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The perfect type of large plastic container

Acrylic bins Plastic Plate

These are great for really small items that could be a real mess if they weren't contained in a handy plastic container.

Coffee creamer and coffee stirrers, ketchup and mustard packets, and toppings for ice cream are good choices for putting in a large acrylic bin.

You can even add a scoop and stock bulk candy for any customer who has a sweet tooth.

Penny candy jars with lids

Speaking of candy, these penny candy jars with lids are the perfect type of large plastic container to appeal to your youngest customers.

Jars filled with small pieces of candy that cost kids a nickel, dime or quarter can line your lowest shelves, and even little kids can come in and buy a handful from your extensive choices.

Large plastic containers are perfect display tools for your convenience store. Use these containers any time you have small merchandise that you need to display.

Candy Concepts, Inc., specializes in providing businesses with everything from a wide variety of candy containers to Baking Packaging the bulk candy and novelty items to full them with.

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