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NSF International continually evaluates its programs and services and we considered many factors when making this decision,” NSF Chief Technical Officer Lori Bestervelt said in a statement. “Ultimately, we are choosing to focus on programs and services that are more directly aligned with our long-term, strategic vision for the organization.”

Individual parts manufactured on or before Sept. 30 may be considered NSF-certified, assuming they’re part of a parts line that met NSF’s criteria. However, any such part rolling off the assembly line Oct. 1 or later can’t be called auto body parts

“NSF certified parts that meet all applicable NSF certification requirements and are manufactured on or before September 30, 2019 will be considered ‘NSF certified’ for the lifetime of the part,” NSF wrote in a news release. “Manufacturers of NSF certified parts may continue selling existing inventories of NSF certified parts after September 30, 2019 as long as the parts meet all requirements and were manufactured on or before September 30, 2019. Parts manufactured after September 30, 2019 are not certified nor eligible to be certified. Any use of a sticker bearing the NSF mark on parts manufactured after September 30, 2019, is prohibited and such marked parts are not certified.” (Emphasis NSF’s.)
NSF certified body shops, recyclers and distributors aren’t so lucky. Their certification just expires Oct. 1, period. “After that time, they must discontinue use of the NSF certification mark in advertisements and marketing material,” NSF wrote.

Asked for more perspective into its termination of the programs, NSF senior communications manager Thomas Frey wrote: “As noted in the press release, NSF International continually evaluates its programs and services and we considered many factors when making this decision.”

“… As background, NSF International is a global public health organization founded in 1944 with operations in 175 countries. NSF facilitates the development of standards, and tests and certifies products for the food, water, health sciences and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment.”
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Coloring plastics plastics industry is an indispensable part of their significance is landscaping products; second important purpose is to identify the effect, the effect achieved by the colored logo has practical value.Color Masterbatch
In addition, the colored plastic may also be given a variety of functions plastic, plastic such as increased light resistance, weather resistance, electrical conductivity and antistatic effect, and so on.color master batch formula

Dyes are soluble in most solvents and is dyed medium organic synthetic chemicals. It is characterized by transparency, high color strength, density. Mainly suitable for engineering plastics (ABS, HIPS, PET, nylon 6, etc.), since the dye molecules are generally small structures, such as for polyolefin coloring migrated happen.
Pigments are not soluble in common solvents colorant. In contrast with a dye, a pigment and a coloring material which is not desired affinity.Color Masterbatch

Through its pigment particles are dispersed in the material to be colored, leaving the material to produce color. Since the pigment has insolubility, so as to obtain the desired coloring properties, the pigment is required to mechanically disperse uniformly into the plastic, primarily PVC and polyolefins suitable for coloring plastics, some of which may also be used plastic colored varieties.

Inorganic pigments are generally metal oxides, sulfides and sulfates, chromates, molybdates, and salts, such as carbon black. This type of pigment is not soluble in common solvents and plastics, their thermal stability and light stability than the organic pigments are generally excellent.Color Masterbatch

In the plastic processing temperature range, with the exception of lead salt, chrome yellow and cadmium orange, other inorganic pigments are very stable, but its coloring power than the organic pigments difference. The relative density of larger inorganic pigment, typically 2.5-5.0.
Inorganic pigments are generally metal oxides, sulfides and sulfates, chromates, molybdates, and salts, such as carbon black.
This type of pigment is not soluble in common solvents and plastics, their thermal stability and light stability than the organic pigments are generally excellent.
In the plastic processing temperature range, with the exception of lead salt, chrome yellow and cadmium orange, other inorganic pigments are very stable, but its coloring power than the organic pigments difference.
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Clariant Masterbatches has established a regional packaging centre at its manufacturing facility in Phanthong, Thailand, to further support its customers in the Asia Pacific.

Launched during InterPlas Thailand 2019, currently taking place through 22 June, the unit helps customers and brand owners develop comprehensive packaging solutions.The centre is manned by formulation, process and analytical experts with “in-depth knowledge of market trends and customer needs,” said Clariant in a 19 June statement.

Featuring analytical equipment and processing machines, the centre is also linked to Clariant’s regional network of application-development laboratories in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, New Zealand & Australia.masterbatch manufacturing process

Clariant will continue to upgrade and further equip the facility through to the first quarter of 2020.

“With the RPC, we want to engage deeper with customers in a co-creation process to develop breakthrough concepts and solutions in masterbatch products and processes tailored to their aesthetic and functional needs,” explained Chris Hansen, head of Clariant Masterbatches Asia Pacific.

“We are doing this in partnership with other suppliers, leading institutes and universities so that Clariant can provide comprehensive solutions to packaging convertors and brand owners.”

