam's offshore oil blocks. The surprising update that the Chinese ship has vacated the area came from a Washington-based think tank. To get more chinese world news daily, you can visit shine news official website.

The ship left the contested waters amid increasing tensions between Beijing and Hanoi which erupted into protest earlier this month.

Last week, a Vietnamese fishermen’s group urged the government to take stronger measures to remove the ships, saying they were disrupting fishing activities. And on Tuesday, Vietnamese police broke up a demonstration outside the Chinese embassy in Hanoi against the operations of the vessel and its escorts.
Washington has expressed concerns over China’s repeated actions against certain states in the region.

The US government has previously stated that it is alarmed by Beijing’s “repeated provocative actions aimed at the offshore oil and gas development of other claimant states”.

Vietnam foreign ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang, urged vessels to stay away from the area last month, she said: “Vietnam has had several appropriate diplomatic exchanges requesting immediate withdrawal from Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone.

“Vietnam resolutely and persistently protects our sovereign rights by peaceful means on the basis of international laws.”The recent arrival of the vast US aircraft carrier ‘Ronald Reagan’ just off Manila reflects a growing desire from Washington to push back in the region.

Rear Admiral Karl Thomas, who heads up the task force that commands the Ronald Reagan, said: “The carrier is very capable and ready to respond to a wide range of operations, whether they be a crisis or whether they be a humanitarian disaster response.”

He said: “We also stand firmly against a disturbing pattern of aggressive behaviour, destabilising behaviour from China.

“This includes weaponising the global commons, using predatory economics and debt for sovereignty deals, and promoting state-sponsored theft of other nations’ intellectual property.”
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Chinese actress Yang Mi said she’ll end her cooperation with the luxury fashion label after a controversy erupted online over claims that its T-shirt design defied the “One China” policy.To get more chinese news outlets, you can visit shine news official website.

relates to Versace Loses Chinese Brand Ambassador Amid T-Shirt Controversy.A photo from Sina Fashion’s official account showing cities and country origins.Source: Sina Fashion via Weibo
Yang, Versace’s first Chinese brand ambassador, issued a notice to the company to end her contract and stop all work with the brand after its T-shirt listed Hong Kong as a country rather than a city. It did the same for Macau. Both are special administrative regions of China.

Yang said Versace has harmed China’s sovereign and territorial integrity, according to a statement posted Sunday on the official Weibo account of Jiaxing Xingguang, the actress’s studio. Versace has apologized and removed the T-shirt. Hong Kong, a former British colony, became a special administrative region of China in 1997.

Versace’s T-shirt is the latest in a string of faux pas by foreign companies when it comes to dealing with China. Last year, Dolce & Gabbana’s video ad that showed a Chinese model struggling to eat spaghetti and pizza with chopsticks sparked outrage and a boycott of its products. Earlier this year, Leica Camera AG quickly distanced itself from a promotional video that prompted a backlash against the company in China for partially focusing on the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests.

Stuart Weitzman Spring Celebration 2019
Yang MiPhotographer: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Stuart Weitzman
The controversy around the T-shirt also comes as sensitivities around China and Hong Kong have intensified in the past two months with anti-Beijing protests in the city in their 10th week. This weekend, the demonstrations spilled over from city streets to a sit-in at the airport, the world’s third-busiest in terms of international passengers.

China also clamped down on Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. after employees of Hong Kong’s dominant airline joined the protests, one of the strongest signs that Chinese authorities are losing patience with the months-long demonstrations sweeping the former British colony.

Versace apologized in its own official Weibo account post for the “wrong design” that incorrectly attached country names to cities. The T-shirts were taken off its shelves on July 24 and have been “destroyed,” it said.

“This is our negligence and we are deeply sorry about the impact we caused,” Versace said in the post, adding that it “resolutely respects China’s sovereignty.”

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Which model is the best sale indoor rental led display of 2016? The answer is P3.91 and P4.81 indoor Rental LED Display, Not only for theire high performance, but also they are concise cabinet structure, and easy to move.Indoor Led Poster
1. Conciseness and Compatibility
These 500*500mm and 500*1000mm Die-cast Aluminum is Concise Design, Compatible with P3.91, P4.81 P6.25 etc.

Not the same as itd competitors, It don't have a rear open door, the P3.91, P4.81, P6.25 LED Module is all covered by the Plastic covers, it light weight, slim and compact.

2. Stronger Fastlock, and can be curved.
The Fastlock is stronger and free-tool handle, also its very effecient for workers to assemble and dismantling. Further more the displays can be curved to iregular Shap LED Display, It just need 12 cabinet to assemble a cylinder display.

There are hanging installation and Ground base Installation means with the Fly Bar.

3. High Performance and Reliable quality
The P3.91 and P4.81 is high defition LED Display for indoor Rental Event, Its high resolution, very fine image and video detail presentation. The LED display Produced by Eageled are high quality because we use the very qualified Components for the LED Display Producing and Implement strict Quality Control Rules.All we wished is offer our customer with reliable LED display Product.
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Leyard, a global leader in visualization products, earned the No. 1 market share position in the $4.5 billion LED video display market, and the No. 1 position in the fastest growing $1.6 billion narrow pixel pitch LED video wall segment, according to two reports by Futuresource Consulting. The analyses, which compared the 2017 performance of all major video wall brands, confirmed Leyard’s No. 1 position, in addition to the company’s increasing share and growth in the highly competitive market.

