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Some say that rest is as good as a change. Students are known to be nighthawks who might spend the entire night up doing one thing or another. There are those who party the whole night, others spend their night watching movies, and TV series others may spend the entire night sitting in front of their computers either on social networks, or some other websites that may include sites with perverted content. There are also those students who deceive themselves that they are doing themselves good by reading all night long.

We are programmed in such way that we all need to have a good night’s sleep each day in order for our brains to function optimally and accomplish important tasks such as completing essays in time. We cannot go without sleep; it can even send you to your grave if you do not sleep for a long time. Any student needs a good night’s sleep every day in order to continuously improve his or her academic performance. Sleep researchers put it in black and white that, without exception, we all require seven to eight hours of sleep each day. Without this, we’d not be able to fully perform our tasks at a peak level. A college student most certainly needs that kind of sleep.

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By robertjharris
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