Clariant has a broad range of colour and additive masterbatches for various applications including bottles, microwaveable trays, biodegradable food containers, active packaging and durable industrial drums.The company develops packaging solutions using the additives and its analytical equipment, which help it determine the chemical and mechanical properties of materials.
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Battery performance is strongly affected by environment temperatures. Every 10°C increase from the ideal operating temperature of 20°C halves the life of a battery. So at 40°C, a battery that should last 10 years can last only 2.5 years. This drives up replacement costs and severely increases the impact on the environment. Our SiteStar® technology will extend your battery life and save you energy.Outdoor Telecom cabinet manufacturers

SiteStar® cabinets are designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, with a unique combination of low thermal conductive materials and a high-efficiency climate solution. With an extremely cost-effective cooling technology and a cabinet shell that allows minimal transfer of temperatures, we keep your batteries at optimal operating temperature, with the energy usage equivalent to a single light bulb. This means the SiteStar® cabinets offer up to 95% power savings compared to air-conditioned cabinets.
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By now, everyone knows that fiber optic cables are considerably faster than copper. But did you ever ask why? Fiber optic transmits light, while copper conducts electricity. The signal in fiber optic patch cord travels through glass at two thirds the speed of light. Impressive, isn’t it? But wait a second! The speed of electricity traveling through copper is fast too. Actually faster than fiber – up to nine-tenths the speed of light.Indoor optical fiber cable
The bandwidth is the key. It allows greater capacity of data transmission – it can transfer from minimum 10 Gbps up to unlimited amounts (if you take into consideration how fast the technology is developing).
Fiber optic is considered to be considerably faster than copper because its signal is not affected by time or weather degradation.Hair-thin strands of glass or plastic fiber are used to send light signals. The light travels to the core, the center of the fiber optic. The core it is surrounded by the cladding, an optical material that traps in the core, using the “total internal reflection” technique. A primary buffer coating protects the fiber from moisture or other damage. The level of protection is strengthened by the cable, which holds the fiber and the strength members inside and it is covered by a jacket.
Single mode cables are designed to carry light directly down the fiber. It is a single strand of glass fiber and has a diameter of 8.5-10 microns. Because it has one mode of transmission, it will propagate 1310 or 1550 nm.
Multimode patch cords have a bigger diameter, typically 50-100 microns for the light carry component. Over medium distances, multimode fibers give high bandwidths at high speeds. Light waves are dispersed into numerous paths, or modes, as they travel through the cable’s core typically 850 or 1300nm.PeakOptical manufactures indoor and outdoor fiber optical cables and patch cords. Our cables are available with all commonly used terminations and in all lengths regardless of order quantity.
Our portfolio furthermore includes a wide range of spare connectors, adapters, pigtails, and attenuators.
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The idea that information travels in different ways is not a recent one. Whenever we speak into the telephone line, a wired cable carries the signals from our voice into the wall socket. From there, traveling through an extensive network of wires, the information reaches the other end.

Similarly, cellphones work in a different way as well, in that they send and receive wireless radio waves. The technology is known as wireless because it does not have any cables attached to it.Outdoor optical fiber cable

Another contender for information transfer comes in the form of Fiber Optics. The fiber in fiber optic refers to the cable through which the information is transferred, while the optic part deals with the method through which the information is transferred, which is an optical beam of light that travels down the cable, which is usually either glass or plastic.

The history behind Fiber Optics is interesting since it was originally introduced to support endoscope examinations in the 1950s. Using Fiber Optics, the doctors could see inside the human body without having to cut or open it, making it a huge breakthrough of the time. In the 1960s, engineers figured out that the same technology can be used to transmit telephone signals at the speed of light (which is normally 186,000 miles or 300,000 km per second inside a vacuum, but it slows down to two-thirds the speed in a fiber optic cable).

Before moving on the importance of Fiber Optics, we feel that it is important to provide you the entire picture about Fiber Optics, beginning with the anatomy.A typical fiber optic cable consists of thin strands of glass or plastic, also known as optical fibers. The cable can consist of as few as two strands or even two hundred, depending on the cable. Each strand is tenth the size of a human hair. Pretty insignificant, right? Wrong. Because a single strand is capable of transferring almost 25,000 telephone calls which make an entire fiber optic strong enough to carry several million calls.

The fiber optic works by carrying information from one place to another using entirely optical (light-based) technology. To demonstrate how the light travels through the cable, you would need an example. Let us suppose that you wanted to send information from your PC to a friend’s house. You could join up your computer to a laser, which would help to convert electrical information from your computer into a series of light pulses that travels through the fiber optic cable. The laser will travel down the stream of the cable and emerge at the other end. Your friend would need to have a photoelectric cell (light detector) to convert the laser impulse back into the electrical information so that it could be understood by the computer. The whole apparatus is like a really neat, or advanced version of the kind of telephone you can make from two cans and a length of string!
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People often overlook just how versatile the Pokémon franchise is. Most of the attention goes to the decades-long consistently popular anime and video game series, but Pokémon can count successes in the toy, collectible card game, and even restaurant industries.coat and hat rack stand

Snorlax, or Kabigon, as he’s called here in Japan, serves as the adorable muse for Japanese furniture maker Takamine’s new Snorlax Bead Sofa. Granted, with the sitting area measuring 36 centimeters (14.2 inches) in width, it’s really more of a chair than a sofa, but that just means that you’ll have the sleepy Pocket Monster all to yourself!