Leyard was the market share leader in the narrow pixel pitch LED video display market in 2017, following years of leadership and share dominance in this category, which the company pioneered. Leyard also captured the top position in the broader LED display market that includes all pixel pitch sizes, including indoor and outdoor products, covering a wide range of applications and customer segments.Outdoor Led Rental Display

“We are extremely proud to lead the global LED video display industry and to have continued to build on past success,” said Zach Zhang, CEO of Leyard International. “Our global organization remains committed to driving innovation in the category and to supporting our customers all over the world. We look forward to celebrating future successes as Leyard continues to build solutions designed for a growing number of display applications.”

These reports follow major video wall product announcements from the company. This includes the launch of the Leyard® DirectLight® X LED Video Wall System that brings advanced video processing and intelligent management and control software to the award-winning ultra-fine pitch LED video wall line. The Clarity® Matrix® G3 LCD Video Wall System builds on the accomplishments of the award-winning Clarity Matrix architecture, combining the industry’s thinnest profile ultra-narrow bezel LCDs with industry-leading improvements to video processing and off-board electronics. The company also released Leyard® TVF Series, a family of fine pitch LED video wall displays featuring front serviceability and a creative stackable design eliminating cabinet-to-cabinet cabling. Further, the launch of the Leyard® VersaLight™ Series introduced a versatile family of modular LED displays available in pixel pitches ranging from 2.5 to 8 millimeters and designed with flexibility to support a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

“The LED display market continues to experience tremendous growth worldwide,” said Chris McIntyre-Brown, associate director at Futuresource Consulting. “As the category evolves, we expect to see new trends expand across both indoor and outdoor display technologies in a wide range of applications.”

Futuresource announced its findings in two reports: the 2018 Futuresource Video Wall Display Solutions Report and the Futuresource Global LED Display Market Report. The Futuresource Video Wall Display Solutions Report for 2018 covered narrow pixel pitch LED, narrow bezel LCD and rear-projection solutions while the Futuresource Global LED Display Market Report for 2018 reviewed narrow pixel pitch LED solutions, as well as rental, standard and large indoor and outdoor LED display technologies. According to the Futuresource Video Wall Report, the overall video wall market stands at $6.4 billion and grew 47 percent from 2016 to 2017. Planar, a Leyard Company, was also named the leader in the Americas Control Room segment (34 percent market share) and the Americas Corporate Vertical (35 percent market share) for narrow bezel LCD video wall solutions.
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In three separate incidents, U.S. Border Patrol agents near Ajo and Nogales arrested five U.S. citizens for smuggling 11 migrants Wednesday night, including seven who were locked in a semi-trailer.semi trailer companies
The first incident occurred shortly before 10 p.m. on Wednesday when a Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent inspected a Volkswagen Passat rental car at the immigration checkpoint on State Route 85. After questioning, the agent determined the two passengers were Mexican nationals illegally present in the United States. The migrants and the U.S. citizen driver were placed under arrest.
Approximately 20 minutes later, another agent patrolling near Ajo conducted a vehicle stop on a Hyundai Elantra. The car contained two U.S. citizens and two migrants from Mexico. All four individuals were arrested, and the vehicle was seized.
A few hours later at the I-19 immigration checkpoint a Freightliner semi-truck pulling a refrigerated trailer was sent to a secondary inspection after a Border Patrol canine alerted to the vehicle. Inside the padlocked trailer agents discovered seven migrants. All of the smuggled subjects were found in good condition. The driver was arrested, and agents seized the truck.
The U.S. citizens arrested in these incidents will face prosecution for human smuggling violations, while the 11 Mexican nationals will be processed for immigration violations.
Border Patrol warns that people can die or become seriously injured when placed inside compartments, such as trailers and trunks, not meant for human travel. Extreme temperatures, carbon monoxide poisoning, and vehicle collisions pose serious risks to passengers attempting to avoid detection.
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The Brown County Sheriff’s Office reported on a two vehicle accident on County Road 13 north of Hanska on Monday involving a van and a semi. Both drivers were treated for non-life threatening injuries.semi trailer van

On Monday January 14, 2019 at approximately 7:59 AM the Brown County Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call reporting a motor vehicle accident involving a van versus a semi-tractor/trailer. A 2012 Chrysler Town and County van, driven by Paula Jean Braaten (age 27, Butterfield, MN), was heading northbound on County Road 13 when it crossed the center line and struck a 2011 Freightliner semi-tractor/trailer, driven by Mitchell George McGee (age 26, Shell Rock, IA), which was heading southbound on County Road 13.

Paula Braaten was treated at the scene and transported by ambulance to the New Ulm Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Mitchell McGee was treated at the scene only. The 2012 Chrysler Town and County van was totaled and the 2011 Freightliner semi-tractor/trailer received severe damage. Both drivers were wearing seatbelts.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Hanska Fire Department, Minnesota State Patrol and Madelia Ambulance responded to the scene.
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