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Revelation Online Imperial Coins This option doesn’t make a huge impact on most images. What it does is dull down some colors a bit so that they flow better together. It’s the difference of the “levels” of colors so to speak. For most images this won’t be a big deal but it’s there to mess with regardless.

Combat comes in several flavors – standard tab targeting or mouse-aiming and the latter works well even if it’s just an illusion of skill based targeting. In this way it’s kind of like WildStar or Guild Wars 2’s action mode. The annoying thing that I need to find out if I can turn off is this small line that extends from your character to your target. It looks odd and out of place as if I can’t be bothered to pay attention to the rest of the UI to see what I’m aiming at. See the image below.

This is great for when you want to put your character right in the center of the frame. This will take your camera regardless of where it is currently pointing and turn it so that you’re in the middle. After altering shots a while and messing around this saves a lot of work and ensures you aren’t off center.

Now I’m going to be spending some more time with Revelation in later betas but I’m of a mixed impression right now. The gameplay itself seems fun if a little heavy on the meaningless “fetch” quests early on. But at the same time it’s clearly still got a long way to go to be ready for launch both in terms of bugs and localization. There’s so much about the UI and Map and systems that aren’t translated you might as well be playing the Russian or Chinese versions. Revelation Online is promising no doubt but before I can say too much more about it… they need to fix that dang quest NPC bug.

Here is where it really shines: when you are doing a task say attacking a mob or speaking to a NPC it will automatically start that task when it gets to its location. So if you need to speak to a NPC and let it go by itself it will run you to that NPC and start up the dialogue. You do still have to complete it on your own but it takes out some of the clicks that would otherwise have to be made. In the case of fighting it also often attacks the target making this easier as well (for some things like an early quest to attack a training dummy). These may not have a huge impact on how long things take to complete RO Imperial Coins but they reduce the clicks and tedious requirement of going from quest to quest and doing everything. At the same time you still get all the enjoyment of the lore as well as the ability to play how you want.

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