Takamine says the chair’s stuffing is pillow-soft, making each sitting session feel like a marshmallow hug from Snorlax himself. At the same time, though, it’s been designed so as to provide plenty of support for your back and legs, and the manufacturer promises ample stability, something that’s often lacking in less-structured bean bag chairs.

Of course, for maximum relaxing, you’ll want to pair the Snorlax Bead Sofa with the Poké Ball Ottoman seen here, which Takamine is also proud to offer, either in a set with the chair or individually.

Getting back to the big guy, while the in-universe Snorlax is so hefty his weight is a recurring roadway-blocking plot device, the Snorlax Bead Sofa is just 9.7 kilograms (21.4 pounds), which means scooting it out of the way when vacuuming won’t be such a hassle that it requires its own side quest. Speaking of tidying up, both the chair and ottoman covers are removable and machine washable.

Takamine is selling both items through its online store on Rakuten, with the Snorlax Bead Sofa alone costing 24,800 yen (US$230) (orders here), the Poké Ball Ottoman 9,799 yen (here), or the combo set for 34,599 yen (here). Oh, and when you’re ready to make like Snorlax and go from lounging to full-on sleeping, this is definitely the bed you’ll want to do so in.
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Amazon sells thousands of home furnishings, including couches, carpets, chairs and tables. Finding out which ones are suitable for your living room can be a daunting task.

But this week Amazon quietly rolled out Amazon Showroom, a tool that lets you place furniture in a virtual living room, making online furniture shopping more visual.With Amazon Showroom, you can swap out different pieces of furniture to see how they look in a room or as a set. There's not too much freedom in customizing the showroom itself -- you can change the color of the walls and floor, but you can't pick different rooms or arrange where the furniture goes.quality modern office furniture

Still, it lets you visualize thousands of pieces of furniture and represents each one to scale.Previously, Amazon has used augmented reality to help shoppers virtually place objects in their homes. Other retailers (like Ikea and Wayfair) have also used AR apps to add an extra dimension to online furniture shopping.

Amazon Showroom is a new way for customers to visualize their home furnishing purchases when shopping online. Amazon Showroom presents customers with a virtual living room, where they can customize the décor and furniture selection providing the ability to visually compare to scale representations of furniture items together in a room to determine how an item will fit with the style of a room and work with other complementary pieces. The result is a photorealistic rendering of a room that answers the question: 'How will this all look together?' It is currently being tested and in the Amazon App for home furnishings for the living room.
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While the Asia Pacific region's emerging markets are often the ones making headlines, Japan boasts APAC's largest online travel market and the world's third-largest travel market overall. The country continues to feel the effects of lingering economic stagnation and is slowly recovering from the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Although Japan's travel market growth will remain sluggish through 2015, relatively stronger online bookings gains are narrowing the gap between Japan and the world's most mature online travel markets.japan travel online

Phocuswright's Japan Online Travel Overview provides market sizing and forecasts for Japan's total and online leisure/unmanaged business travel markets from 2010-2015. In addition, the report discusses the key trends and developments shaping Japan's travel and tourism industry.

Report highlights include:

Total market and online leisure/unmanaged business travel bookings for 2010-2015
Bookings by major travel product segment – air, hotel, rail and car rental – along with analysis of segment drivers and dynamics
Comparison of supplier-branded websites and online travel agencies (OTAs), including key players, bookings and projected growth rates through 2015
Role of traditional travel agencies and tour operators
Analysis of the OTA landscape – local versus global players, business models and segment performance
Impact of mobile, search, metasearch and social
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Book your transfer from/to Barcelona airport to your home, hotel or holiday apartment in Barcelona city or surroundings: Costa Brava, Sitges, Lloret de mar, Salou, Castelldefels, etc.Excellent service at a very competitive price! Both for private transport (car or taxi and minivan) and for shared transport (shuttles, minibus or bus).

This service is also available for hundreds of airports worldwide, please check availability.The service for a shared bus or a shuttle service is the perfect option if you are on a budget and want to save some money in transfers (and who wouldn't?), so that you can spend it later on your holidays! In this way you travel with other passengers and you can choose the type of itinerary you need:airport hotel transfer

The duration of the itinerary depends on the programmed stops for all passengers. You will be received at the airport or at your hotel, where a micro bus or a bus picks you up. The transfer to your destination will be realized as quick as possible.

Please understand that shared buses or shuttle buses cannot be reserved for private domiciles or country homes, but if your private destination is close to a hotel, you may use this service until the hotel and then continue yourself.
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