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World of Warcraft changed the world. There are no two ways about it. Blizzard put itself on the map with real-time strategy games Starcraft and Warcraft and captivated RPG fans with Diablo, proving its ability to create long-lasting games outside of the then infantile MMO genre.To get more news about safe wow classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

By wrapping years of lore around vast environments, Blizzard brought all those players and more together with a strikingly deep recreation of a fictional world. Azeroth was truly born in 2004, and only by growing over the next 15 years have we been allowed to experience its birth yet again with World of Warcraft Classic.
What I wasn’t prepared for was the tidal wave of players crowding the starting zones. Your starting point across Azeroth is determined by the race you choose, with some, like the Dwarf and Gnome of the Alliance, sharing a spot in the snowy mountains of Dun Morogh. By now, the crowds have died down, but they were incredible at launch.

The lengthy pan around the zone as you’re briefed on lore and dropped into what could essentially be your second life probably had the same impact for PC players in 2004 that Navi’s fly-through to Link’s house in Ocarina of Time had back in 1998 on the N64. The graphical leap between Warcraft III and World of Warcraft would have been astonishing. It was like the opening moments of a Tolkein story; spellbinding. Magical. Memorable.

No World of Warcraft character has ever really represented me on a personal level, so rather than regurgitating my spikey-haired Human Warrior, I opted to join my cousin in choosing a frankly terrifying Dwarf Warrior. That way I was experiencing something new and familiar at the same time. His name would be AlecBaldwin. Whether or not it looks like him is for you to decide.

With limited ways to mess around with a name in World of Warcraft, making something eye-catching and memorable is a big part of the experience. My original character, TastyNoodle, was obviously based on a snack I’d scoffed down when making my first steps into Azeroth.

It’s a name that stuck with me for years and caused a bitter rivalry with a Human Mage on my server simply called Noodle. I’d get into very public shouting matches each and every time we ran into each other, fighting over who “stole” who’s name. It’s probably the most amount of roleplaying I’ve ever done.

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